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  • Absolutely Scrumptious! (01 May 2010)

    I ordered this collection, and I am completely & totally in love with it! The papers are gorgeous & this collection comes with so many fun goodies for completing layouts. I love the color combos, the sof vintage tones, and some of the pages are so unique(there is one that looks like a chalk board). My only complaint about this collection is it only comes with 1 sheet of each, and they are double sided. This usually isn't a problem for me, but with this collection I love both sides so much I am considering ordering another pack so that I don't have to decide!

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    A great organizer for your scrap table! (28 July 2009)

    I love having this on my desk while I scrapbook! I am a very messy scrapper, and don't like to put things away where they belong while I'm in the middle of a project, but I hate when my workspace gets so cluttered that I can't even find my layout. I ordered this hoping it would be a good solution to my problem, and it is! When I start scrapping I set this empty on top of my desk, and as I use tools and products Iput them in this so that they are out of the way, but still at hand. When I'm done with my project then I take the time to empty it out and put things away in their correct spots. I love that the inside pockets adjust so that you can have smaller pockets, or pockets big enough to put 12x12 items in. Another thing I love about this organizer is that even my ATG gun can fit in it. This is also very portable so you can easily take it with you to crops. I am very happy with this purchase!

  • Best Paper Trimmer I have tried! (02 May 2009)

    I decided to buy this trimmer because I have been wanting a guilotine trimmer for some time, but was afraid to get one cause of my small kids and their need to touch things even when I tell them not to. I read the reveiws on this and was very intrigued by people commenting on how safe the blade is. I was skeptical about how well it would cut, but I have been so pleased with the way it performs! The blade is not sharp--small fingers could get pinched, but not cut, and yet it cuts like a dream! I also love the versatility of having 2 trimmers in 1, or being able to take them apart just to make them more portable. I have been searching for my perfect trimmer for awhile now, and I think I have finally found it!

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    Very elegant & pretty on a page (22 February 2009)

    I love technique tuesday's stamps--they are the best quality stamps that I have ever used and they have so much detail! These little journalling stamps add a touch of elegance to your page! My favorite thing about them is that you can just stamp the larger journaling stamps in one color and leave them alone, or if you want they give you the small little fill in flowers that you can use to stamp over the top of the outlined flowers to color them in with a different color of ink (this adds a ton of added detail)! I like to use the Versa Magic ink for the filled in flower colors because it is a soft, chalky, yummy ink that looks o.k. even if you get your tiny flower a little bit misaligned. You could also fill in the outlined flowers with a colored pencil for a different look still, and you can use the small little fill-in flowers alone for small little details here and there on the page. For such a small set of stamps there is alot of options with this set--I LOVE them!

  • Great way to store small embellishments! (20 February 2009)

    I love the craft mates organizers because I am clumsy so I love the idea of the compartments locking shut and opening individually. If you have ever dropped a container of brads or eyelets it is very frusterating to have to take the time to reorganize them and pick them all up. The craft mates have individually locked doors so it would be fairly difficult to make a mess with them. Also, I love this case that they come in--it is very high quality and looks great sitting on bookcase or shelf. This is one of my favorite organizers, and when it gets full I will definitely buy another one!

  • Great Paper Storage for Excellent Value! (20 February 2009)

    I have been trying to decide on a better storage solution for my growing paper stash, and I finally decided on this set because of the value! I purchased a few of these value sets, and I could not be happier with the decision! I use the larger holders to hold my cardstock and the dividers to separate the individual colors so it is easy to find what I need at a glance. I use the smaller holders for my patterned paper--I use a different one for each manufacturer or occasion depending on how much I have of a particular theme. I can't believe how much faster it is now for me to find exactly what I am looking for when I need it! It has also made it easier for me to keep from forgetting what I have. I have loved the switch to these holders so much that I wish I would have done it sooner!

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    Great little set to add to my tool collection! (22 August 2008)

    I was so tired of using popsicle sticks with my rub ons--they don't work that good, and I hate the texture of them. I finally broke down and got this nifty little tool, and it's so much better to use. It has the big end for the larger spots on your rub ons, and the smaller end for more intricate details so you get a better transfer. Love the smooth plastic handle--doesn't give me the willies like the popsicle stick, and the cute pink color is a bonus! Also like the little eraser, because who doesn't make a mistake from time to time.

