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    Perfect Embellie! (02 May 2009)

    I love these chipboard circles! I have been able to use them on all sorts of different layouts, cards and other projects. They are very versatile and fun! The black and white are perfect to compliment most any color scheme! They are thick enough to pop but stay on with just a glue dot or two. Love 'em!

  • HATE IT! (20 September 2008)

    I bought this before a crop because they were out of my regular adhesive. I LOVE removable adhesive because I'm always pulling stuff up but this stuff does NOT stick! I was constantly reapplying it to pp and pictures because it kept falling off. I eventually went back and used Glue Dots to keep stuff together. Terrible. I will NEVER try this again

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    Great System (25 April 2008)

    This is a great system. I have several of the parts-- ink pad holder, paper trimmer holder, and the 4 inch shelf. It is such a great organizational tool and allows tons more space because my stuff is up and off my workspace! The only problem is you need several rails to fit all the fun accessories!

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    Great little Shelf (25 April 2008)

    I love this system! I have this, the paper trimmer holder, and the ink pad shelf. This shelf requires its own 15 inch shelf, which is a little bit of a pain since you can't fit anything else on that rail but it's a long shelf and I can fit a lot on it! The trouble is deciding what to put on it!

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    Love this (25 April 2008)

    I love this system! I have this, the 4 inch shelf and the ink pad holder (not offered at I love that it keeps my desk cleaner and more organized. I got my husband to install the system after I became to frustrated trying to do it myself (I'm not the most handy person!) My only qualm is that I was expecting the holder be more I thought the holder wouldn't move when I took my trimmer out, but it does a little.

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    So versatile! (17 April 2008)

    I love how versatile these papers are! They all match each other and they look pretty girly, I'll admit, but you can use them on any type of layout, card or other project. They are very fun to use! They just make me happy! I'd recommend this pack to anyone!

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    Fun to use! (17 April 2008)

    These brads are easy and fun to play with! I love the different colors they come in and their size! I used my silent setter on it's largest setting and the brads easily fit into the hole I punched. My only complaint are they aren't exactly a cirlce on top. I know that the smaller brads aren't either, but I think on these larger brads they are more noticable. But I still love them!

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    I like it a lot. (17 April 2008)

    I've used this for over a year. I love the adhesive! I'm more fond of the removable kind because I like to pull things up and move them! I don't think it's that hard to refill but I do get tired of it backing up on itself. I like it because it's not that expensive and it works well!

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    LOVE THIS! (17 April 2008)

    I just love thie alphabet set. They are thicker than usual stickers and so they have more "strength" to them. They are perfect for elegant layouts and projects as well as funky ones! The dots to the i's are a little hard to get up off the page but it's still do-able. I would recommend these to everyone because I just love them!

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    Fun alpha! (17 April 2008)

    This is such a fun alpha set! I bought it and at first I didn't like it but I've used these letters on several different kinds of projects and they seem to go with everything! I got a little frustrated by the middles of the letters and loops sticking--they are not very easy to get out and some times even with tweezers I couldn't get some of the smaller unwanted parts off. But I love this set and I will use it all up!

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    Fun paper pack! (17 April 2008)

    Great for layouts, cards and other projects for a boy or a girl! I used two sheets to make a layout about my 2 year old nephew and the colors are just so fun! I love the stars and took the time to cut some out for my lay out! Love this paper pack and the color combos and different patterned paper!

  • Fun! (21 January 2008)

    This whole line by Die Cuts with a View is amazing. I've already made two really fun layouts with it about a Rock Concert I went to this summer. I'm getting more excited to scrap another concert using this same paper because it is so perfect. This paper is very versatile too--I've seen it used on many different projects with amazing results. You'll love it!

  • Gotta Love Thickers! (21 January 2008)

    These Thickers are great--Just what you always expect from Thickers. I love Thickers because they are easily repositioned which is something I do quite a bit. These Thickers look great on any layout or project, but especially on wintry projects (I think). They give a warm cozy feel to them.

  • Great Stamps! (16 January 2008)

    I really like these stamps! They are very large which is a plus. They are very easy to use (easy on easy off) and clean off very easily. I love this font-so loopy and pretty. They come in their own reusable packaging that makes storage so easy--in fact sometimes I can't remember where I've put them because they fit in with all of my other supplies so well.

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    Love this little stamp (16 January 2008)

    This stamp is great. It comes in it's own reusable packaging and stores perfectly that way. It's easy off the plastic it's stored in, easy on the clear block stamp. The ink comes off easily and it hasn't stained yet. It's a great price for such a cute stamp and it can be used on cards, layouts, and any altered projects. I really like this stamp!!

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    Great Rub ons (16 January 2008)

    I love the rub ons. They go on great and I haven't had any problems with them. However I do have some issues trying to place them on my various projects. Some of them look like they're made for corners but they don't quite fit a ninety degree angle and to me they look off. I still love the style of them and haven't found anything like them that I like as much.

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    I love scrap stacks! (16 January 2008)

    This is a great scrap stack. I love the colors and the different designs. I made several layouts with just one of these scrap stacks. Each of the layouts is a totally different theme and idea. I love the polka dots and the words on them. Scenic Route is really amazing!

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    Like 'em (16 January 2008)

    I like these a lot and was excited about them when I first bought them but after purchasing them I thought I would use them more. I try to use different flourishes but I get tired of the way these look, it would be hard to "connect" them to make a larger flourish. I don't know what it is, but I haven't used these as much as I would have liked.

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    Love them, but... (16 January 2008)

    I love any and all Thickers, however the adhesive on these Thickers was gooey-er than others I've worked with. Perhaps it's just the material (vinyl) but when I've worked with Chipboard and felt Thickers I've been able to remove the Thicker and move it somewhere on my project without any problems. However with these, the Thickers left a residue when I moved them and some discoloration. Also, they didn't stay in place as well as other Thickers. I still love the font and the look, just be sure you know EXACTLY where you want them before you stick 'em!