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    Great cutting mat!! (02 May 2009)

    I had the basicgrey magnetic cutting mat, but after a few uses it ended up warping and curling. This mat works the same way, but I have not had any problems with it! I love the size of the mat, it makes a huge difference! This is a great mat to work with. The only thing I wish is that it came in pink :)!!

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    Amazing punch (03 January 2009)

    I love this punch! It is so incredibly easy to use and gives you the look of the scalloped edge you find in most of the mroe expensive papers. I really like the holes for threading ribbon through, gives it that extra special touch!

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    Everyone was right! (01 October 2008)

    I had heard a lot of discussion about this roller, and I thought that it couldn't be true. An adhesive roller that worked and didn't waste my money! Well, I am hooked on this. The adhesive is super strong and it didn't gunk up once. I worked on a project last night and the roll kept going. Usually these rollers tend to gunk up half way though the roll, but not this one. I am going to have to stock up so I make sure I never run out of this!!

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    Love it! (01 October 2008)

    I cannot wait to use this. Art Blache has such high quality items and I am very pleased! Plus the website has great ideas and templates to great the perfect gift. Props to this company!! I also loved all the ideas I saw here on, it is going to be a lot of fun working with this!

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    A little dissapointed, but cute (01 October 2008)

    I received mine yesterday and I was all excited about them. Then I took them out of their packaging and I found that they are not as good of quality as DCWV usually have. The stickers all at the top are unstuck and ruined. The bottom 3/4 are ok, but I lost all those others. Then the packaging wont let me take the pages apart. I store by theme, and I cant take it apart without making it worse. Great price, but you get what you pay. The stickers are super cute though.

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    Perfect for storing ribbon (01 October 2008)

    I use these to store my ribbon in my cropper hopper 3 x 1 1/2 boxes. I have 6 filled. These cards fit perfectly into the spaces and make it so much easier to see all of the ribbon I have stored! I can't get enough of these and lately I haven't been able to find them anywhere. Thank goodness I got my shipment yesterday!

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    Totally Awesome (01 October 2008)

    I cannot believe these were on such a great deal! I just received mine and they are completely awesome. I didn't realize that they came with so many of each shape. I bought a pack very similar at HL, but it was $10 and it only had one of each shape. This set gives you so many options in your basic bazzill colors. I cannot wait to start using these up! I just may have to order some more!!

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    Already hanging up! (01 October 2008)

    I just received mine yesterday, and this is awesome! The only think I wish is there was a template for the hole in the middle. I used one of the transparencies and ended up cutting from there. This kit is so cute and comes with such a wide assortment of items. You will have so much more than you need, and you can begin creating fun LOs with all the clock stuff. I am going to create a new years theme with mine!!

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    Best tape around (03 May 2008)

    I had gotten a roll of this from a friend, and assumed it would be like all the other tape i've ever used, but it isn't. I used this to make the envelopes for my bachelorette invites, and it was so easy to use, and holds very strong. I used heavy cardstock and it was perfect. Everything else seemed to loose hold after a while. This stuff works so good, I have ordered a few more rolls just so I always have some!!

  • Beautiful...yet disappointed (12 March 2008)

    I was so excited to get these stamps! I love the entire Two Scoops line. When i went to use them I was able to pull one off and use it, it was beautiful. But the next one didn't work as well. It tore in half when I took it off the plastic. I wanted to use it so badly, but now I cannot use it. I was really careful, but it didn't help. :(

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    Disappointed (22 December 2007)

    I bought the carnival color version of this product and love it. The adhesive is like most alphas, it covers the whole back...just peel the backing and your are good. these however were disappointing. The backing has a few pieces of foam on each letter. It is good if you want an extra raised effect, but they were all stuck together so some of them are ruined.

    These are beautiful colors, but I wish I would have known about the adhesive.

  • Want an eyelet setter, hole punch, die this!!! (27 November 2007)

    The reason I bought this was it was pink, I know a silly reason, but I just love pink. Well, once I got it I was addicted. I gave away my other eyelet setter and know I will not be going back. It is so easy to use, and has so many options. I love the little dinky dies, and I have just about all of them. They work great for cards and LOs. The eyelet setter is so easy to use too. The only downside is it is a little loud, but with the foam piece from the box it helps. This is the best and my favorite tool I own!!!! (well except my cricut :))

  • Decorate in style! (27 November 2007)

    I love this little stapler and its cute staples!! It gives such a great look and adheres objects to your project! These are such a great item!!

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    Perfect for sewing! (27 November 2007)

    I am just learning to sew, but in the mean time I am using these to get that perfect stitch! These are such a great tool and even if you don't use the thread, just pierce and leave for a cool look. I have also seen people use these to make the holes, then run over it with a marker. This gives the illusion of a stitched line! Love this tool, and it's pink which is even better!!!

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    Nice cutting mat! (27 November 2007)

    This is a great cutting mat! I love that it has the easy to follow grid, and the feet that keep it in place. I use it with my circle cutter and my fiskars shape express! This is always on my table!

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    The circle cutter that beats all circle cutters! (27 November 2007)

    I have tried so many circle cutters and most would tear, or I just couldn't get to work right. With this, the first time I used it I was able to make a perfect circle!! The only thing I would recommend it to use a glass mat with it. The self healing mats tend to stick and tear. I love that it makes a variety of sizes and is so easy to use!!

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    It was a difficult decision, but I know I made the right one!! (27 November 2007)

    It took a lot of research and savings to make the decision to finally buy a diecutter, and I chose the Cricut! This was the best decision because of its versitility and ease of use. I now have 10 carts and can't wait to get the Cricut design studio for it!! I love that you can choose your size and font without having to sacrifice a lot of time and money! This is the best cutter out there (IMO)!!!