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    Beautiful!!! (14 August 2008)

    I love these--they are so elegant & beautiful! They add a nice & pretty touch to your layouts. Love that they coordinate with the MM's noteworthy line--one of my favorite lines right now! I love the combination of colors on these--they add so much more to your layout than just a regular standard brad!

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    A Great Little Tool (14 August 2008)

    I love these journaling stamps from 7 Gypsies, because they make it so fast and easy to add a little journaling spot to your layout. Sometimes I am too lazy to get out my stamps, and stamp blocks, and ink pads for one little thing, and these are perfect for that because it has the ink and everything with it. I also love that it comes with 3 different interchangable stamps so you can choose the one that works best for the design of your page. I am glad that I purchased this--my only complaint would be that the circles are pretty small so you can't fit very much journaling on them. The one without journaling lines is cute to use as the outline for stickers or other small embellies.

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    A Great Set of Journaling Stamps (24 June 2008)

    This was one of those items that I had to buy because I could not quit thinking about them--I wanted them so bad. I am a huge fan of journaling stamps, and I loved the size and variety of this set. I love that you can use the journaling boxes by themselves, or add some of the little journal prompts for more variety. I love most things from 7 Gypsies--they make great products!

  • Very cute, but a little spendy (24 June 2008)

    When I saw this little box of flowers, I knew I just had to have them because they are so adorable! I like them just as much as I thought I would when I finally got them, but I do think they are priced a little steep. I love the little beaded centers on the smaller sized flowers, it's such a nice little detail. And they are so cute and appealing in this little box. If these would have came with more in the box, or been a little less pricey I would have gave them 5 stars.

  • Worth the wait! (24 June 2008)

    I have been so anxious to get my hands on one of these, but it took me awhile due to their extreme popularity. When I finally got one I was so excited, and have not been disappointed! I love how much this border adds to my layouts--it looks like you did something really fancy, but it is sooo easy! I am so glad that Fiskars came up with this handy new tool--I LOVE it! I am now thinking that I should try out some of the other border punches that Fiskars has to offer.

  • Great addition to my stamp collection! (22 June 2008)

    I love Autumn Leaves stamps. They are all so cute, and are very good quality for the money. This is another stamp set that I decided I had to have after seeing them on people's layouts in the gallery. They are a good size for adding that one little last touch to a page. They are small enough that they can fit in just about any spot, but big enough that they don't get lost on the page. I love that there is a word on there to go along with almost any theme, and the little spot below the words look fine empty, but are the perfect spot to add a name or the date. These were a great addition to my rapidly growing stamp collection!

  • My Current Favorite Stamp Set! (22 June 2008)

    I love flourishes, and have several sets of flourish stamps, but these are by far my favorites right now. I was putting off buying them because I had plenty of flourishes, but I was noticing that alot of times if I was looking at someone's layout and really loved the flourishes on it, they had these listed in the product used section. I finally decided to break down and buy them, and I am soooo happy I did. They are so pretty and elegant--they just add so much to a page without being overwhelming! I would highly recommend this set to someone trying to decide between all of the beautiful flourish sets out there!

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    A Fantastic Value! (11 June 2008)

    This alphabet kit is a steal in my opinion! It is a ton of sets for such a great price! I love these alphabets, and they sell for so much money each in stores--I would highly recommend purchasing at least one set of these(I wish I would have bought more!) These are so cute & I love the colors of all of the alphabets--they go really well with all of Making Memories' newer lines like Noteworthy, 5th Avenue, & Garden Party. I am very pleased with this purchase!

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    This is a great invention! (05 June 2008)

    I love the concept of this box! I love the idea of being able to transfer my projects without anything getting messed up, or moved around. I love how powerful the tiny little magnets are. I love that the box is not big and bulky so that it can neatly fit in a tote bag to take to and from a crop. The Cherry Blossom print is so cute & cheerful! I love pretty much everything about this box except that it is made out of cardboard. In all fairness I knew this box was cardboard when I purchased it, but it would still be so much sturdier if it were made out of plastic, or something that would not get messed up so easily during transport.

