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    Bye bye glue goobers! (04 November 2012)

    Don't ya just hate gooey adhesive goobers hanging around on your beautiful creations? This lil guy is perfect for wiping away those globs of adhesive that like to catch pet hair glitter and anything else that is floating out there. It does such a nice job of cleaning the area without messing up your finished product.

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    Finally! (04 November 2012)

    This little baby is AMAZING! I love the fact that its easy to load (it just looks intimidating), it doesn't have a lot of waste connected to it and its pink! I have wanted one of these for a few years now, and finally was able to purchase one and its perfect! I use a lot of adhesive and this is able to keep up my usage. I am so thankful to FINALLY have a product that is affordable, does its job properly and is not so wasteful.

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    Pretty in pink! (26 December 2009)

    This paper is so pretty! I love the flock design. The color is very vibrant.

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    Push Button Fun! (21 May 2009)

    I really love the ease of use with this machine. I went to a crop this weekend and used the crank handled machine and it was big, bulky and hard to work with. I really like the fact I can put everything into place and then hit the button to feed it through.

    I agree it is a bit on the loud side, but it doesn't bother me or my family.

  • Pretty and good (21 May 2009)

    Bought this cute little adhesive gun for its sticker price. However, I'm little concerned with the price to refill it. I went to a crop recently and felt that I went through a lot of adhesive in a short amount of time.

    However it does work really well and it holds great!

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    Fantastic Purchase (21 May 2009)

    This item is a must for anyone who owns a cricut! It is so nice to have the ability to use more than one cartridge at a time.

    I love the fact that you can store the books and the keypads in the bottom half. It makes it so easy to take everything to a crop.

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    So Pretty (20 October 2008)

    I LOVE this paper. The color is so pretty and the pattern is darling.