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    So so cute! (25 April 2008)

    These papers are so adorable! They work perfectly with little boy pages but definately aren't limited to that! They're pretty heavy and doublesided which is always appreciated. The colors are vibrant and eyecatching and just fun to work with! The pack has so many awesome papers it can be a little difficult to not just use them all on a page! A few even are perfect for cutting out the design and sticking it on your page with popdots for a little cheap, cute embellie!

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    Absolutely Beautiful! (25 April 2008)

    These flowers really are absolutely beautiful!! The colors are rich they're blended so beautifully. Each flower also has a center already glued on but should you choose not to use it it would be easy to replace. The flowers are beautifully shaped and come in a variety of sizes for each colors. They are breathtaking on on any card or layout and you definately will love them!

  • Stamping must have (25 April 2008)

    This is a definate must-have for stampers. It's large enough to fit any of your stamps, even those huge fancy pants ones! The little orange "springs" make it easy to position the stamp anywhere you like without having to worry about accidentally dropping the block in the wrong spot. It also allows for a perfectly even stamp and the little grids make it super easy to line things up! Also, the plate is removable so you can put your stamps where you want them and take the plate off and save it incase you want to use it again (say on a stack of invitations etc) and put another plate back on the stamp press so you can continue to use it. It's awesome and really does making stamping so much easier and more convenient.

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    So fun! (25 April 2008)

    These are so much fun to work with! There are such cool shapes that you really can use them on any kind of lo. It's similar to chipboard but it's not. It's very thin and flexible and definately versatile. They look great inked, painted, stamped, embellished you name it it works! You get a lot of shapes in a huge variety and the swirls add a really cool texture that really shows up and makes it easy to just run an ink pad over the top and only cover the swirls in that color! They're fabulous!

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    Gorgeous! (25 April 2008)

    These stamps are absolutely gorgeous!! They all coordinate well with each other and add such a beautiful touch to just about any layout. The only think you have to be careful of is be sure to take them off the backing very very slowly and carefully. They seem to be a little extra stuck to the plastic sheet so you have to be careful so they don't tear. But you absolutely won't regret purchasing them. they produce very clear beautiful images that are great for embossing!

  • A Godsend!!! (25 April 2008)

    I love love love this paper taker. It holds a lot of paper! It's durable, sturdy and can stand up on its own. You won't have to worry about it falling over or breaking at the seams and all your paper falling everywhere. It comes with dividers that have a little pocket for scraps which makes it super easy to categorize your papers. It's heavy duty and does a great job of keeping the rain out when your going on a crop and get caught in bad weather. The back also has a little handle that easily attaches to your rolling tote, which makes it easy to take out with you. I really can't imagine scrapping without it!!

  • The BEST!! (25 April 2008)

    These are fantastic!! They not only look amazing with the marah johnson papers but all sorts of papers and on all sorts of layouts. They go on very very easily and very quickly. They don't require too much effort. There are also a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They are such a nice touch to any sort of layout that you really won't regret getting them!!

  • Awesome Letters! (25 April 2008)

    These letters are very cool and there are SOOO many of them! Each letter has 4 different sizes and black along with 3 other colors. They look great with all sorts of layouts and have a lot of character. I only have one cautionary tale. For some reason my "L"'s don't like to rubon. Every other letter goes on easily, completely and neatly but for some reason none of my L's go on easily, they take a long long time. But that could just be my batch! You really will love these letters though!

  • Beautiful Paper (02 December 2007)

    This paper is nice and thick with a beautiful pattern. The color is great too. The edges are just a little distressed too which is nice.

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    Pleasure to Work with... (02 December 2007)

    This paper is awesome to work with. It's sturdy and the color is fabulous. I love it.

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    This stuff rocks! (02 December 2007)

    I love this stuff! I just used it as an adhesive, to adhere paper to a chipboard album and then I mod podged over it to protect it. It's easy to use and it's so versatile, I definately don't know how I went without it for so long.

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    Great ink (02 December 2007)

    I use this black all the time. It's great for stamping, inking edges, distressing and any number of things. It's pretty much one of my "go to" inks. I never have a problem with it smearing and it always leaves a clean, clear image.

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    Awesome Red! (02 December 2007)

    The red of this ink is very deep and absolutely gorgeous! It's great for inking edges and distressing pages.

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    Great color! (02 December 2007)

    This ink has a fantastic color and it's so easy to ink and distress with. I use it constantly! It really does have that nice vintage feel to it.

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    Awesome buttons! (02 December 2007)

    This bag has so many buttons and in such a variety of shapes and sizes and the colors are so rich.

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    So cute! (02 December 2007)

    These stamps are adorable! They're very versatile and very easy to work with.