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    I really like this chipboard (04 June 2008)

    I am very happy with this product for the price I paid. It has some great pieces with it and in my opinion is a great value. I really like the pieces being white--they are cute enough to use on your pages without doing anything extra to them. They are also very easy to ink the edges of because the white surface doesn't soak up the ink as bad as bare chipboard. I am usually very happy with my purchases from Bo Bunny they make great products!

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    These are a must if you own the Basic Grey magnetic mat (31 May 2008)

    I am completely in love with my Basic Grey Magnetic Cutting Mat! I love how you can use these tiny magnets to hold down the embellishments and loose pieces on your layouts before you glue them down. My only complaint with the mat would be that it does not come with quite enough magnets--if you buy the mat you will probably want to buy at least one of these extra magnet sets. They are a little pricey for an add on, but I really think they are a must if you own the mat.

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    Cannot think of enough good things to say about this mat! (29 May 2008)

    I Love, Love, LOVE this mat! I have been wanting one of these magnetic mats for a long time and finally gave in and bought one. I am so glad--I don't know how I ever scrapped without it! It is definitely one of my favorite scrapping inventions to come along in quite awhile. The magnetic ruler and other little magnets make laying out a page so much easier--if you put magnets on everything the layout doesn't get messed up as you rearrange things, or when you start gluing things down. I love this so much I am already planning on giving it as a gift to my 2 sister-in-laws that scrap! The only advice I would offer on it is that you will probably want to buy an extra set of the little magnets--I didn't think it came with quite enough. If you do 2 page layouts like I do you may end up wanting 2 of these--if I had more space I would definitely be getting another one!

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    Great sayings for layouts (29 May 2008)

    This set of stamps has a little saying for just about any page that I would do, especially ones of my kids. I like to use stamps like this set as that little something when you look at your layout and it just needs one more thing, but you're not sure what. I love Autumn Leaves stamps--the quality & the price are great, and they have so many cute sets. This is a great addition to any clear stamp collection!

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    A great idea, a little on the expensive side (15 May 2008)

    This stamp set is really very pretty in person--I love the corner stamps especially well. I was a little disappointed by the size of the stamps, but it was my fault for not reading the product description. The whole set of stamps fit on a square the size of a cd case. For those people who store their stamps in cd cases--these Bo Bunny sets are great. The set comes in its own labeled clear cd case which is pretty neat. I thought that the size of the stamp set should have been priced closer to the $10 range, but they are great stamps and I am not sorry at all that I bought them. They will be a great addition to my flourish collection! I would imagine you are probably paying a little more for the neat packaging, but for me I don't store my stamps in cd cases so it was kind of a waste.

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    Super Cute--Price is a Little High in my Opinion (15 May 2008)

    This set is super cute and I love that they have a set of flowers and buttons to coordinate with the oh so cute Noteworthy line. That being said I think the price is a little steep. I ordered this set and the Making Memories lemonade blossoms & buttons box at the same time and they contain the same exact amount of each item, but this one is $2 more. Basically, you are paying for the cute little plastic jar which may be worth it for some people, but since mine just go in the cupboard--I would rather pay $2 less and get the box. I went ahead and bought this set because it was the only option available for the noteworthy sets, but I hope for future sets they will make them the cheaper way. It is nice that in the jar version the stuff is easier to see and get to, but as I mentioned before this isn't really worth $2 more to me, but it may be for someone else. Bottom line is I think the product is great, but you get more for your $ in the newer versions of the MM embellishment sets.

