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    One of my faves (03 May 2008)

    This paper line is definitely one of my all time faves! It has a very vintage & retro feel to it. Perfect for scrapping old pics & also great for little boy pages. Paper quality is very nice... good & sturdy.

  • kind of disappointed... (24 March 2008)

    I was so excited to get home with this & try it out. What I *did* like was the enclosed brush. Attached to the inside of the cap is a paintbrush (just like fingernail polish), so that was nice & convenient. I was however, very disappointed in the crackle action. Using grungeboard, I first painted it orange and then painted the black crackle on top... hoping to get a cool, Halloweeny effect. The crackle barely cracks. I ended up having to sand down the grungeboard to even see parts of the orange. I wouldn't buy this again.

  • Aggravating, but nice result (29 January 2008)

    These angel wings are beautiful once they are rubbed on... once you actually get them to rub on. You really have to work at it, continually rubbing over them, pressing hard and then, hoping that they stick down. Beauty, I give them 5 stars. Rub-on quality, negative 2.

    Another thing to note - the set of wings in the upper RH corner of sheet are not a pair. After they are all rubbed on, you'll end up with a set of two left wings.

    Overall, I'd say spend your money on something else.

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    Very snazzy... (16 November 2007)

    I purchased this to carry to a Scrapbook Expo. I figured it would make shopping a tad easier and I could still tote necessary supplies for the classes I'd registered for. It's adorable, for sure. Has plenty of room for the basics and such.

    My only complaint is that I wish it had more organizational type pockets. The three pockets it does have are big and roomy. A smaller pocket for pens and similar supplies would be a nice addition. An outside pocket for a wallet and cell phone would also be nice. Otherwise, I love it.

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    Unimpressed (08 November 2007)

    I was so excited when I ordered this and couldn't wait for it to arrive. I had big plans for it! After several unsucessful attempts, I gave up. Along with the mist, several larger droplets also spray out. Imagine flicking your finger across wet paint bristles... that is the effect I get. I shook the glitter very well and there were no blockages in the sprayer. In my opinion, I feel it's the "pump" action of the bottle. A more evenly distributed mist would be better achieved with an aerosol type spray. The mist that does come out is very subtle and would be pretty if I could ever get it to spray correctly.

  • Beautiful Papers (05 November 2007)

    I'm currently using this paper stack to scrap our wedding album. So far, I've enjoyed working with the selection of papers included. The weight of the paper is really nice. It's almost the weight of normal cardstock. There is a lot of glittery embossing throughout the entire selection of papers which really gives it that special something.

    My only complaint would be the filler papers. There are several within the stack that I don't see myself using. Mermaids, fairies, unicorns, dragons, etc. I would have preferred the entire stack be tapestries, parchment, storybook text, castle walls, etc.

    Overall, it's definitely something I would recommend to others. In addition, it coordinates beautifully with the Once Upon A Time album. The entire collection is definitely making my wedding album something to oooh and aaah over.

  • Cute, but not worth it (30 October 2007)

    These are adorable once they are in position.

    That's about they only positive thing I can say. They are incredibly heavy and add a lot of weight to the pages. Because of their weight, they tend to work themselves out of the hole they were inserted in.

    In addition, they are very thick and, therefore, make indentions in the sheet protectors and mar any adjoining pages.

    As I stated, they are cute, but I definitely wouldn't "screw" around with them again.