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    This is such a quick fun project! (02 December 2007)

    I love these chipboard albums! They're quick and easy to put together and have a nice look when they're all finished up. They make a great quick, cheap, easy gift. I will definately be purchasing more.

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    Love my bug! (02 December 2007)

    This little machine is so nice to take to crops and it's very easy to use. I love that it can even cut chipboard, you only need to go over it a couple times!

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    Absolutely Gorgeous. (02 December 2007)

    This paper is breathtaking. It's thick which makes it a pleasure to work with and the color is so vibrant.

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    Adds a nice touch... (02 December 2007)

    These are very pretty when you want to add a nice touch to just about any page. I ove the colors, they're very vibrant I only wish it was a little bit thicker.

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    LOVE this! (02 December 2007)

    This is amazing! It's so easy to punch holes through just about anything and it sets eyelets without any effort. I like this one because it comes with a variety of eyelets and the case. It completely changes the way you scrap!

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    These are really cool (01 November 2007)

    Great Die Cuts, they're 3d and you put it together yourself which is nice because this way you can make sure it's lined up properly. They make a very nice touch to any page.

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    Great Die Cuts (01 November 2007)

    These are awesome. They're 3d and you actually put it together yourself so you don't have to worry about it being crooked or not lined up properly.

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    Great paper (01 November 2007)

    I love this paper. It's great as a background or even just as an accent. The colors are very rich and I like the slightly distressed look around the edges.

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    Great if You're starting with Ribbon. (01 November 2007)

    I really liked the different colors offered and I liked that it was self adhesive but the very end of the ribbon doesn't have a paper backing so it will stay neatly wrapped around the cardboard, as a result it left adhesive on the ribbon itself. It was kind of a pain to get off and the ribbon does come out very kinked so it isn't great for all projects. However, it was sticky enough to where I just pulled it tight and placed it on my paper and you can't see the kinks at all. Overall, it's great if you're just starting with ribbon and would like to give yourself a little variety. Personally, I'm glad I got it free with a purchase. I Wouldn't buy it myself but again, if you're new, it can be pretty convenient.

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    Wonderful Accent! (01 November 2007)

    These ribbons are gorgeous. They are very sticky so can be a bit of a hassle to take the backing off and adhere it to the paper without getting them to stick to eachother but because they're felt they offer a little more flexibility in how they're placed. I love them, they can add so much to a project.

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    Love these chalks. (01 November 2007)

    The chalks are great for anything. The colors are nice and soft and can add dimension to any project. The alligator clip and different puff sizes makes application easy. They are wonderful to work with

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    EK Success knows their stuff! (01 November 2007)

    I use this with the circle template and it always gives the smoothest cuts. I love that the handle stores extra blades and the blades themselves are very sharp. I would definately recommend this to anyone.

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    Amazing! (01 November 2007)

    I used to use just regular household scissors but once you use the cutter bee you'll never go back!. They're very sharp, the handle, though small, is comfortable and the tapered sharp pointy end makes cutting in those hard to reach areas even easier. I LOVE it!

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    Stick to ANYTHING (23 October 2007)

    I love these because they're nice and small but they pack a lot of punch, they will literally stick to ANYTHING. I've used them on paper, metal, ribbon-name it, without any difficulty.

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    Love these! (23 October 2007)

    I'm doing a lot of heirloom pages lately and these are the perfect color for those antique looking pages. They're terrific because they also come with the matching brads!

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    Very Happy with this (23 October 2007)

    These glue lines are very strong but if you screw up and drop the thing you've put them on in the wrong place you can finesse it, get it up and move it. Just be careful to REALLY press the ends down onto chipboard before you take off the little plastic piece!

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    Use this ALL THE TIME! (23 October 2007)

    I constantly use this paper. It fits so many styles. I've done heirloom pages and modern pages with it. It's nice and heavy with the white core which is great for tearing. The only thing I wasn't excited about was that after I tore out 1 page the booklet basically fell apart which has never happened with any of my other dcwv stacks. But that's not such a big problem. It's heavy, beautiful and versatile, what more can you ask for?

  • A Godsend! (23 October 2007)

    I'm not fortunate enough to have a scrap room so, this is it! It's a great size, not too large but still big enough to fit anything you may need to take with you. The inside pockets are adjustable b/c of the velcro so you can really organize it any way you like. I'd be so lost without it!

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    Love this Paper! (01 October 2007)

    I absolutely love this paper stack. It's heavy and has a nice shimmer to it. It's absolutely gorgeous.

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    Great white pen (14 September 2007)

    This pen is fantastic. I used it for doodling over dark paper and was very happy with the results. It was the first time I had used it and initally the ink didn't come out consistently but after scribbling on a scrap paper for a few moments it worked fantastically and wrote very smoothly.