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  • Am I the only one who thinks this? (12 June 2011)

    Am I the only one who thinks that this flower is very pretty but that it is C-R-A-Z-Y to spend this much on a single embellishment, especially one that is relatively simple?!? I love and I know that it is a percentage markup, so I'm not blaming them. Petaloo!! What happened to providing cute, low cost alternatives to higher end products? Dang! I dunno, I guess since I don't have an "estate" it's like having champagne taste on my beer budget.....not gonna happen for me. : ( You missed the mark Petaloo.... awwww, try again

  • Verified Buyer

    I'm a t!maholic (23 January 2011)

    My name is Virginia and Iím a t!maholic. Iím a t!m holtz groupie. I love all things t!m, Mario, Michelle, the whole gang. There, I admit it. That being said, I must confess I am predisposed to being a little biased about anything related to t!m or his products.

    Will you still trust me? I love t!m, but I also place great value in my limited resources and the value a product must bring to my scrapbooking and t!m addiction.

    When t!m first announced his Vagabond, I watched his blog for months and months trying to get the first news of its availability. Finally, I saw that the Vagabond would soon be shipping and I did a preorder of my self-purchased Christmas gift. When it finally arrived, I actually took a picture of the package sitting on my doorstep when it arrived. I photographed every moment of its great unveiling. I took pictures of the actual box, pictures of the stickersÖ.everything! I posted its unveiling on my fb page. I mean, doesnít everyone take it to that extreme? True T!M groupies would do that, I assure you.

    l love me some t!m but bottom line, I was anxious to know:
    ē How well does it work?
    ē Do I like working with it?
    ē Will it work for my scrapbooking style and budget?

    ÖÖand that my friends, is when the party began! I had ordered many of t!mís dies for months in advance. They sat staring at me forlornly, unused for months waiting for its master (The Vagabond) to arrive. I also preordered a variety of materials that Iíve never used because he promised me it would cut cleanly and precisely. (He does talk to me directly in his videos, doesnít he??) I was clearly ready to party like its 1999.

    I made sure to have an audience watch me unveil it. I oohed and awed over the stickers. Yes, Iím easily entertained. OK, I also admit I watched a variety of his videos, CHA demos, etc., to see if I could find the exact placement of where he put the stickers so that I could place mine as close to his as possible. (Heís probably seeking a restraining order as I type this.)

    Now, how well did it work? F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!!!! When he said it had a strong but quiet motor, he wasnít playing. It cut through grunge board like a hot knife through butter. It cut multiple layers of fabric. It cut cork. Whatever my poor little t!m groupie heart desiresÖ cuts! Embossing, oh my gosh! Using his texture fades produced some of the deepest and most detailed embossing you could imagine! Ok, you get it. I give it an A++ for how well it works.

    Do I like working with it? A resounding, heck yeah I do. I do love the simplicity of it. If you understand the concept of making a sandwich to eat, then you already are a pro with a Vagabond. One other thing I really love is the versatility of being able to change the direction of the motor. Simplicity is important to me. I have another infamous electric cutting tool but it sits sadly in another room unused. For me, that product isn't a fit for me; perhaps, because I also canít work my DVD player or sound system. (Too complicated for this menopausal woman.)

    Will the Vagabond work for my scrapbooking style and budget? It definitely fits my style. While many other dies other than t!mís will work with the Vagabond, his accompanying vintage inspired dies are my very, very favorite thing. It definitely fits my style. Budget? Thatís relative. I spent a lot of money on the other product and its accompanying tools, only for it to sit lonely and unplugged in another room. Itís not that that the other product doesnít work wonderfully, itís that it doesnít work with my style. I never knew that was something I needed to think through! For me, the Vagabond has good value because I use it.

    Do I dare say the one itty, bitty, thing I have noted? My adorable little stickers donít seem to want to adhere to the textured case. Iíll let my additional adhesives deal with that. Oh, and it appears that t!m has more than one Vagabond (duh!) as I have seen a slight difference in different videos and some were obviously prototypes. Oh well, maybe that will help t!m feel a little safer from me.

    One final note, ďt!m, IF YOUíRE READING THIS AND NEED A NEW STAFF PERSON, CALL ME!! I LOVE ARIZONA!!! Öand I have this adorable little suitcase that will travel with me!Ē (wink, wink)