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  • Beautiful baby blue with intricate stitched flowers (19 February 2012)

    I love this album. I use it for my sons baby album (first year). It holds so many page protectors. I am not sure how long it will stay without stains...still love it!

  • Great combo (05 November 2010)

    I loved all the things you get with it. I didn't use the "ready to go page" ideas. great colors

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    nice (05 November 2010)

    I have those things since forever and hardly use them. love the heart and the star...not so much the others...

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    daily life product. (05 November 2010)

    Great quality and are really useful for daily life projects. like Ali E.'s "week in the life" project.

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    gorgeous. (05 November 2010)

    I love the basic grey rub ons. They are gorgeous and easy to use.

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    Cute but tough colors (05 November 2010)

    I think they are very nice, but the colors are hard to match.

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    Totally adorable but bad adhesive (05 November 2010)

    I really think these charms are beautiful and just a nice touch, very girly. BUT the adhesive is coming off...its like a foam tape, it comes off if you want to take the embellishment off the foil.. :(

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    clearly good (05 November 2010)

    Page protectors...any questions? :)

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    Nice (05 November 2010)

    Oh you can be so creative with this stamp. I just wish it was bigger :)

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    Cute and versatile (05 November 2010)

    I really like these journaling cards bc they can go on so many different LO and projects. Great buy.

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    Vintage chic (27 September 2010)

    I chose brown, because its a neural color. They fit on every layout or card and will give it an extra bling. :)

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    Very cute (27 September 2010)

    These brads are so adorable. I chose them because there are so many different styles and colors, that its easy to use them in a lot of different projects.

  • awesome (28 July 2008)

    just so pretty!

  • gorgeous (28 July 2008)

    Love the metallic shine of the blue!!! So pretty!

  • amazing (28 July 2008)

    just so gorgeous! good buy!

  • not as great as I thought (28 July 2008)

    I am disappointed as well. The pad was not pre-inked (which was a bummer) and the ink on paper is almost not showing. I really thought it would be much better, because it is Staz-on ink. I bought it on sale, but I have to say it was wasted money. Pretty sad.

  • a must! (28 July 2008)

    I really like the reinker for my stamp pad. Easy to use and great results.

  • so pretty (28 July 2008)

    Oh...all the papers from that collection is so amazingly beautiful. great deal!

  • pretty and durable (28 July 2008)

    The overlay is perfect to cut up and to make a 6x6 mini album. just gorgeous!

  • nice (28 July 2008)

    It is an amazing beautiful transparancy. It is quite thick and just a really good deal.

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    to pretty (28 March 2008)

    I love the rub ons... there are very unique and creative.

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    fancy (28 March 2008)

    These Rub ons are very cool and give a new touch to LO's!

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    very vintage (28 March 2008)

    Love the rub ons. The alphas are gorgeous and very romantic.

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    neat (28 March 2008)

    I love the rub ons. There are so simple and basic, but so cute at the same time.

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    Nice tool (16 March 2008)

    I really like the punch, but if you have thick papers ( e.g. fotos) you have a hard time.
    I still like it :)

  • Very nice (25 January 2008)

    I have the letters in brown and there are very good. I hate when you have chipboard and if you take it out, it pulls on the letter and it tears the top layer. This stuff doesn't its really good quality!

  • Cute (28 November 2007)

    Perfect stamp! With Autumn Leaves...nothing can go wrong!

  • Sunny sun (28 November 2007)

    Let the sunshine in your heart and on your layouts! So cute!!!

  • So cute! (07 November 2007)

    Oh...there are so gorgeous!!!! The colors are amazing the pattern and shapes are original...great!!!!Love them!

  • oh orange (27 September 2007)

    Really cool!

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    Scrapping for life (27 September 2007)

    This is such a cool t-shirt! I love it!!!!

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    rubons (27 August 2007)

    I really like the colors and the words. I do not like the rubons itself. There are really hard to rub on. They breaking during the rubon...
    I gave one star to color and one star to the design.

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    Fun (27 August 2007)

    It is really good quality for the price!

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    Sooooo cute! (27 August 2007)

    I really love this flowers. There so girly and adorable. Just perfect.

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    Flower Power (27 August 2007)

    This is a great deal and you always need flowers!!!!

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    cute flower (27 August 2007)

    I really like it a lot and it is a great deal for 1$. I like that you can color it in. Just sweet

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    Love it. (27 August 2007)

    This Sticker book is a great value for 3$! 6 pages with real cool words, phrases, tags and letters. Its so worth it!

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    Great deal (27 August 2007)

    I think these cardstock stickers are really great and easy to use. I love them...