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    Not worth the money (29 June 2009)

    I feel like this was a pretty expensive item, it was difficult to put together and looks very cheap. Its made out of plastic and I was expecting wood for the money I paid. I would not recommend this product.

  • LOVE IT!!! (26 February 2009)

    I got the cricut for christmas this year and absolutely LOVE it!! It is so cool, it can do SOOO many different things and it saves tons of money, I hardly buy stickers anymore. I use it for seriously every page I scrap. I couldnt be more happy with it.

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    LOVE THESE!! (03 September 2008)

    These paints are awesome, easy to work with. But I did notice that the antique white is very yellow/goldon. I thought it would be just off white and its not. But other then that its a great product.

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    SO CUTE! (03 September 2008)

    I used this for a project and it turned out so cute, easy to decorate and makes a good journal.

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    AWESOME! (03 September 2008)

    These chalks are so much fun, I use them ALL the time. They are a must have!

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    Works great! (13 August 2008)

    At first I had bought this for a class I was doing and didnt think I would really use it that much, but I got it and LOVE IT! I use it all the time and it works great!

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    TOO CUTE! (13 August 2008)

    These ribbons are fantastic! And so cute!!

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    AWESOME! (13 August 2008)

    I just love these stickers, they are SO cute and great to work with. They are also very sticky on the back and wont fall off.

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    Nice tool but embellishments are hard to get out of press (13 August 2008)

    I really like this tool, its very handy. I have a little trouble getting the letters out of the press once they are cut though. They are so tiny that I usually have to flip the press upside down and shake them out. All in all this is a nice tool and I do use it alot.