Betsynm's Reviews

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    One of my must have supplies (17 April 2008)

    This product is absolutely great for adding depth to a painted chipboard accent, for adherring paper products together, and for adherring clear "ghost" shapes. I have not found it to be effective for vellum or lighter weight ribbon. My favorite use of it is for covering a painted piece of chipboard. It gives a clear, almost epoxy looking finish.

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    A Disappointment (09 April 2008)

    I wanted to like this product. I tried to like this product. I worked hard to like this product.

    But it disappointed me.

    I want my paper trimmer to cut straight and true without alot of problems. This one does not. From the first day I got it, it has not cut true. When I line paper up against the grids and cut from the bottom, it does fairly well (though not 100% so). However with such a minimal grid bed, only rarely can I even do that much.

    The other problem I have had is that the blades dull very rapidly, especially when cutting cardstock. I have to figure that for every two to three pages scrapped, I will need to change the blade.

    I would recommend my friends save their money and purchase another product. I have had other Fiskars that work better than this one.

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    Just the right finishing touch (05 April 2008)

    This punch should be in every scrappers supplies. It gives such a nice finish to corners. I use it sometimes to round outer corners of pages, but most commonly I use it to round one or two corners of layered accent papers. It makes all the difference between a nicely designed lo and a super looking lo. When I first got it I had a little trouble getting smooth cuts every time. I discovered that this is one punch which should always, always, always be used "upside down" so you can control your cut. Otherwise, you may end of with jagged edges. I strongly recommend it for all my friends, my friends to be, and my friends who I will never actually meet.

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    No hype here--works great! (02 April 2008)

    If you plan to use fastenater staples, you need this. And it works great.

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    Not exactly what I expected (02 April 2008)

    I'm not sure if I am using this tool correctly or not, but I just can't seem to get the staples to be where I want them to be. I have decided it is a fine product when precision isn't required, but I do wish it was more controllable. I haven't found the page stop to be terribly helpful. There are a multitude of wonderful fastenator staples to work with and the fastenator remover works like a charm, which are both good points. It will stay in my stash, but I don't use it as often as I thought I would.

  • A no fuss answer to adhering products (02 April 2008)

    I have used these for a number of different situations--adhering ribbon which wouldn't stick with the glue made especially for ribbon, making pockets on pages, adhering two full pages together. I have never been disappointed with how well this products works. It will always have a place in my stash of "must haves."

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    A Scrappers Must Have Product (02 April 2008)

    Is there any scrapper who can get by without these? They are very versatile, in that they can be used on a variety of products. These size of these mini's is great. If you sometimes need something just a little larger, you can use two dots. Easy to use, easy on the pocketbook, easy to store. What more can you ask? And far superior in quality to any of its competitors.

  • Well designed but poor adhesive quality (20 March 2008)

    I think of all the HS chipboard alpha's I've tried (and that is quite a few!), these are my favorite. The font looks particularly good on a page with curves or circles. And the color is wonderful on natural browns, pinks, blues, and most greens. I have altered them with paint, embossing powder, distressing, and they always look great. The only problem is that the adhesive which comes on the item is useless, absolutely useless. Plan to use another adhesive product to adhere these to the page and I believe you will be satisfied.

  • Positive Review with a little bit of a caveat (20 March 2008)

    I love the way these look and the ease of using them. There are enough of each letter so I don't worry about running out of the product after one or two pages. The weight is just right and they are so easy to alter! You can paint them, distress them, just about anything them.

    The caveat is that the adhesive on them is useless. Don't even think about trying to use the adhesive without outside help. I used Glue Dots (the mini size) and that worked fine, but without another adhesive you just end up with letters falling off all over the place. For me this is a small price for such a good looking embellishment. Still, I can't give it a perfect rating.