Chell Rae's Reviews

  • 5 Stars for Rockstar Stack (10 February 2009)

    This is a versatile stack of paper. I have used it for concerts, pirate theme, feminine and even holidays. There is a great variety and at least 2 sheets of each, great for people like me that tend to do double page LO's.

  • Verified Buyer

    Marah Rocks on (10 February 2009)

    Finding stickers or any kind of embellishment for concert pages is difficult. I tend to be a bit picky on what I will put on my concert LO's. This set of stickers is one I continually purchase to make my concert LO's ROCK! Lots of uses outside of music for some of these as well!

  • Marah Rocks (10 February 2009)

    I love this paper, I have used it on several concert LO's. The room is great to place the pictures, tickets or whatever and still leave the artwork visible. The double sided comes in handy to have a variety on a multiple page spread. This is one of my favorites to use!

  • ribbon HOLDER (22 July 2008)

    I thought this was a great idea when I saw it. Once I got it home and placed ribbon in it I found out I was wrong. It is very difficult to get the ribbon out and the dividers aren't adjustable enough for the different widths of the ribbon.

  • Powerful and Portable (22 July 2008)

    This paper trimmer is amazing. It is light weight and it does an awesome job of cutting. I had a smaller cutter for photos but a friend purchased this for me for Christmas last year and I use it almost every time I scrap. I thas an arm that extends to help with 12 x 12 sheets. Wonderful product.

  • Verified Buyer

    Right on! (22 July 2008)

    This is an awesome product. I have used it for smaller photos and especially the alpha cut outs. I have found that I will have to get a larger one in addition to this small one. I recommend that anyone that has smaller items to "glue" on get one of these. This little machine makes it so simple!

  • I am love struck (05 September 2007)

    This is gorgeous paper and can be used for a variety of LO. Give it a chance and let your wildeside shine through! You will be love struck too!

  • Verified Buyer

    Bet ya can't live with just one! (05 September 2007)

    I have been waiting for this product! It is fabulous. It is the easiest and best way to store and sort your paper stock. And one is not enough! I recommend that everyone use these for storing their stock. Easy access for retreiving as well! Awesome!