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    very handy product (20 July 2012)

    I have been struggling for some time now to keep my smaller metal dies in order, no more i ordered this as soon as i saw it . I am so happy i did, i now have my mess under control. i will be ordering more soon.

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    delightfully cute (16 September 2011)

    i saw this collection used on a blog i follow and was smitten . the papers are great for card amking and other papercrafts, the quality is wonderful. i love the vintage feel kids and have cut them apart for cards.

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    how cute are these? (16 September 2011)

    when i saw these i was in love. just look at how cute they are. they work great for cards and pages about breast cancer, and those items are really hard to find. the quality is great, nice clean image eveytime(unless i goof).

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    you need this! (16 September 2011)

    as a cardmaker i usually have ALOT of paper laying around cluttering up the place, not anymore.. these really helped out. i 've been looking for these and this is the only place i've found that carries them. i like that they are study and i can get alot of paper packs in them.

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    the cutest stamp (16 September 2011)

    I recently discovered unity stamps, and i am hooked! great quality and very affordable. I am a cardmaker and enjoy having a variety of different stamps on hand for challenges, these stamps are very nice to work with , also store nicely.

  • So Easy to change. (31 January 2011)

    I just recently switched to this adhesive and i am happy to say i love how easy it was to change. I have struggled in the past with other adhesives that were just to difficult to change. The only thing i would change about this is the availabilty, everytime i 've needed to put one up it's been sold out.

  • Beautiful Paper! (14 November 2010)

    The minute i saw this i had to have it. The weight is perfect , nice and strudy will hold up to any embelishment you can place on it. i amde a few cards with it and love the results.

  • Great paper! (06 November 2010)

    Just picked up this pack and i'm in love. The colors are fantasic. As a cardmaker these 6x6 pads are th e perfect size . There are several patterns that can be used for everyday projects , as well as Christmas cards. buy this now ,before i buy them all.

  • wonderful texture (04 July 2009)

    With texture being all the rage these days in papercrafting this is a must have embossing folder. I like the design and how the finished project looks. You don't have to have a cuttlebug machine to use it, i own a sizzix big shot.

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    fabulous flower (04 July 2009)

    this is a great flower die cut, it has several sizes that you can use layered or alone to make your cards/pages look like you spent tons of time on them. the die cut is easy to use and can be used with cardstock , patterned paper or felt to create flowers to match whatever your working on. my go-to die cut.

  • MUST HAVE ! (18 November 2008)

    I love this product! A wonderful tool for blending ink, it great for adding different colors on top on other colors. just by changing the amount of pressure you can achieve different looks to your projects. overall a great find, i have one for every color.

  • i love scenic route kits! (22 August 2008)

    i love the scenic route paper kits. they have done all the work of coordinating for you . everything you would want to have is in the kit and at a great price too. lots of great papers, letter stickers and die cuts in this kit.

  • great album (22 August 2008)

    i really like this album for making gift books or event books .it has just the right weight and thickness to it and holds up well to my papers,paint and ink, very fun to embelish.

  • great find! (22 August 2008)

    i love this acrylic album. it has a nice weight to it and is very study. will hold up to all the paper ,paint and ink you can get on it. saw these at scrapbook expo and they were going fast.(hint they are cheaper here). a great find .

  • cute owl paper (22 August 2008)

    i picked this up recently and love the sweet owl on the branch. you can't tell from the picture,but the bottom of the paper has a scalloped edge to it. nice weight, study paper also. wish i'd got more.

  • SUPER CUTE! (02 August 2008)


  • Great photo corners (02 August 2008)

    i love that bazzill is making chips now.the are fantastic, nice and sturdy hold up to my embellishing them however i like. i've painted, chalked, inked and covered them with paper and the results were great. a GREAT BUY.

  • great eyelets! (25 July 2008)

    these eyelets work great with my cropidile and i use them all the time. i like that they will hold through paper and chipboard layers . i use them so much that they are often on my wish list so i remember which colors i am low on.

