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  • Must have (25 December 2017)

    I use these all the time. Love the clarity of the acrylic and the grid lines which allow perfect placement. I have several and use them all the time. It's nice to have several especially when doing a lot of cards.

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    Fabulous (25 February 2011)

    If you can't buy the entire Transalantique Collection then, you must buy these tags. They are fabulous. High quality, vibrant colors, and perfect for both masculine and feminine layouts. They are heavy enough that when you remove one or two of the tags, the sheet stays intact. Graphic 45 stands for high quality and beautiful products.

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    Disappointed (09 January 2011)

    I really wanted these to be a great product, but I'm sad to say they don't work like I had hoped. They only do thinner paper, and if you get them to work on the thicker paper by using a soft surface under your paper, they mark or indent the paper to the point that it spoils the effect.

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    Greatest Christmas Present ever! (07 January 2011)

    I got this for Christmas and within 10 minutes of opening the box, I had my first title cut. It was easy to set up and easy to figure out. I haven't done a lot of layouts with it yet, but I'm loving the fonts for titling on those layouts. I haven't bought earlier versions of this as I didn't want to get sucked into buying all those cartridges. I wanted to be able to some of my own designs and not be restricted to only those images available on cartridges. Scrapbooking is a very individualized craft and I didn't want to be just another cut out.

    The forum on the Silhouette web site is helpful and I've picked up a few tricks, and I admit I have a lot to learn.

    I did order extra blades. It will be interesting to see how long the blades last. It is lightweight and easy to handle. It needs to be placed so the paper slides easily in and out both the front and back of the machine so it needs a clear surface, but it is easy to unplug and put away and take out again when needed. I know that I won't be putting mine away any time soon. I'll let you know again what I think in 6 months or so.

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    Happily surprised (07 January 2011)

    I got a good price on this package of 4 colors and they sat around for quite a while before I used them. I tried to keep them in their packaging to be sure to keep them fresh. But lately I can't seem to get them back into their packages because I'm always using them. I find I use them for almost every project. I love how quickly they dry. I love the colors. I love the shape of the dew drop which makes it the easiest ink pad to get into small corners or inside edges. My only disappointment is that I can't find all the colors at my local store. Now with the refill bottles being available, I'm hooked on this product.

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    I'm hooked (06 September 2010)

    The price of this applicator gun scared me. But you only have to buy it once then the refills are cheap! I got my refills for under $2.50 each. Wait til the gun goes on sale and then buy it! I've been through so many other tape dispensers and always am amazed at how quickly I use them up. This baby holds 60 yrds. Considering the others cost $6 - $8 and I was constantly breaking the tape or it would fold back on itself, this is truely a bargain. I have not wasted as single inch of the tape on this applicator. I love this tool. I use it on everything.

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    Who would have thunk it? (25 June 2010)

    This paper pack is sooooo not me. I found this pack on sale and figured that even if I only use 2 or 3 sheets, it was a great deal, so I bought it. I am sooooooo glad I did. I absolutely love this pack. It has such a great combination of colors that it makes matching any photo easy as pie. On top of that, it's double sided and it has 4 foiled, 2 glittered and 2 frothed sheets included too! I'll be looking for more Brenda Walton Designs.

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    Ink Jet Friendly (01 May 2010)

    I'm really learning to love this product. I have to remember that I have it. I store it in the file cabinet to keep it from getting creased because it is a bit on the pricey side. They come in packs of 12 for around $9- $11 and so it's just under a $1 a sheet (4 stars instead of 5). I keep every scrap too! I try to keep the pieces big enough to feed through the printer, but I've also use tape to hold it onto a larger sheet and that does work.
    The image is crisp and clear, but you do need to wait a minute or so to be sure that it is dry so you don't get any smudges. I'm lovin' it!

