Mich0588's Reviews

  • Better products out there for average scrapbooker (25 February 2009)

    I owned this Wishblade but found there were just enough things about it that prevented me from using it comfortably. I thought I would love to be able to make my own designs and thought I would do more of that then purchasing existing designs. I found that wasn't the case. However someone with design experience who insists on havng more control, this tool is great for you.

  • StazOn Really stays on whatever you stamp (10 August 2007)

    I love this brand of stamp pads! StazOn is great for stamping on tiles and plastic as well as other non-porous things. A favorite gift I like to make is to create a set of coasters using 3X3 tiles from the home improvement stores. I typically buy the smooth tiles that look more stone-like. Stamp the image, then use a blender pen or sponge applicator rubbed into various StazOn colors and use this to color the image.
    This ink also works great on shrink film.

  • Verso Mark Should be called Versa Magic! (10 August 2007)

    I absolutely love Versa Mark. This stamp pad is like having a stamp pad in every color of cardstock. The watermark can make such a fantastic look on cards and scrapbook pages. My latest technique I love to do with this stamp pad is to stamp one of the doodle-type stamps or flourishes (Autumn Leaves has a few great ones) with Versa Mark. Then I use a white gel pen (the Signo White Uni ball is fantastic for this) and either add a few more lines around the doodles or trace over a few lines. It really males the doodle stand out, yet because the main image is done in Versa Mark, it doesn't overpower the card or any photos. This stamp pad is a have-to-have product for anyone who stamps!

  • Kai Scissors are fantastic! (10 August 2007)

    These scissors are great for all your large scissor needs. I love them so much I have bought them twice. I keep one set dedicated to cutting my rubber and foam. As with any scissors, they get sticky after cutting out many stamps. To solve this, I do one of two things: wipe them down before cutting with Goo Gone, or wipe the blade across a Versamark pad. Neither interfere with the stickiness of the foam mounting sheets.