ScrappyChica84's Reviews

  • Surprisingly very useful! (01 May 2010)

    I know what you may be thinking- "When will I ever use the powder tool? I don't even use stickers anymore" Well, that's just it! With this tool, you are bound to re-use and get back into stickers, because it will make them versatile. The tool dispenses a light powder onto the back of sticker that will deactive the adhesive, so you can use the sticker in other ways. I have used pop-dots on the backs of stickers to add some dimension an used to the powder tool to deactive the adhesive that wasn't touching the paper. I have also used the powder tool on the back of thick epoxy stickers and punched holes in the stickers and used them as tags or charms (and I didn't have to worry about the sticky backing!) I am sure you'll be using this tool more often than you think!