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    Thumbs Up even though pricey (10 December 2009)

    I too thought that this would be too big for most of my projects. I bought one on sale while I was visiting in Oklahoma and bought 1 refill right away too! It is so easy to use and easy to hold and handle that you have a tendancy to just roll it on. But the price is not cheap. So if you want to use a little you can and if you want to use a lot you can too. I believe I need to be a little bit more conservative in how I use it, then it will be more economical than buying all the smaller runners. Heck those are cheap either. I decided to try one of these when I went through 2 smaller runners in one day. I'm hoping this will last me a lot longer and be a better value for my money. It is not repositionable, once it touches down, there is very little chance of moving it, so get it right the first time. It does hold well. I'm learning to love it.

  • Fabulous Colors (07 August 2009)

    The worst thing about this stack is deciding which paper to use. Each sheet is vibrant. The purples are purple, not washed out pinks. The pinks are bright. Everyone loves glitter! This is a great stack because it has papers for both boys and girls.

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    Road Trip Letters (07 August 2009)

    These letters were just what my layout needed. We all take road trips now and then. The only problem is the same problem with all Letter stickers, we use up the same letters and then end up with the Q's X's, Z's. I would like them to add more vowels and common letters like the S's, N's, R's, L's...It almosts makes you want to stop buying sticker letters. But these letters look great because they left some of the black outlining on the stickers. It makes them pop! I'm out of R's...anyone got extra R's?

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    Great Collection (25 July 2009)

    I love this stack. The colors are fabulous and the quality of paper is excellent. The only problem is that the papers are so elegant looking that I have a tendency to save them for just that perfect layout. This stack is a hit.

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    Clear cuts are great. (25 July 2009)

    These are precious. I love the vibrant colors and sparkle of these clear cuts. There is a good variety of them, so you can use them on various styles of layouts. There are 40 in the package so it is a good value. I'm just afraid I'm going to run out soon, as I find myself using them on all kinds of layouts.

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    These clear cuts are too much fun! (25 July 2009)

    I love these clear cuts. They are vibrant and the sizes vary so you can use them on larger layouts and smaller layouts. They go on clear. I can't say enough about the colors, blues, purples, yellows, orange, greens and reds. They will match just about anything.

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    Works great, the scallops are just too small (01 June 2009)

    I like the size of this punch and the fact that it has a locking mechanism, which allows easy storage. The only problem I have is that the scallops are too small. As small as the scallops are, it makes it difficult to line up the punch which means you really have to be careful to get it lined up right. The punch works great and I really love how easy it is to use. You can actually use only one hand and not strain any muscles using it. It's just has small scallops

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    Even I can use this (23 April 2009)

    This is perfect for me. I could never get a perfect circle cut, but now I can. Martha's circle cutter is easy to use, and it cuts from 1" to 5-1/2" diameter circles, in 1/6 inch increments. For someone like me that has to get the most value for my buck....THAT'S 73 different size circles! It is smooth and produces a great cut and doesn't skip like other products I've tried. I keep it in the original package and it hangs up nicely, so it's within easy reach because I use it a lot.

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    This is great. (21 April 2009)

    I use to buy clear dots for water layouts sometimes paying $2 - $3 dollars for a small quantity. Never again. This product is great. I've used it thinly and I've used it thick. It does what I want it to do and dries completely clear and the applicator is very precise. This is great. I wish I had bought two instead of just one. I can see myself using this product a lot.

  • I love these dabber paints (21 April 2009)

    They cover completly and don't leave streaks. I have about 6 of them, and I know I'll just have to get the rest. They are small, but still a fair value. I especially love the copper and gold. They are so handy and no brushes to deal with. I just love that. I can't wait to get more time to play with these. The only drawback is there are not enough colors. I'm hopeful that will be remedied soon.

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    Love these colors (07 March 2009)

    I just love the fabulous colors in these Color Core cardstocks packs. While the front of the package shows more than 20 colors, you get one sheet of 20 different colors per pack. I picked up the Hocus Pocus pack. I love the vibrancy of the colors when they are torn. I like the crumpled antique look as well. I'm not a big fan of how the paper handles the sanding technique as it muddles the colors too much. I'll have to play with that some more. I will probably pick up the Black Magic pack next as I want that vibrant red called Hypnotic.

