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    Stunning (18 October 2008)

    I just used them on a Chrsitmas LO and loved them. So easy to run through the sticker maker, and they add a great touch to your page. I love the foil look. I totally recommend these to anyone that is looking for an extra sparkle for their page.

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    Love The Color (01 June 2008)

    I love this color, very pretty!

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    Wonderful World Of Bling (01 June 2008)

    Easy to use, great way to spruce up your pages. Once you buy one and try it you will be hooked! I know I am

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    Stickles Is Love! (01 June 2008)

    I just started using Stickles and I fell right in love with them and cant wait to get more colors! I have four so far and I plan on getting them all eventually. They are easy to use and bring some flare to your pages to spruce them up. I love this color

  • Love! (01 June 2008)

    I love mine, i dont have the pink one I have the original red one, but I love this machine! It's not to costly and either are the dies for it, very compact, easy to use and set to your table while cutting so it doesnt slip and slide all over the place. I highly recommend this machine to beginners and expierenced scrappers.

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    Excellent Gift (01 June 2008)

    I got this for my SIL that is also on this site for her birthday and she loved it. It's so easy to buy and this way they get what they want. Who doesnt love gift cards and electronic ones at that? Great gift giver!

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    Awesome! (03 May 2008)

    I had asked in a thread for the best adhesive for buttons and people said Glue Dots, well I decided to get some Zots because that is all they had at the store I was at. I love them I just stick my paper on them and they stick right to it. So easy to use and they stick really great!

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    Welcome Home stickers (11 April 2008)

    I used a lot of these stickers on my LO and love how they look on it. I love all the sayings on them and love the colors! I have always wanted yellow ribbon stickers so when I found them I was excited! I highly reccomend these for welcome home LO's! I plan on using the rest of them on future LO's!

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    Military stickers (11 April 2008)

    i used one of the stickers on my LO and I love how it looks! I am addicted to making Military LO's and am always looking for supplies! I love stickers and I add these to my reccomended list! I plan on using the rest of them in future LO's

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    welcome home (11 April 2008)

    I love this paper! I have always wanted welcome paper and when I found it was so excited to buy it! I just made a LO with it and it came out great!

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    Navy Paper (10 April 2008)

    I purchased this to do a Navy scrapbook for my dh and love how it is double sided and has 2 of the same pages! A great way to start off any military scrapbook! I highly reccomend this to other Military scrappers!

  • Navy (10 April 2008)

    Used this paper for a background on one of my LO's and loved the way it turned out! I love using K and Company products and reccomend them to everyone. They have a great selection of Military scrapbooking supplies!

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    Rub-Ons (09 April 2008)

    Used 2 of these with some layouts and loved the way they came out. I have tried other rub ons and wasnt that impressed. But these rub on very easy. Big Thumbs Up!

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    Digital Cammie (09 April 2008)

    I used this paper for my LO and just love how it came out. It not as thin as some other papers that I have used. I give it a big thumbs up!

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    Fun (24 March 2008)

    I ordered this through my SIL. It is so much fun you can turn things into stickers and it's just a great buy!