Scrapzgrl's Reviews

  • Easy to use and best priced electronic die cutter out there! (09 December 2007)

    When I got this machine for the first time, it only took me less than 5 minutes to start cutting. The set up is easy and fast. It will cut from lightweight paper to textured heavy stock (I haven't tried vellum yet). There might be a problem with the paper not sticking to the mat but these tips will solve that problem: Apply a little bit of tape runner to the corners of the paper before sticking it to the mat. Once you stick the paper to the mat, make sure that you press your fingers firmly to adhere the paper. Lastly, after many cuts, there will be a build up of debris on the mat. Just use a lint roller and run it across the mat. Your mat will stick better and last longer. Also, when you buy this machine, it is a good idea to purchase the additional mats. This product has an excellent price and the design books are also less costly than other machines. Also, it will take the guess work out for you - you do not need to adjust the blade for different types of paper. Some cons are that it only cuts in three sizes with the largest size about 3 1/2 inches. The mats also gets worn fast and need replacement regularly. I might get a Cricut to cut larger sizes but this machine is still a keeper! Best of all, it is cute and pink and very compact!

  • Verified Buyer

    The best adhesive! (03 December 2007)

    I love this tape runner, it is the best that I have used. It runs very easy and smooth. It picks up from the paper very nicely when you want to stop the application. It's also very strong yet I can adjust it before I really rub it down to stick. Highly recommended. I will never go back to using glue sticks again!

  • Very Cute - Great Price! (25 November 2007)

    I purchased these because they were cute and the price is not bad. I liked the idea of them because you can apply rub ons the same way as you apply a tape runner. These are very pretty designs; can't go wrong with them. The only problem that I had is that they are hard to apply upon more slick surfaces. You kind of have to press quite hard. One tip: When I noticed that they were not sticking to the paper, I put a form pad (the ones for stamping) underneath and applied it. It worked much better. I also purchased these in the Straight Stitch and Zig-Zag. These designs are great for those who do not have a sewing machine and like the look of stitches. Very Cute!

  • My first eyelet setter (15 November 2007)

    The Scraparatus is the first eyelet setting tool that I brought. It had a nice design and absolutely love the pink color. I was very exciting when I first started using it because it was a lot of fun. It sets eyelets quite nicely, and I love the stomper because it makes the eyelets more flat. I would use this tool to set eyelets more than to die cut. Another plus for this product is that you can set the eyelet anywhere on your page. Some of the cons would be that it doesn't set eyelets through very thick materials. You would not be able to punch holes and set eyelets through chipboard. Also, it makes loud noises so I can't use it at night when everyone's sleeping. Over all, it's a great product and a must buy!