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    I'd call that sparkly! (15 January 2010)

    Uhuh, very clever of Ranger, now I've got all the Stickles I want, they wanna make me open my poor purse for more stuff, by introducing even sparklier glues!

    I love this! I like to outline my papers with glitter, and this is going to do the trick even better, since it dries really plump, as opposed to the normal stickles which dries flat. The glitter is also of an iridescent kind and really flashes off. It's very, very fine, but in abundance, you'll get a thick, full-on glitter line or dot.

    *sigh* gonna have to get some more colours of this...

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    Pricey but nicey (15 January 2010)

    I've been put off to buy this, since I didn't really want to spend a tenner on a piece of plastic like that.

    Now I've got it, and it's not so plasticcy really, it's more of a composite material, feels like wood.

    The misters fits in precisely and are not rocking around. People with sausage fingers might have a slight problem to get to the middle sprayers, since they are packed tightly.

    Sadly, mine have a tiny dent at the front, but could be excused since this have been shipped to the UK. Not to worry, I'm going to alter mine with lots of embellies anyway!

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    Oooooo aaaaaah! (15 January 2010)

    I loved opening this package! There were so many beautiful pieces in there! Four little corners went in the bin, because I didn't like them, and a smallish card piece went the same way, because it said "EXLPORE"... I knew I wouldn't use that one on anything, hehe.

    Can't really fail it though, it was still packed with glitter and sumptuousness!

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    Very pretty! (15 January 2010)

    Met all my expectations, nice quality!

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    Small but sincere (15 January 2010)

    I use these a lot, mostly doing shimmer spraying. I'm using Perfect Pearls dusts with water and ink, the Tim Holtz way, and the nozzles have never clogged up.
    They are small and handy. It's easy to pump, your wrist wont go shaky after five pumps. The mist is really fine, just make sure you don't hold your project too close to the nozzle.
    If you have many it will probably not be long until you will want to buy the stand that goes with it. Or, I've seen some really nifty home made ones in the galleries here.
    I could complain that it is sometimes hard to direct the spray precisely, since the little vent is almost invisible, but I just love these too much to give them any minus points.
    I've got nine now! :)

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    It's a staple! (30 December 2009)

    I use this a lot, mostly around paper edges. It will give layouts a sort of storybook/fairytale feel if you put it on top of your normal Distress-inked edges. This gold looks more antique than the "Gold", but both are lovely. If you love bling and metallics, this is a "must-have" in your supply.

  • Pass! Regret buy. (30 July 2009)

    You can't use this for much, except maybe add a touch of sparkle on an edge or something. It doesn't write very nicely, and as soon as you stop you will get a darker dot of ink in the middle of the line, which makes everything look a bit tacky. The ink is totally transparent. Everything looks like it's been done by some, well, bad pen!
    I tossed these and will stick to my Stickles from now on. They will give me a professional result every time!

  • Just the ticket! (30 July 2009)

    Yes, a retractable fid/piercer! No more corks! Did Tim come up with this idea himself? In that case, he's big, and he's clever!

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    Excellent! (30 July 2009)

    I've used the edges of scissors and allsorts to tear paper edges, which is OK, but this is so handy! I have put a ribbon through the loop and have it around my neck, when distressing, so I always know where it is, and can get my hands free in a jiffy.
    I didn't find it hard to learn, I just dragged the edge up and down against the knife, and torn it went. Wehey! *plus I love Tim Holtz stuff*

  • Nice, but... (30 July 2009)

    This is gorgeous! But if you only have the tan embossing mat that came with the Wizard machine, it's too small. To get a full impression with the side borders, you'll need to purchase the 12x12 embossing mat from Spellbinders and cut it to size, or buy a twopack of the 5"x7" tan embossing mats.
    I recommend doing this, because it's a pain to try and fit the embossing mat into position, since your paper is covering it and you can't see what you're doing...
    Also, the packaging isn't great for storage.
    I'm off to part with some more $$$ *sigh*

  • Pucka! (17 September 2007)

    This is the glue that I consume the most of. When I want to stick a textured card stock to some glittery paper, glue sticks just wont do! But this glue does it all, glossy paper to leather too! You can trust that your work doesn't fall apart the next day.
    I dip gemstones or other embellishments in a dot of this glue. It will dry clear.
    It is easy to spread with a brush, or wooden lolly stick. I clean my brush by standing it in water. As good as this glue is, it still comes off easily with water. I'd hate to be without it!