  • Get some before i buy it all! (13 July 2008)

    I LOVE this paper!!!!!!!! I have it in every color . the paper weight is great for all paper projects. i mostly use mine for card making . those little dots make such a big impact. i have yet to find another small print for backgrounds that i like as much. this one is on the top of my list for all around great paper.

  • Nice sturdy chips! (13 July 2008)

    i love the great quality you always get from scenic route products and these chipboard arrows are no acception. they are great for covering with paper, paint or ink. an all around great buy!!!!

  • Great staples!! (06 July 2008)

    i love these staples the are great for cards and pages. they come in brights nad neutrals also(i have them all) they are very resonable, i've seen staples in some stamp company idea book for alot more $$$$.

  • great texture! (06 July 2008)

    i LOVE all the embossing folders and own them all(closet hoarder). the texture makes a great background for and page or card project. you don't have to own a cuttlebug machine to use either, i use mine with my sizzix (so i can save money for more folders HA!).

  • perfect punch for inchies!!!! (06 July 2008)

    this punch is perfect for making inchies(1x1 square decorated in anyway for page or cards) . i tried making inchies with out a punch and it was a mess. i love this punch it gives a nice clean finished edge. i don't really nest punch images, so this is another use for it.

  • great punch investment!!! (18 June 2008)

    this is the same punch ek sucess makes for stampin up, the quality is great!!!! is use mine ALL the time . it alwalys gives a nice clean punch. it will punch though light weight chipboard also. ONE TO OWN !!!!!!

  • hard to work with! (13 June 2008)

    both my sister and i pick this felt up. she was trying to use hers at a crop night with no luck it was sticking to the table her fingers, everything but where she wanted it . i've dug out my receipt , because i will be returning mine. it looks good but not worth all the trouble.

  • Awesome product!!!!! (13 June 2008)

    i love this embossing folder!!! i have this one and 3 others, i'd have more only the ones i want are out of stock. very easy to use and little known fact if you don't own the cuttlebug machine don't worry it works with the sizzix or you can use a rolling pin, yep it'll work .

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    love this paint!!! (06 June 2008)

    This is the 3rd color of this paint i've purchased. i 'm trying to get all of them. the y are great, the paint is nice and thick so it crackles good and it is easy to use.

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    great chipboard (03 June 2008)

    this black chipboard is great! it is a true black and very sturdy, i covered parts of the pieces with paper and they looked great. a fun way to create your own special robot.

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    adorable! (01 June 2008)

    i had my eye on this forever . i plan to use it to make my son's birthday invites. i've used it for birthday cards, they turned out great. the stamps are great.i would recommend these for anyone looking for good quality clear stamps.

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    super chips! (01 June 2008)

    i love these chipboard circles from scenic route. the colors are wonderful and they have adhesive on the back already(that saves time). i have the other set as well, i have always had great luck with scenic route products. great quality

  • beautiful line!! (11 May 2008)

    as someone who loves all things fall this line was a must have. i waited forever, but i finally got it. worth the wait. the colors are rich and beautiful like fall colors should be.basic grey doesn't disappoint on this one.

  • a must for dino fans! (11 May 2008)

    my 3 year old loves dinosaurs, so when i saw this line i had to have it. the quality of the paper is great , you get alot of stickers also. the only problem is it's so popular i had to wait a while to get it.

  • best !!! (04 May 2008)

    i have used this adhesive for years. i found that it's the easiest one to refill, it just snaps out and the new one snaps in . no hazzles like some of the others out there. i wouldn't use any other brand!!

  • FLOWER POWER (02 May 2008)

    this coluzzle set is a great find. i used it at a class and was surprized at how easy it was to use. i admit i was a bit apprehensive about it at first, but now i would try any set without worry. they are hard to find though, not an item your lss carries.what a great selection.

  • handy product (02 May 2008)

    i love this page planner pack. it's great for packing up to go to crops. there are places for the paper, stickers,embelishments and the photos. so you won't forget anything (accept maybe glue). this is one product to order multiples of.

