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    Great versatile little machine. (29 November 2008)

    I just love this little green die cutter. It's great for all the projects you'll try to tackle. The embossing folders are so great...minimum effort with maximum results! Plus it's manual ( for all those times you want to scrap during power outages ) and safe for kids to use. Great little machine all around...i'd definitly recommend it to anyone. Thank you provo craft!

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    Great product (25 September 2008)

    I just got mine today...and...first impressions are good. I love how easy it is. I just wish it came with a template or something but hey they're not that expensive anyway. All in all a great purchase and a great addition to anyones scrap tote :)

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    Fantastic set! (14 January 2008)

    I love this set. They're a lot more versatile than i thought they would be. And the fact that they're acrylic is another asset. Definitly worthwhile to have in your stamp stash :)

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    A great investment (15 December 2007)

    I love these stamps. They're so can really use them for everything. I'd highly recommend it to anyone just starting out with stamping and aren't sure about what to buy. THese will definitly make a fantastic first set :) GO GET SOME NOW!!! RIGHT NOW!

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    Great tool (06 December 2007)

    Great heat tool...low reasonable price. No regrets here :)

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    Why didn't i think of this! (29 November 2007)

    This is a great product...especially for those of us who are doodling-ly challenged. Definitly very happy I purchased this.

  • Worth it's weight in gold. (23 November 2007)

    This little tool is simply fantastic! Since i bought it, i do so many more things. I can quite easily say that i use it everytime i scrap now. It's sharp and just so handy. If you don't have one, you really should. I'll never regret picking it up :)

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    It's ok. (20 November 2007)

    I've never really had a corner rounder before but i found this one in particular seems to not round my corners so well. It tends to cut to far into my corners or it rips. My corners are rarely nicely rounded and by that time my paper is kinda ruined. I think next time i'd try one from a different manufacterer.

  • Great for lots 'o' stuff :) (20 November 2007)

    This adhesive is wonderful for small die-cuts...especially alphas. I've also found it quite effective for heat embossing. I was hesitant at first but i'm glad i bought it. It will no doubt be a staple in my scrap bag :)

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    LOVE IT! (20 November 2007)

    I have nothing negative to say about the Silent Setter. It's quiet, convienient, and easy to use. So if you enjoy the sound of a banging hammer at 2am then this is definitly not for you. I think this is a fantastic product and i'd reccomend it to anyone :)

  • Well thought out tool... (20 November 2007)

    I love my shapeboss...especially for all the little things that fiskars thought about. I love how easy it is to use. It's quite simple to make things classy and elegant without a lot of time and effort. Embossing and no light box required. Also, i really appreciate the fact that everything stores inside of it. One of the smallest things i love is that it stores so easily. It's flat and it has the holes on the back so if you wanted to you could put it on the wall to store....perfect for us with itsy bitsy scrap rooms :)

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    Wonderful (03 August 2007)

    I really like these paints. The metallic brownie is nice because it has a bit of a golden sheen to it as well. Very easy to use and gives your project some realy nice texture.

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    Great product. (02 August 2007)

    I bought this for the first time ever and i'm believer. I really love the dabber aspect. I always hate having my painty brushes kicking around. I'm totally going to invest is some more colors.

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    Awesome (02 August 2007)

    I bought these today and couldn't wait to use them. They add just that certain "je nais se quois". They're easy to use and will give any page a timeless feel beyond compare.

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    Fell in love... (02 August 2007)

    I absolutely love this pack. All the colors and designs were so versatile. I couldn't seem to put it down.