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    VERY CUTE!! (18 June 2009)

    I like these little pieces a lot. Not only are they good for the ATC holder, they will make cute journaling boxes on scrapbook pages.

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    OK tool (18 June 2009)

    It does that it is supposed to, I guess. But I really don't see the need for or the difference in all the different blade slots. I don't know what I thought it was going to do, but I am somehow disappointed in it.

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    Super scissors!! (18 June 2009)

    I love the big handles and the tiny blades. I have found them much easier to use for intricate cutting than my other small scissors. I think they will prove a good investment.

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    I really like this! (18 June 2009)

    I debated buying this. I though, "how much difference can it make"? Well, the answer is a BIG ONE. I read Ali Edwards' review on her site and I totally agree. This is already my new "go to" tool for any small attaching that has to be done. It is easy to use, easy to load and the tiny staples look really great.

  • Sort of strange stuff (12 May 2008)

    I got a pack of this to see what it was all about. I like using chipboard on my pages and this seemed a little thinner. It is very pliable and fun to use, but it has a strange smell to it. I have not been able to get rid of the smell, even when I air it out. Odd.

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    Easy to find things (09 March 2008)

    I like this. It is finally easy to find my stickers, etc. The only down side is that it does not travel well. I don't take it to crops,l etc. But overall it is a good purchase that I am happy with.

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    The best storage I've found, but.. (09 March 2008)

    it could be a little bigger. I have a lot of assorted clear stamps. Some of them are on 3 ring binder sheets and some are not. I like the design of this bag, I just wish it was a little bigger. It is already full!!

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    I like it!! (09 March 2008)

    I was a little wary of this after reading some of the reviews. But I wanted it so badly that I took a chance and ordered it anyway. I am glad I did!! First, I had my husband get it out of the package!! So I didn't have that problem. He used a knife. Mine already has the slide off feet, so apparently that problem has been fixed. It is a lot more user friendly that the original. I can actually see where the punch is going to go before I punch! It is super easy to use and very quiet. I am going to really enjoy this purchase!

  • This is the best!! (29 February 2008)

    Why oh why did I buy the Accu Cut and then the Sizzix?? Because this was not out yet!! This is all that I need and ever will need! I just love that I can use it without the computer. And now that there is software, I have even more versatility with the computer!! It is great. You can find deals on the cartridges on line and on ebay. I try to build by collection by getting cartridges for $50 or less.

  • Best tool tote ever!! (28 February 2008)

    I have tried just about everything on the market. I really like the versatility of this. I like that it spins on the magnetic base. Just be sure to remember to put the base in the bag before you go! The magnet are not that strong and don't hold it on if you are carrying the bag. I love it. It holds all of my tools. And I have a lot. A whole lot.

  • Wonderful, striking paper!! (12 July 2007)

    This is by far my favorite Basic Grey collection (and I love them all). The prints are stunning and the quality is excellent. I hope to see more like this one!

  • I love my pink bag!!! (12 July 2007)

    This bag is just the best. You can use it for anything. I like the messenger style. It is good for crops, but I also use it as a book bag for the library and even a brief case for work. It is just wonderful. And very well made. Get one!!