  • super chipboard (02 May 2008)

    i love this chipboard !!!!!! the colors (and many different ones, i might add) are so vibrant and pleasing on my projects. the adhesive stays put ,so it won't pop off. i will be getting more of these.

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    cute chip circles (16 April 2008)

    i have always been a big fan of scenic route, and these chipboard circles are great. easy to use, nothing to punch out. the went well with previous SR lines as well.

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    fantastic product!!! (16 April 2008)

    I always have loved painting on my pages, now i can have an aged paint look also. this paint is so easy to use. i was thrilled to find it has a brush attached to the lid . now i don't have to get out a paint tray and brushes to paint on my projects. i will definately be ordering the other colors.

  • must have!!! (16 April 2008)

    i finally got my spiral notebook and i could hardly wait to use it.the colors go well with other brands of paper also,not just making memories paper. i love how it's just the right size to journal or just for a smallersize title. a must have for those trend hoarders like me .

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    great product (15 April 2008)

    the pop culture line continues to thrill me . i love this paper, the weight is nice and the color is vibrant. i cut out some of the words for a school page and the end result was fabulous. this product flies of the shelves so order quick!!! or i might have it all!!

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    fabulous new product!!!!!!! (15 April 2008)

    i just got these and i love them. they are so easy to use and look great in all types of medium(paint,ink,or chalk) i always loved the scenic route chipboard shapes and i was thrilled to find them it stamp form now i can match them to anything.i will definatly be getting more of these!!!!!!

  • great punch (20 March 2008)

    i love these punches . the squeeze handle is so easy to use, you don't have to stand to punch . the star pattern is one of my favorites. nice clean lines. a great punch investment.

  • hooray for scrap strips!!! (18 March 2008)

    I love these scrap strips. whoever came up with thses is brillant!!! they save time and money,always a plus. you can use them as they come and it looks like you spent alot of time on you page or cut them apart and use on several projects. well worth the money.keep them coming

  • great gift for the new mommy (18 March 2008)

    i recently purchaesd this for my sister-in-law , she's a new scrapbooker. she loved it and found the kit to be very easy to use. with all that comes with you'll be able to make alot of layouts for baby.

  • love the detail (18 March 2008)

    every christmas i make a gingerbread house with the kids, this sticker set is perfect on those layouts. the detail is so realistic. the gumdrops sparkle like coated with sugar. well worth the money.

  • very realistic (18 March 2008)

    i have always been a fan of jolee's and this sticker set lives up to the quality and detail you can expect from Ek Sucess. the detail on the treasure map is wonderful, you can read the tiny words.

  • arrows anyone? (17 March 2008)

    these arrows are great. the pop out of the board easily. each arrow is on it's own square nad after using the arrow you can use the negative on your page or as a templet. always good to have multiple uses.

  • really unique (17 March 2008)

    i am not a sticker person, these are a nice alternative. they are great for school kids of all ages. would be better if they were precut. i like easy to use everything.

  • super cute!!! (17 March 2008)

    i saw these used on a layout posted on the gallery and i had to have them. they are so cute. i love how the look with the figgy pudding paper , they work with previous christmas papers also.

  • figgy fabulous!!! (17 March 2008)

    i love these stickers, they go perfectly with the figgy pudding line, as well as some of the other basic grey lines from christmas's past. i loved it so much i ordered two.

  • pass on this one (17 March 2008)

    i had this dispenser for 1 week and the top got all gunked up with adhesive and was difficult to use. when i chaned the roll it broke. my friend had the same problem. not worth the money.

  • great for really big circles (17 March 2008)

    i love being able to make really big circles. i have the creative memories circle set and felt limited in the size i was able to make. warning be very careful when placing blade cover on i cut my thumb pretty badly.

  • the best chipboard (17 March 2008)

    i love this product! my husband got this for me this christmas and they are great designs and very durable . the quality is fantastic! i would definetly buy fancy pants chipboard again, soon because mines almost gone!

