Lara O's Reviews

  • Great Product (20 March 2008)

    I just got this stuff to add a coat to my hand made embellishments. I love it, you can do so much with it, make things look like glass, regular embossing, melt it to fill things in all kinds of stuff. I think that it is amazing.

  • Verified Buyer

    Amazing stuff (26 February 2008)

    This adhesive is amazing. I have had the same jar since I started scrapbooking, it seriously lasts forever because such a small amount goes a LONG way. As soon as you put stuff down you are guaranteed that its not moving, you still have time to play with it if its not where you want it, but as it dries it will stay.

  • Disappointment (04 November 2007)

    Bought this pen and was really excited about it, I had big plans for the pen! Well it worked fine the first time, I really would have been happier if it was brighter (I was writing on black.) When I went to use the pen the second time it barely came out, it was like it dried up over night. I put the cap on tight and turned it upside down thinking I would let the ink run to the top....nothing. All in all I was very disappointed in the pen and wouldn't recommend it.

  • Verified Buyer

    Eyelet Setter (03 October 2007)

    I bought the setter because I had no other way to set eyelets. The flower shaper on the end, flowers out the eyelet and it does remain small and flat. The only downfall to the tool is that you have to be careful of how hard you hammer. I have had the eyelets come through to the the other side of the paper and rip it.

  • Distressing Powder (12 September 2007)

    Got this to add the distressed look to a card that I was making, Was kinda confusing when I first used it(didn't know I had to rub off the crystals), but when I figured it out the results were really cool.

  • Copper Powder (12 September 2007)

    Love this! Only used it once but the results were amazing, color was very rich and beautiful.

  • Circle Punch (14 August 2007)

    Very easy to use! Cuts with ease and the circles are always perfect!