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    You've got to have 'em! (13 February 2008)

    These clips are specially made to work with the Clip It Up unit. They are strong and just the right size to fit on the unit without taking up too much room. The curved hook that goes on the metal ring looks flimsy in the photo, but it's actually very strong.

    I got clips with my base and clips with my upper tier. It still wasn't enough. The only down side was that I got a few dud clips. One package all the clips worked fine. But I got another package that had 7 bad clips. Five wouldn't open. One had a busted spring. And one had a missing hook. I guess there was a quality control problem that day.

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    Nice add-on, but NOT a stand-alone product. (11 February 2008)

    I got my Clip-It-Up base and top tier units today. They were lightweight, sturdy and easy to assemble.

    Looking at the photo, it appears that the upper tier may have a stand of its own. Not true! (which is why I give this unit four stars instead of a full five) The base can be a stand-alone unit, but to use this upper tier you must attach it to the base unit.

    The ring on this upper tier is the same size as the base unit ring, so like its big brother, it holds a lot. It is shorter, perfect for smaller items such as small packages of stickers, brads, eyelets, ribbon rolls, etc.

    I didn't check to see if I'd be able to add another upper tier on top of this one, but I think it may be possible.

    I considered making my own, like some of those I've seen on this and other sites. But I changed my mind and I'm glad I did. The ring is heavier than those lamp shade rings used in the homemade version. And if you take a look at the photos of the homemade style, you'll find that the rings tilt a bit when stuff is hanging on it. Not so with the actual Clip-It-Up. This piece of plastic and metal ring are surprisingly sturdy.

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    Costly, but worth it. (11 February 2008)

    I just got mine. It is lightweight, sturdy and very easy to put together. It's just plastic with a metal ring. It seems like it shouldn't cost as much as it does. Oh well, it's worth the price.

    It reminds me of a miniature clothes rack. You hang your stickers, chipboard and other embellies on little hooks and then hang the hooks on the metal ring. It is such a simple idea, but oh what a space saver! I cannot believe how much this thing holds! Best of all, the goodies are right there at my fingertips. I'm an out of sight, out of mind person. Now, I'll see my stickers and, hopefully, they'll prompt me to make a layout to show them off.

    Before buying one of these, I considered making my own. I found the instructions on another site and have seen photos of the homemade ones on this site. The Clip It Up metal ring is much sturdier than a lampshade ring. And while this is made from plastic, I believe the actual unit is sturdier than the homemade ones. (Look at some of the photos and notice how the rings tilt when they've got stuff on them.)

    The down side to this unit is that it's not big enough for 12x12 paper. I'd like to see the company make another unit, maybe even a lower base unit, that is big enough for 13x13 bags with 12x12 paper or kits.