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    3D Dots add pizzaz to my layouts (15 April 2008)

    I don't think there is another product other than the non-raised adhesives that I use more. I make a lot of cards. When I look at one and think something is missing, it is usually dimention. These raised dots come in a variety of sizes and are easy to use. I put them under frames, ribbons, pictures, flowers, letters, etc. The 3D-Dots add just a "little something" that can turn an ordinary card into a special card.

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    "Whale of a Punch" circle punches that can reach (31 March 2008)

    I have a variety of circle punches but the "Whale of a Punch" can reach better to cut in just the right place. Some punches can only punch along the edge of the paper. This one has a much longer reach.

    The punch has alignment marks and is open on the bottom so
    I can see exactly where to place it. I can punch out a picture accurately and do not have to worry about missing the paper when I cut.

    I also like the fact that the Whale of a Punch comes in "nesting" sizes so I can make concentric circles for creating flowers or little round frames.

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    I am smarter already with Scrap Tutor (07 March 2008)

    I was not so sure about Scrap Tutor. I can find so much information online. But with these two CDís, I have videos and lessons I can access even if I am not able to go online. Each area addressed has step-by-step instruction on what to do and why. This can also be printed out.

    Volume One, has techniques that can be used in both scrapbooking and cardmaking. It completely explains the basics that I have seen and read about, but just did not quite understand.

    Volume Two has lessons on element and design for creating a layout design (or card) and how to add the little extras that make a page your own. With every technique described or lesson explained, there is a full list of supplies used. Being a bit new to scrapbooking, this is important to me.

    Scrap Tutor is very user friendly. It includes a message board if you use it online, although I have found the one at is much more up-to-date and personal.

    For the bargain price of $15.99, I am glad I did not pass this up. I love it.

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    Indispensable and finger friendly tweezers! (03 March 2008)

    I forget how much I use my Making Memories Tweezers! Sometimes the little tabs don't come off the adhesives -- I grab my MM-tweezers. Sometimes my fingers act like thumbs when trying to pick up a brad or put it through a little punched hole -- I grab my MM-tweezers. Sometimes I can't get a little piece of paper or flower or letter in the right place -- I grab my MM-tweezers. Sometimes a sticker decides to stick before I'm ready -- I grab my MM-tweezers to expertly pull up the edges so I don't have a disaster. Sometimes I think I should have added a 3-D adhesive instead of a flat one -- I grab my MM-tweezers and ever so gently push that little 3-D adhesive just where it belongs.

    I think I use my MM-tweezers every time I scrap, and I tend to forget how much I rely on them. When I pinch them -- they open. When I let go, they still hang on. That really helps when I don't want to drop something little. They are indispensable. They fit into my hands and go where my fingers just can't!

  • Works great for removing sticky (22 February 2008)

    I use the rub-on tool to make sure my stickers are ready to use. I put my little cut-outs through my Xyron Create-A-Sticker then use the rub-on tool to set them. After sticking them onto something, the adhesive remover is used to rub the little bit of excess off around the edges.

    The perfect pair to go with my Xyron Creat-a-Sticker.

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    My Most Loved Product = Xyron Create-A-Sticker (22 February 2008)

    I use my Create-A-Sticker for things that are difficult to add adhesive to or if I want something to be completely flat. I run tiny cut-outs through it, ribbon, raffia bows, and my special signature logo.

    Each of my cards has my very own signature logo on the back. I make the logo on my computer, cut it out with my 1" circle punch, then run about 20 at a time through my Create-A-Sticker. After rubbing the back with my EK Success Rub-on Tool to make sure they are all stuck tight, I pull the clear front off and leave them in a small roll in my embellishment box. They are ready whenever I need them. I just pull the logo off and attach it to the back of my card. If there is a little sticky left on the edge, I use my EK Success Adhesive Remover to rub it off. The logo is perfectly flat and will stay that way.

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    easy mosaic picture (17 February 2008)

    I love my Coluzzle templates -- and especially the one-half inch mosaic cutter. I use the Coluzzle swivel knife with it and the lines are perfectly straight. I like being able to put the clear template onto a photo and be able to see exactly where I will be cutting. With the template, I can cut 1/2-inch, 1-inch, or 1 and 1/2 inch pieces. I cut most of mine in one-inch pieces, but occasionally, because of where the lines are, I cut one way 1-inch and the other way 1 and 1/2 inch. Since I can see through it, I don't make a mistake where to place the lines.

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    Coluzzle for curves = great! (10 February 2008)

    I love my Coluzzle Swivel Knife for cutting around curves in my Coluzzle templates. I also use it for free-hand cutting. I found that it turns just where I want. It works best if I use it on thinner paper and if I don't press down too hard.

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    another use for coluzzle rectangle (21 January 2008)

    I love how easy this is to use for cutting shapes. Being clear, it is easy to center over the paper. I use it to cut my mats for cards. The trick I do is put it on top of the cardstock I'm using for a mat and cut a section out. That spot won't be seen under the next layer and it gives me an extra piece of paper for the next project... or to use on the same one.

    The Coluzzle templates are lightweight and so easy to use.