Avalonisse's Reviews

  • Verified Buyer

    Quality Not Trimmed with This Product (27 July 2008)

    Fiskars continues to keep putting out products with great quality and versatility. The triple blade on this trimmer keeps your cuts uniform and neat. And who can object to the color purple. If you have Fiskars products and anything happens to them, just contact Fiskars and they will replace the product with no problem at all....they are a great company and really care about their consumers...it is evident in the products they continue to create.

  • Verified Buyer

    Fragmented (27 July 2008)

    I totally love these fragments. There are so many different uses for them...highlight something on your layout, cover them from behind using a clear accent glue, stamp on them, put rub ons on them....a must have in all sizes.

  • Verified Buyer

    gotta clasp onto these (01 June 2008)

    Tim Holtz, you altering guru, you did it again. This whole line of Idea-ology is just wonderful. It can definetly be used for any type layout but is essential for those male/masculine pages that define the tinkering toy boys/men. I got the whole line at a show recently and just love love love it. Thanks Tim....keep putting it out!!!

  • Disappointed (18 March 2008)

    When I first bought this ruler and used it several times, you could not get me to trade it for any other tool I had. BUT...I have found a flaw in the ruler....it will "crink up" and therefore, will be pretty much useless since it will create "bumps" in your drawn lines.

  • Scrapawhat? (03 August 2007)

    When this first came out, there was not a lot of talk about it but being the tool junkie that I am, I wanted to have it for my own. I did end up purchasing it and I just love it. The only drawback for me is the noise. Upon hearing it, it almost took me back to the old hammer and eyelet setter days. But the versitility and ease of use overcame the noise and won me over. Just put in the attachment that you want and pull up on the knob, let it snap back and you instantly have either a hole, an eyelet set or even a die cut. That's right, this eyelet setter comes with an extra function....it also cuts dies. The starter set gives you two dies but you may purchase more sets to include alphabets......GREAT!! Oh yeah, I almost forgot the best part....you know how some tables "bend" when you try to set eyelets, especially the tables you might find at a crop....well, the Scraparatus actually comes with a small marble base that you use to work on so that you will not have that problem again.