DaughteroftheKing's Reviews

  • Roller doesn't work (18 September 2007)

    I was really disappointed to try using this last night only to discover that I had spent 5 bucks on something that doesn't work worth beans!
    The roller part doesn't work and you end up having to CONSTANTLY manually advance it. Kinda defeats the purpose of a tape runner, you know?
    On top of that my husband thought he fixed it for me. *eyeroll* All he did was keep using his fingers to advance the wheel. Hey dummy, that ain't fixed! He was all "I -showed- you how to use it right." As if he's ever spent a day in his life scrapbooking! ha!

    So, spare yourself the hassle of a crummy tape runner, save your $5, and fight with your husband about something else. ;)

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    Super cute and hip! (11 September 2007)

    Who doesn't love this little guy? Birds are hot right now. I didn't notice until my mom started having a lot of decorative ones sitting around the house. Now that I've been looking, WOW! They are popular! Even in scrapbooking and stamping!

    So I couldn't resist getting this little guy (Less than a dollar!) for my stamp collection.

    The great thing is, of course, it is a clear acrylic stamp. I simply peeled it off, mounted to my clear block, and away I went! You can actually see the altered box I made for my mom (using this stamp!) in my gallery.

    If you are looking for an inexpensive, high-quality stamp to add to your collection, this should be first on your list! Happy stamping!

  • Beautfiul (27 August 2007)

    I was given a sheet of this in a swap. It is beautiful in person! The picture here at the store doesn't really do it justice.
    What I love the most is the edges are designed and printed to look inked/distressed. Such pretty shades of orange, red, and sage are woven through the design.
    It makes me eager for fall to arrive so I can scrap some pics with this paper!

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    Fantastic! (27 August 2007)

    This is one of my favorite pieces of paper now! The colors are great and can be used for Christmas cards and crafts. But they also go with other things too. It isn't TOO Christmasy--you know?
    I needed to make a housewarming card, so I cut out the paisleys, drew eyes, beak, and legs, and made birds! I love how it turned out.

    If you need Christmas colors, or birds (they are HOT right now), be sure to add a few sheets of this paper to your order. :)

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    Easy to use! (13 August 2007)

    Oh how I love my tombow! I had never used one until last week when I went to a class at Archivers and they had us use one for the project.
    Previously I always used photo squares. What a mess! Do you know how hard it is to get those little scrap tabs off the carpet? Almost impossible!
    With the tombow, you have no icky tabs to contend with.

    I've used other tape runners before and been really disappointed with them getting stuck. I bought my tombow today and have been using it A LOT, with no trouble.

    The best part of this adhesive? The little cap that flips down so that nothing in your scrap stash gets stuck (and ruined!) to the adhesive!

    If you're looking for an adhesive, this is THE one to buy!

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    Charming Chipboard! (01 August 2007)

    Being new to chipboard myself, I love this brand!

    It is great how you can only buy the letters/numbers you need, instead of wasting money on a bunch of Q's and X's that come in a set, you can just pick exactly which items you need!
    The "1" came out easily. I actually used it today to make a card for a First Birthday party. Feel free to check it out in my gallery.
    I certainly recommend this for all your chipboard needs!

  • Great! (31 July 2007)

    I love the striped American Crafts papers! They make great background sheets, photo mats, you can tear them for cards, etc. Lovely colors too!

  • Beautiful Album! (23 July 2007)

    K and Co really make some beautiful things don't they? I bought one of these albums for my Baby's First Year book.
    What I loved about it:
    --Slot for picture on front of album
    --Pages include the page protectors!
    --Gorgeous, durable cover design

    What I didn't like:
    --I needed to add pages to the album and found it quite hard to do so.

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    A real work horse! (21 July 2007)

    It punches 2 different size holes, and can set eyelets! Now if only it could do the dishes for me, I'd be set. :)

    I just bought this and am thrilled. It is incredibly easy to use and I can't wait to put it to work some more!

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    You MUST get this! (20 July 2007)

    The Slick Writers pens will add an entire new element to your scrapbooking layouts and card making. The pens can write ON photos! Are you surprised? I sure was!

    They write on slick surfaces (I said photos, you could also use it on vellum, etc) without risk of smudging.

    The Slick Writers will soon become one of your most used products. :)

  • A must-have! (20 July 2007)

    I have an older version of this wheeled tote. CropInStyle knows we scrappers need lots of storage, and they provide it along with oodles of pockets and pouches.

    This tote can hold an assortment of paper, pens, punches, cutting tools, tape runners, and you can even fit in a couple albums.

    If you are looking for a portable tote, I highly recommend this one!

  • Reliable and Affordable! (19 July 2007)

    This is one of the first punches I purchased. Easy to use, great gripper for your thumb or index finger. The tiny leaves make a great accent to pages!

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    Cute font/poor adhesive (19 July 2007)

    I purchased these stamps and have only begun using them. The font is adorable! It really adds a nice touch to my cards and layouts.
    The only trouble I have had is that the rubber part is not adhered to the wooden base very well. My stamps are already starting to twist and pull away from the wood.

  • Horrible Cover, ruined after less than 6 mos of use! (19 July 2007)

    I purchased "The Perfect Scrapbook" in a lovely sage green color. True to its claim, your 12x12 layouts will fit perfectly down into the protectors. No trimming needed.

    What ruined it for me was that the cover of the album is not durable! I've only been using mine for about 6 months and you can see all kinds of scratches and markings on the cover. It is horrible! I've never had that problem with other albums. Next tim, I am sticking to fabric covered albums---I believe they are more durable.

    Hope this helps you make a decision!