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    Easy!!! (31 December 2007)

    This product adds dimension, texture and class to any Christmas page.

    I haven't actually used it how it came. I keep cutting bits off it to make my own embellishments.

    I love how it comes with a sticky back already and the fact that I can cut bits off it and choose what elements of it I want to use. Makes it more versatile.

    Great length too. Thanks so much!

  • Easy to use (25 December 2007)

    Easy to use. I found them best applyed with a bone folder but the provided pop stick is efficient.

    Always wish there were more vowels though in any alpha pack. ;)

    Very useful and the right size for those page titles.

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    wonderful! (15 November 2007)

    It drills through everything! Card, paper, Chipboard, wood, CD's - tables, self healing cutting mats and more....... All at once!!!! lol If you get one becareful! lol

    I too would like to have had something like a bracket or such with it to hold the item down when drilling so it wouldn't spin around.

    Over all it is sharp and very cool I now don't have to use my hubbies power drill - which ruined quite a few products. lol

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    Versitle Ribbon (28 September 2007)

    Just love all this ribbon. Very versitile. I've used it for hinges, decorating my pages, greeting card and OTP projects. The black ribbon is velvet. Very handy for those homemade elegant choker necklaces that are comming back in!

    Lovely ribbon with different textures. Velvet, saturn, twill. Very good selection.

  • Lovely card! (28 September 2007)

    Very useful for accenting those red/pink/white pages. I used it to cover my templates folder.

    I also love the other side. Its nice dark red. Lovely cardstock.

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    Very handy (19 September 2007)

    This product is very handy for cutting shapes and using the edge as a tear edger and cutting. Great uses for shaping photos and cutting out shapes for your page/project.

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    lovely (19 September 2007)

    Just lovely product to enhance those pages.

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    ohhh soooo handy! (19 September 2007)

    So handy for anchoring Journalling. Using as funny faces (moustache, mouth) different shaped flower petals. Very awesome stamps!

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    good blade! (19 September 2007)

    This was smaller than expected but it is still perfect for cutting that scallop look on papers/cardstock and photos. Better than the decorative cut scissors. Great blade!

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    Oh what an awesome product! (19 September 2007)

    Just love this product. It keeps its dimensions when it dries and you can enhance papers to look like those really fancy textured papers. I love painting watercolours on the paper first and then putting this on top when the pain dries. It makes cheaper papers look divine!

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    Beautiful! (19 September 2007)

    A wonderful endolgent! Just love using these! they are easy to join up to each other to make really elaborate swirl patterns or keep them the way they are. Worth the wait if you are waiting for that email to say they are back instock.

  • Great! (17 August 2007)

    I have made butterflys (yes you read it right) with this punch and flowers as well as using it for tags.

    Great product. I can see where I am punching when I use patterned paper.

  • oh sooo handy! (17 August 2007)

    Love this star punch. Really easy to use and I can see where I am punching when punching out patterned paper.

    Very handy.

  • Very handy (17 August 2007)

    This product is very handy with the Ultra Shape Express cutter by fiskars. It is very handy for fancy matts around smaller photos and the edge is great as a tear edger.

  • wow! (17 August 2007)

    This card stock is devine!
    the photo here doesn't give it justice. Really, truely beautiful!
    I have cut out the patterns to make my own embellishments, made cards and used it for scrapbooking too. Great versitle pattern.

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    Fatastic Product! (17 August 2007)

    This is a great product.

    Its a big glorified acrylic block... but better!
    It has a grid which helps you line your stamps up.

    Works really well with my SeeD's rubber stamps and studio G clear stamps. About to get some Autumn leaves swirls too. This product has made me stamp crazy.

    I don't need those small blocks anymore! Ye ha!

  • Never turn back! (30 July 2007)

    I just love this product.
    It makes it so easy to apply "glue" to those little fiddly things with scrapbooking like tiny punch outs or fine flat embellishments.

    Great product, no mess and easy to use.

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    Totally better! (30 July 2007)

    I went from using a steal ruler and a craft knife to this awesome trimmer. Needless to say I have not used my craft knife and steal ruler for a while!

    I just love, love, love my trimmer. Makes life really easy. No slipping of paper, the blade rolls instead of drags. Its a smoother cut too!

    Easy to use and I love the colours.

    Can't wait to get my perforated, scoring and scallop blades. Such a versitile tool!

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    Nice and sharp! (29 July 2007)

    Just love to use these with my Rotary Trimmer form fiskars. Great product!

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    Great replacement blades! (29 July 2007)

    I just love my shape cutter and with these blades I can cut with accuracy! They are nice and sharp and cut well though paper/cardstock and thin chipboard.

    Great to use in the Ultra shape express which they are made for. Nice and sharp.