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    Still Loving This Ink Pad Holder! (23 February 2015)

    I just ordered another to add to my collection! I have two now and I absolutely love these ink pad holders! I love that it swivels and has a small footprint because space is limited!

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    Awesome Idea for Gifts or Giveaway Prizes! (01 February 2015)

    I bought this gift certificate to give to the winner of my Giveaway and it was so easy to use. I was able to put the recipient's email in the order form and sent it directly to them. Thanks for such a great gift/prize option and for making the process so simple!

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    Fun and Easy to Use (06 June 2009)

    I like these a lot. They are easy to use, love the fact that they self adhesive. I do wish there were more for the money but you pay for convenience. I would recommend this and will buy more when they are on sale.

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    Awesome Chipboard Shapes! (06 June 2009)

    These are just fabulous. I just posted a review for another bare chipboard shape product, and the quality of these are just as good. These are sturdy and clean cut - very good quality. What I love most about the bare chipboard shapes are endless number of creative ways to use them. Whether you use paint, glitter, ink, emboss them or cover them with patterned paper, you can make the match any layout or theme and make them unique. I love these and highly recommend them.

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    So fun! These are awesome! (06 June 2009)

    This is the first time I've purchased plain chipboard shapes and I'm so excited. The quality is excellent. The chipboard is sturdy and thick. There are so many shapes in this pack to choose from that will work for both of my kids. I have a hard time finding embellishments and themes for my teen because he's not into any one particular thing but this pack gives me a lot of options. I love the fact that you can get creative and do whatever you want to these chipboard shapes. You can paint, emboss, glitter, cover with patterned paper, the possibilities are endless and they can match any theme you are working with. I want to buy all of the different shapes now! I think this may be the beginning of a new obsession for me! lol

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    Love these! There are so many things you can do with them! (06 June 2009)

    These are great! There are so many different ways to use them in your scrapbooking projects. They are well made and priced reasonably. Definitely a great product to get creative with!

  • Disappointed compared to Crop-A-Dile Big Bite (03 April 2009)

    I bought this tool recently and thought it would be great because of the size and great reviews. The hole punch works fine (although it is loud and more difficult than a hole puncher) but when I used it to set eyelets it was so disappointing!

    I pushed down on it to set my eyelet and it did nothing so I did it again, and again. I ended up having to turn the force all the way up and not only was it very hard for me (I have CFS and it is hard to push something this hard), but I had to do it anywhere from 7-9 times on each of my 3/16 eyelets (using cardstock) just to get them to flatten. By the time they finally do flatten, it's a mess! The paint peels off on some of them from all of the force/pressure and some of them just get a little mangled. I went through at least 2 dozen eyelets on different settings trying to get this to work. I ended up buying the Crop-A-Dile Big Bite (because of its' reach) after this and I was amazed at how easy it was! Just one squeeze and VOILA! A beautiful eyelet pressed perfectly! No pressure necessary! Anyone want to buy my instant setter? LOL

  • Absolutely love this! (03 April 2009)

    The Crop-A-Dile works so well and it's so easy! My eyelets are pressed so clean and neat with the Big Bite in one very easy squeeze. I bought the MM instant setter previously and there is no comparison. (You can read my review on the MM instant setter for more info if you'd like) The Crop-A-Dile is just AMAZING compared to other methods I've tried. I LOVE it!

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    Changed my review after using them... (24 February 2009)

    I loved these at first but after 30 days of use I am no longer satisfied with them. Once you fill and stack them, the drawers do not want to slide. They stick and won't open without the whole stack coming down on you (because the magnets work so well! lol) I wish I could return them now :( Also, the paper that it is wrapped in is already coming loose and the box itself has been "knicked" in several places.

    The smaller sized boxes in this series are great but this size is not for me. Also, if you use ribbon cards, you can only fit approximately 5-7 cards per section (4 sections per box). I may try using them for photos but I don't see the need for the sections if you use the plastic photo boxes as shown in the picture.

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    Love it! (24 February 2009)

    This is so fabulous, I have all three sizes and use them to hold my ribbon cards. They are sturdy and stackable and the hidden magnets keep them from moving when you open the drawer. So far, this is the best thing I've found for holding my ribbon cards!

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    Good but not perfect (24 February 2009)

    I am editing my original review after using for 30 days. I have all three sizes in this series and use them to hold my ribbon cards. They are sturdy and stackable and hidden magnets keep them together. The magnets may be too strong because when full and stacked, the drawers stick and don't want to open. I have 2 stacks of 3 boxes (lg on bottom, med in middle and sml on top. When I open the drawers sometimes the entire stack comes towards me rather than just the drawer! LOL

    The ribbons can be difficult to see because the boxes are too deep for the cards. Overall, this is a good product if you use these ribbon cards by cropper hopper but it could definitely be better. If nothing better comes out, I will continue to buy the small and mediums sizes because they are the best thing I've found so far, but not the large one for 4 x 6 ribbons or "photo port". Hope that helps!