  • i am finally organized!!!! (17 March 2008)

    these paper holders are fantastic!!! they hold a ton of paper and are very durable. i also got the dividers to separate my brands and i am now fully organized . i n longer have to sift through piles of paper on my table looking for one sheet, ican easily find what i'm looking for now.

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    must have!!! (17 March 2008)

    i saw this stamp set used in many of the popular scrapbook magazines and i had to have it. iam not disappointed!! the quality is great and the stamps is one i use alot.

  • love these stamps!!! (17 March 2008)

    i just got these stamps and they are great. the font works well with my scrapbook pages as well as my cards. the size fits well , very easy to use. i'll be getting more of these.

  • great alphabet!!! (17 March 2008)

    i absolutely love this stamps!!! the font is great for all my fun family layouts or cute kids pages.they are super easy to use and the package works well for storing them.

  • love this book (16 March 2008)

    i was in a major scrapbook rut when i pick this book up . i found many useable ideas for pages and photos too. now i have a fresh outlook and am completing pages that had sat on my table for weeks

  • must have !!! (16 March 2008)

    this book was on my wish list forever before i broke down and bought it , i'd read all the reviews about it and they were all true Ali Edwards is a great desiner. I have scraplifted many payouts in this book. definetly worth the cost.

  • great colors (16 March 2008)

    this was my first chalk purchase. i'm glad i chose this brand it goes on smoothly and can be layered to add dimension. there are lots of great colors without having to purchase more kits.

  • love this punch (16 March 2008)

    i got this punch and the templet as a gift and i love them!! it makes picture puzzles super easy. the punch lines up easily on the templet. almost foolproof!!!

  • really cool (16 March 2008)

    i got these for my birthday and i am so happy. i wouldn't have pick it my self, but now i love it. the finished look is so cool!!!!!!! my sister loved mine so much she had to have her own.

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    great product (16 March 2008)

    i purchased this punch after seeing Ali Edward's use it numeroius times. il ove the look on my projects. however i have to stand up and apply alot of pressure to punch.

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    easy to use (16 March 2008)

    i love how easy these punches are to use. the handle design is great , it's not hard to squeze unlike some others. i will definetly be getting more of these .soon.

  • great font (16 March 2008)

    i have always loved Heidi Swapp's handwriting now i can use it on my own projects with her new stamp line. it's great on all those family pages.i will be getting them ALL!!!!!!!

  • geat product!!! (15 March 2008)

    I recently picked these up and i'm loving how they look on my layouts. it's great to be able to color them in any way i'd like,paint chalk, ink or paper. they are very fun. they have a leather smell too.

  • great papers (13 March 2008)

    these papers are great for all my holiday pages. love that they are double sided , helps to stecth my supplies even further. the colors are great for boy pages too.

  • use these all the time (13 March 2008)

    i fell in love with these stamps the moment i saw them. they are very versitle. i've used them on cards and my scrapbook pages with chalk,ink and paint.

  • fun product (13 March 2008)

    i love the fun swirls of this temple,however i found that unless you adhere it to your project that it moves around too much.i have used it for ink, chalk and paint also.

  • great tool!! (13 March 2008)

    i love how easy this product is to use. i find that i'm using it more and more every time i scrapbook or make cards. i tell all of my friends that scrapbook to get one.

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    great colors (11 March 2008)

    I love the colorful patterns that came with this kit. the embelishments were great also.iyou aren't limited to just halloween layouts with this kit. you get alot of useful ideas also.

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    This product Rocks!!!!! (11 March 2008)

    I have always loved scenic route paperand having the chipboard and stickers to go with my paper made things so easy.i was amazed at how much came in the kit, well worth the price.

  • love these!!! (11 March 2008)

    i've used these for mini albumsfor quik scrapbook gifts. they help me to use up my ever growing scrap pile . the 6x6 size is perfect for 1 event scrapbooks, just right for 4x6 photos.