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    dries quick and is so smooth (27 September 2012)

    I've used Mod Podge and Liquitex gel medium and thought this was going to be the same so what's all the hooplah about, ...BUT when I used this multi-medium, it was smooth and creamy going on, and its smooth when it drys and doesn't leave my art journal pages all thick and stiff.

    When I try to write over the liquitex gel medium it was rough and my pens would catch and leave marks, but not with this, this is so smooth and flexible. It's the best, I absolutely love this stuff!!

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    great heat tool (10 June 2012)

    I have 2 heat tools. This Ranger one and another brand. I find myself ALWAYS reaching for this one to use, I don't think I've used the other one since I got this one. I love it.

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    Dylusions spray inks (13 April 2012)

    I just got my dylusions spray inks today and I absolutely love them! They are so bright and beautiful. I've only tried them on an art journal covered with gesso and also some watercolor paper not covered with anything so far and I love how both turned out and can't wait to try them out some more.
    I got 9 of the brightly colored ones, not the darker ones, so I don't know how the darker ones do, but am very pleased with all the other colors.
    I would recommend these inks!!! I don't think you'll be at all dissapointed.

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    I LOVE the Cinch! (20 December 2010)

    I have the Bind it all, but wanted the Cinch because of seeing how easy it is to use on HSN, and having the instructions on the machine itself is great. I find it so much easier and better to use and understand than the Bind it all.

    I love having the rack on the side that I can hang the wire on and put the paper in as soon as I punch the holes. I think its more organized that way. It makes book making simplier to me.

    I loved the fact that I could use the Bind it all wires that I already own for my new Cinch machine also!! I find it lining up the book is better to me than the BIA, so I would recommend if you like making books, get the Cinch, you'll be glad you did.