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    Love that Bling (22 May 2008)

    I had purchased Celebrity Bling previously and needed more so this seemed to be the best way to get it ... I was thrilled with the package and when it comes time for more I definitely know where to get it!

    Love Bazzill and of course all that BLING!

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    Absolutely gorgeous! (22 May 2008)

    Typical Bazzill.... never disappointed ... it is gorgeous as always!

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    This system if fabulous! (27 March 2008)

    This whole system appears to be marvelous. I am still in the process of adding to the system as I am finding it so spectacular that I just have to have more ... it is so convenient you will wonder why it was not thought of sooner.

  • The most amazing vellum adhesive I have ever found! (24 March 2008)

    I had become a skeptic over if I would ever find a vellum adhesive that was not either miserable to apply or looked pretty darn bad after it was adhered. When I found this I felt like ... "what is one more vellum adhesive in my stash that doesn't work?" ... so I went ahead and purchased it! I am absolutely THRILLED with this product ... how could something so simple work SOOOOOO WELL!!!! I would recommend this to anyone ... I do wish it came with a holder, as you have to be careful that nothing accidentally adheres to the adhesive ... but I solved that by just cutting off the top of the package, but keeping all the plastic intact and reinserting the roll into the plastic each time I use it.

    Now there are only a couple of things you have to be careful of ...1) I already mentioned be careful that nothing that you don't want to show doesn't accidentally adhere itself to the adhesive ... 2) I always press over the paper backing with my rub-on tool, after I apply it to the vellum itself 3) THEN ... after I am sure it is pressed down real tight ... I pull off the paper backing ... apply it to wherever I want it very carefully ... THEN ... after I have it laid in place ... I place a piece of printer paper over the top of the adhered vellum and again go over it with my rub-on tool ...

    Doing it the above way ... I have so far, and I have used it often ... not been able to see where the adhesive is ... YES!!!

    I POSITIVELY LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I would recommend it to anyone and the only thing wrong with it .. is that I didn't find it sooner! I believe you can purchase this with confidence!!!!


  • Talk about Convenient (08 March 2008)

    I will admit I went back and forth about whether I should purchase this system ... t(he rails and 2 of these paper trimmer holders) or not. I finally got sick and tired of struggling with my paper trimmer, xtra self-healing mat, and colorcutters ... that I went ahead and purchased the set plus 2 of the holders ... I AM THRILLED TO DEATH that I did so ... I LOVE IT ... so much in fact that I plan on purchasing another set of the rails and 1 holder next month and using it for my stamp press, as I am tired of having to move it around when it could have a nice, easy to reach place all its own if I would just purchase another Trimmer Holder. I like it so much that I have a few ideas for some other things I would love to organize so I need to take another look at the accessories and see what will work for what.

    If you are hesitating on whether to purchase this or not ... I WOULD SUGGEST YOU GO AHEAD ... if you are like me ... your only regret is that you didn't do it earlier when you first thought about it ... at least I hope that is how you feel ...

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    An excellent resorce (06 March 2008)

    Even though I love my Scrap Room I read this book from cover-to-cover and was NOT disappointed one bit! Many of the suggestion I already had put in place. However, there were a few that I was really impressed with. I have already implimented 1 of the ideas and plan on doing another 1 in the very near future.

    Where I bought this on sale, It was definitely worth it ... I had looked at it over and over again but I just couldn't decide if I should purchase it or not, as I LOVE MY SCRAP ROOM. I felt like I have it pretty well organized, and after reading the book I still feel that way, however, again I WOULD REPURCHASE THIS eBook in a heartbeat!

    During my successful career I always felt that if I went to a seminar or read a book and got at least 1 GREAT idea that I could use out of it, THEN IT was worth my time. This e-Book has many more than 1 great idea in it. Purchase it and sit down with a latte or cup of tea and enjoy!

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    Not as great as the Medium ones (06 March 2008)

    I purchased a set of these and 2 sets of the medium Bitty Boxes. I will say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the medium ones but these I have not been as impressed by. The tiny jewels fall out when these tip over AND THEY DO NOT STAND WELL. The medium ones stand up easily AND they are made so nothing falls out. These are a flexible plastic where the others are more of an acrylic box. The medium ones frankly remind me of a tic-tac box that is refillable. LOVE THEM. That is just my preference. These will probably be great for someone else ... I just would prefer to pay a tiny bit more and get A TON BETTER QUALITY ...

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    These are fantastic (06 March 2008)

    I am so very impressed ... these medium sized bitty boxes are terrific! When I realize how much less space the 12, (that I now own (soon to be more) take up in my very crowded scrap room than the small jars I had my rhinestones in before. They work fabulously for jewels of any type ... and tiny brads and other tiny embellishments. I also purchased the tiny ones and I have to admit where they work out alright for some things. THEY DO NOT WORK OUT WELL for small jewels or other very small items. Now they work out well for brads, but they are not the quality of the medium ones NOR do they stand up as easily as the medium ones. I made them work and they are a good idea ... I just wish I had bought ALL MEDIUM ONES. I KNOW I WILL PURCHASE MORE OF THE MEDIUM boxes! Great product!

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    I LOVE IT (29 February 2008)

    I absolutely LOVE IT... I have had so much trouble in the past with finding a trimmer that 1-cuts straight, 2-has a variety of blades, 3) that measures and cuts up to 12" as I am a 12" scrapper. This one fits all of those issues ... it is a sturdy little workhorse and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, LOVE IT!

    Whew ... in the grand scheme of life ... this is one stress that I can file away ... YES!

    I feel you can purchase this with confidence ... Susie

  • Unbelieveable (16 February 2008)

    I am absolutely delighted with this product. I cannot believe how simple it is to cut page after page after page of the exact same sizes. I saw a review that a person wrote that hers was off 1/16" of an inch. First place, I thought well, so often that is what drives me nuts when I use any of my paper cutters or as I have a muscle disease so often my hand slips a bit with the ruler should I use my craft knife. I was hoping for better but my thought was "oh well, I will give it a try" ... MUCH TO MY DELIGHT ... each and every page was exact. I am not sure but I would think that possibly she did not have the paper guides tight on the paper so that each page went in exactly the same as the last of the same size. Otherwise, honestly, I am not sure how it could have happened ... unless her machine had the blades off a bit ... all I know is so far mine is fantastic ... I AM SOLD ON IT!

  • This is something you will not be able to scrap without (22 January 2008)

    I have a short story to tell you ... I ordered this product, and at the time I thought I would love it, now I have a memory problem so when I got it, I wondered ... what in the sam hill was I thinking ... so I opened it up and put it in a holder and promptly forgot all about it.

    Then one day, one of my frames I had made out of cardstock hadn't cut clean ... I didn't want to cut it with scissors, unfortunately, I am a perfectionist and I knew that it would look different than the other edges ... all of a sudden I remembered this file set. Fortunately for me, my craft room is all labeled (remember the memory thing) ... I pulled them out and looked at each piece and carefully used one of them on the rough edge. Now, I have to admit it looked much better but not quite right, so back to the precision files once again, and I pulled out another one that looked like it might do the job ... and with careful filing... I finished the edge to perfection.

    Since then where I don't use it constantly, when I NEED IT THERE IS NOTHING ELSE THAT WOULD DO THE JOB AS WELL AS THIS DOES! I am sooooo glad I bought it ... it is wonderful!!!! Give it a try where you may not need it all the time, but when you do ... you will wonder how you ever got by without it!