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    StazOn for Altered CD's (17 January 2009)

    I save this ink for my toughest projects. The Altered CD would not have any other ink. This is the only ink that stayed clean and crisp. All others just smeared off. It dried almost immediately, so I didn't have a long wait time and could continue playing without the "Dry Time". If you have anything that needs stamping that is glossy or smooth this is the ink to use. You can bet I'll be trying it on other altered projects as well.

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    Realistic Stickers (26 December 2008)

    To many times you can't find realistic fishing stickers. Anglers or Fly fishermen and women spend a lot of time making their flies and lures look realistic to the fish. We also like our scrapbook pages to be more on the realistic side too. Karen Foster has a nice line of stickers for that angler. The lures look real and the finally a fishing pole that looks like a fishing pole. I would have liked a few more lures and less fish on signs, but otherwise a nice collection

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    Having a blast (09 November 2008)

    I wasn't sure about buying a punch this large, but I'm having a blast with it. I've already made my christmas cards and and half a dozen other types of cards using this punch. It's given a whole new dimension to my stamps. It's is a perfect size for a lot of those pictures that just can't stand on their own. I only have a few punches but I'm finding this one indispensible along with the 2-1/8" circle punch that nests in this one. The bigger the punch the more pressure needed, but I expected that. It's a sturdy product that I expect will last me a lifetime.

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    Love this paper (04 December 2007)

    Vibrant and yet it doesn't overwhelm your photos. Most of my layouts are 8.5 X 11 so this paper is perfect as it doesn't restrict my pages to 12" X 12". I can cut it up and and not lose the messages of the paper. Karen Foster Design Papers are great.

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    This is a must have (07 October 2007)

    Whether you are a beginner or a professional scrapper, this Centering Ruler is a must have. It is so easy to use. It is a see through ruler so you can't make a mistake. If you are just starting out and are wondering what tools to buy without spending a fortune, this is a must have. Next to my trimmer this is one of my most valuable tools.

  • Lots of squares (08 September 2007)

    I use a lot of squares in my layouts and this punch is really handy for making perfect squares every time. It also works great when you have those pictures with lots of stuff happening in them and you want to isolate just one part. It is easy to use and lines up easily. I love it.

  • Glue Pad (08 September 2007)

    I wasn't sure I was going to like this product. I've only tried it a couple of times. I guess the final review will come after it sits awhile and I find out if the glue pad glues itself shut. My sister-in-law and I tried this with regular rubber stamps. I selected the fireworks stamp and fine glitter. I was really impressed at the detail of the print that was made. I was also surprised at how quickly the stamp came clean. For glitter this worked beautifully. Time will tell as to how long the glitter will hold, but I'm optimistic. I'll use it again (assuming the glue pad doesn't glue itself shut.

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    I love this tacky tape... (03 September 2007)

    I was went to my first crop night and being new, I packed just about everything I owned. I'll know better next time I go. I was working on my pages for Sasha and needed an adhesive for the ribbon which has a lace edge and almost see through ribbon. I was introduced to this Tacky Tape by a gal that told me about the crop night. She said she used it for everything including metals. She told me that it is clear and very strong but yet it comes in different sizes so you can use thick or very thin. I bought the 1/4" size. It was awesome. I'm totally addicted to this tape and can see using it for just about everything. I was amazed at how well it held the ribbon in place and was so strong, but yet you couldn't tell I had used it. I did not run a strip of the tacky tape all the way down the ribbon, I just used very small pieces, one at the top, one in the middle and one on the bottom. It was perfect.

    Since it was so perfect, I used it to hold my squares together, which allowed me to try different layouts and I also used it for my gems. It worked great.

    I love this tape!