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    Just could not get the hang of it (14 March 2009)

    it swivels to much for my liking ..... so have not used it much

  • Verified Buyer

    nice variety (14 March 2009)

    Love using them, these were the first jewels i bought and they have me hooked on jewels even for boy pages

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    Love them (14 March 2009)

    But the flourishes set and so love them. I am going to soon go and buy some other shapes and may even get another set of these. Really use them, find them versatile, can do lots with them as the quality is good.

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    Takes getting used to (14 March 2009)

    As it works different to how my brain works when it thinks tweezers i have found it hard to get used to. It's a well made tool and hopefully in time my brain gets used to it.

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    You will use it (14 March 2009)

    Wasn't sure if i would use this tool, i bought it after a frustrated weekend of piercing things, however i'm so glad i did, i love the tool and i really use the piercing side more then i thought i ever would.

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    Just the right amount of Jazz to any page (14 March 2009)

    Love this product, it's important to have it in a few colors. I use it all the time, it adds that little touch to a page in a second. Dry's quicker then i expected also. So easy to use. Priced well for how long it lasts and how often one uses it.

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    Love them (10 March 2009)

    Have been using these for quite some time and i love them. They are really good on embellishments that are hard to stick. with these they just stick so so well. I have already got many of my friends using them. They even work so stick metal to pages, heavy metal even

  • Irish - prince (10 February 2009)

    love this paper ... have used a couple of them