LeeLo's Reviews

  • Design Studio Is Awesome! (08 October 2008)

    I thought this was a product that I would never have any use or need for. Then I thought, well, I'll get the trial version, and since I didn't have but one cartridge besides the ones that came with my Expression, I still thought the trial version would be all I would ever need or want. Boy was I wrong! I LOVE this product...and since I have since purchased another couple of cartridges, it is a MUST HAVE! I finally got the full version of the software and it is AWESOME!

    At first glance, you might think (as I did early on) that welding is about the only thing this is good for. WRONG! You can change so many other aspects of the letters/shapes along with welding. You can make objects fat and short, tall and skinny, rotate them, etc., etc. The more you play with this, the more you will realize what the software is capable of!

    Try this for yourself...you'll love it!

  • AWESOME! (02 October 2008)

    AWESOME is the best word I can use to describe the Expression. I wanted one for quite a while before I took the plunge and am SO glad I did! I love that I can cut anything I need at any size I need! My pages/cards have been so enhanced since using this! There is no more blank little spots on my LOs that I just can't decide what to fill with. There is always something with the Cricut at any size I need to fill in the gaps.

    I am in LOVE with this product!!! I thought it was cool before purchasing, but it has far exceeded my wildest dreams on what you can do with this machine!

    My next purchase...Design Studio! I have the trial and really like it. :)

  • Awesome Tote! (07 August 2007)

    This tote is awesome! I store a lot of my scrapbooking items in this and it is the perfect size to take to a crop. Everyone loves the pink/chocolate color scheme. I also have the smaller tote that attaches to the handle. That is really neat to take cropping! The only thing...if you're really going to get into scrapbooking, I would advise you to maybe think about going with the Large size one. I have not used it, but let me tell you, this one filled up MUCH faster than I thought when I ordered it! I thought...I'll never fill this up...naive newbie! It's packed to the brim. I may have to invest in the large one too...and a smaller one to attach to it! This tote is very durable and stylish too. Highly recommend!