Bubblegirl's Reviews

  • Great Tool (15 February 2011)

    This is a go to tool. Great hole puncher and eyelette setter. The downside is that you are limited to where you can work on the page.

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    Quick and easy (13 August 2010)

    Quick and easy way to get multiple circles with out having to do a lot of setting up. Also, you can place the template over a picture or pattern and crop it exactly as you want it.

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    Very intricate and delicate looking (13 August 2010)

    I love this punch. I wish the butterfly was larger, but is very pretty.

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    Pretty & delicate (24 June 2010)

    I love this punch. It is easy to use and adds just the right touch.

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    Gott have them (01 May 2010)

    Next to my ATG 714, this is the most used scrapping tool that I own. I now own several pair and use on every type of craft, crocheting, etc. project that I do.

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    Great Adhesive (09 September 2009)

    This is a great adhesive and a time saver. I can go for days without having to refill the dispenser.

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    Quck Crop (09 September 2009)

    Good tool when you want a basic shape quickly. It is bigger than most shaped punches, but you don't have to turn on a machine, prep a mat, etc.

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    Beautiful (23 September 2008)

    The look of this product on a page is just beautiful. It is easy to use and flows easily and evenly.

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    The Best Pen Ever!!! (23 September 2008)

    I love this pen. It is writes so smoothly, even on slick surfaces. Also, works great on dark papers.