  • I love my XXL! (27 November 2007)

    When I bought this I thought it was too big, and I would never be able to fill it, now I need another one :) This is one of the best rolling totes, it has so much storage space, and tones of pockets!!. I store all of my paper in files inside as well as my cutting mats, and then all of my scissors, punches, glitter, extra tools, templates, cutters, and more inside all of the pockets around the edges! It stores so much more than you would ever think it could!! Plus it is so easy to cart around! (Mine has gotten a little heavy, but it still works great!!!)

  • The perfect tool bag! (27 November 2007)

    I have been looking for a tool bag that can hold all my tools. I needed something that didn't take up a lot of space since I don't have much to begin with, and this is perfect! I can get to everything easily and there are so many pockets it holds everything!! I love the little drawer at the bottom, it holds most of my adhesives. This is great for on the go or on the desk! I love it, one of my favorite purchases!!

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    Ultimate Embellishment organizer! (27 November 2007)

    I have 2 of these and have filled them with the mini embellishment boxes. they fit perfectly and hold so much in such a little space. I don't think I could have organized everything I have without them!! What I like even more is the extra storage on the flip side! I even use this to hold 30 more little boxes (the other side holds 90)!! This is one thing I could not live without!!

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    Perfect size for embellishments!! (27 November 2007)

    I have about 150 of these little boxes and 2 cropper hopper embellishment boxes to hold them in. These are the perfect size to hold everything I have in an organized spot! I have even put on of what is in each into the top so I can easily see what is in each! These are the ultimate organizing tool!!

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    Perfect for my ribbon! (27 November 2007)

    I have 3 of these wonderful little boxes! I have them all holding my ribbon! (I know I have a lot of ribbon!) They are the perfect size for the ribbon holders and everything fits perfectly! I love them!!

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    The cutterpede is my only cutter! (27 November 2007)

    I love that the cutterpede has the option to score as well as cut! I use this for all my cards, and to make cool designs on my paper! It is an awesome and easy to use tool!

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    No other scissors will ever do. (27 November 2007)

    I have tried several pairs of scissors, but when I received these as part of a kit I thought 'oh look another pair of scissors'. Then I used them. Out the door went all of my other scissors because these are the best I have ever seen. I didn't know scissors could cut so perfectly. Now I have these and the titanium (pink) ones!! They cut through the paper as if it was barely there. You will never regret picking these up, and never look back at any other kind again!

  • Beautiful rainbow of colors! (27 November 2007)

    I have ALL of the making memories scrapbook colors! They have such a great variety that match everycolor you can think of. These are so easy to use and come with their own tran and foam brushes! This is the best paint I have ever used!! I also have a ton of the foam stamps and they are perfect to use with the paint and ink!!

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    Glitter, Glitter, and More Glitter!! (27 November 2007)

    I have been looking for a great set of glitter for a long time and this is it. I love the Doodlebug colors and have just about all of their products! These are great little bottles and there is so much glitter packed inside!! I love that they are super fine since it is hard to find great colors that are small enough to use (that are not ridiculously priced)!! Now I want the large bottles :)

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    I love doodlebug! (27 November 2007)

    I have all of these sugar coated brads, but I loved this set! I am working on a wedding album and these are great for the grooms page!! The only bad thing is the glitter gets everywhere. Luckily I LOVE glitter!!!

  • Doodlebug Designs does it again! (27 November 2007)

    I absolutely love anything done by doodlebug! They have such a great variety, and I love that everything goes well together. The colors are so vibrant and go with everything. I have all of the paper frills and they are great. They add just the right touch to each of my LOs. Go Doodlebug!!

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    Awesome chalks!! (27 November 2007)

    I had the chance to use these at a crop a couple of months ago, and these are the best I have seen. I have used other chalks, and they don't seem to stay like these do. Then for my bday my bf bought these and the jewel tones for me!! I was so excited. I now use them for chalking edges like ink, stenciling, and where ever else I can use them. They have great colors and the tool that comes with makes them so easy to use!! This is a purchase you will not regret!

  • The best alpha stickers out there (27 November 2007)

    I have tried all kinds of alpha stickers and had some problems with them not sticking, tearing, peeling and such. These are so much fun and easy to use. Plus they have such a great variety of fonts and styles. I have quite a few of them and will definately continue to get more!!!

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    Glue Dots Rock!! (27 November 2007)

    I have tried many glue rollers, tapes, and adhesives, but either they get stuck, don't hold, or are very messy. Not so with glue dots. They can be used on so many different types of material and they stay! I have them in all sorts of sizes and types. Besides my xyron, this is the only adhesive I really use on every LO. You cannot go wrong with these!!! Stock up and start creating!!

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    Again Xyron is the best I have ever used!! (27 November 2007)

    I bought this after finding the 150. It is perfect for all of my projects with the cricut. Everyone was raving about this product, and I had to try it out myself because lets face it what works for some doesn't work for all. This seriously is the best adhesive I have ever worked with. Not only is it easy to use, but it is also versitile. I love the option to laminate and magnetize different things like pictures and such. It is also very easy to use, refill, and do whatever you need to do. This is one thing I absolutely cannot live without in my scraproom!

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    One of the best adhesives out there!! (27 November 2007)

    Until I bought this I never thought that it would really work. Of course everyone just raves about it, so when it went on sale I decided to pick one up. This was the best decision I could have made. Now I use it for every small embellish I have, and it works wonders with smaller letters and anything I cut out with my cricut!! After purchasing this I went out and found a great deal on the 510 and picked one up. I haven't found anything that works better than these machines! Hope you enjoy!!