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    Very affordable and add so much to pages (15 May 2008)

    I love the look of stitching on layouts, it gives the page such a personal feeling and adds dimension without being bulky. I am very into flourishes right now--stickers, rub-ons, stamps, chipboard--all of it! When I saw these I couldn't wait to try them out and combine 2 of my favorite scrapping things--stitching & flourishes. They are so fun & easy to use, and make it so that anyone can have beautiful handstitched additions on their pages. I used old embroidery floss that I had in my sewing basket and a paper piercer and needle that I already owned, and these were a very affordable way to dress up my pages! These stitching templates are a great way to fill up a blank spot in your layout that just needs a little something. I had a spot on a layout that I didn't know what to do with the other day and I added one of these flourishes layered with a couple of small flowers and loved the result! These templates make it so that your hand stitching can look very dressy and polished. This is a great price for a tool that can be used over and over again on layouts!

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    I think these are a great idea! (14 May 2008)

    I was so excited when I discovered these handy little sets for the first time! I use alot of flowers & buttons on my layouts, and I love that these sets come with already coordinated pieces. The little box isn't very big so it doesn't take up alot of space to store, and it is jam packed with goodies! I also like that they have made sets to coordinate with some of their most popular paper lines like 5th avenue & noteworthy. I have purchased a couple of sets of these already, and I really want the other sets as soon as I can get them! These flowers are a great size I think, not too big, or too small--this is a very usable size in my opinion. I also really like the felt flowers--They look great alone, or layered with the other flowers. These sets would be really great for someone who doesn't have any flowers or buttons yet in their stash--it gives you a nice little assortment to start out with. The flowers with patterns on them are adorable!

  • Great set of stamps to use over & over again on layouts (14 May 2008)

    These journaling stamps are great--I use them over & over! When I buy stamp sets I look for something that I will get alot of good out of. If you don't think you will use the set more than once or twice it is better to buy rub-ons, or die cuts, but I knew as soon as I saw these they were a must have for my collection! Journaling stamps are so helpful for me--they are so much faster than computer journaling, and so much tidier than just writing some journaling directly on your page. These stamps are versatile enough that I use them all of the time--which makes me feel like they were worth the investment. I love that this set has a couple of stamps with journaling prompts already on them(date, time, etc.), and a couple that are blank. I also really love the 3 narrower stamps(Est., Dated, & Created by:) that can be used if you only have a tight spot to fit something in--or can be used stacked together for a bigger stamp. I am always really happy with the quality of Autumn Leaves stamps for the price payed.

  • Glue Dots are one of the Greatest Inventions! (06 May 2008)

    I think glue dots are one of the best things to happen to scrapbookers! They are one of my very favorite adhesives, and I never let myself run out of them! That is one thing that I think is so neat about this play pack--you are stocked up for awhile--1,388 dots is alot of adhesive! If you love glue dots you should definitely purchase this set--you will not only save money, but will also save yourself to trips to the store! I like glue dots because they are so strong and will attatch just about anything to your pages. My very favorite things to use glue dots on are--buttons, flowers, metal, & ribbons. The mini glue dots are my favorite because they are small enough to fit just about anywhere you might need to put adhesive!

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    Crate Paper is my latest, not last, but latest scrapping obsession!!! (03 May 2008)

    I have just discovered Crate Paper and I am oh so hooked!!!!! I am sad I didn't discover it sooner! This Holly Collection pack is so beautiful, and I am so happy with it! I love the idea of soft, rustic, old fashioned Christmas pages! Another thing I really loved about this Christmas kit, is that most all of the pages are versatile enough to use for other pages if you don't want to use them all for Christmas--they are beautiful for other things also! I love the included alphabet & border & tag pages--what a bonus! If you have never tried Crate Paper--try it now--you will not be disappointed! The quality is something you have to see to believe, and the detail is fabulous--especially love the soft distressing around the edges! I can't say enough good things about this kit and Crate Paper so I will be done now!

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    Great chipboard monograms (25 April 2008)

    I love Basic Grey chipboard--it is such nice quality, and a good value. I didn't give these monograms 5 stars because personally I prefer the Basic Grey mini monograms(also sold here at the superstore). These are great, and if you are looking to use a single large monogram on your layout you will love them. I like the mini ones better because you can use them on any size layout, and you can also spell out a word with them if you want, and they come with way more in a pack. These are great and I will use the ones I already have, but if I were to buy more I will get the smaller ones--just personal preference.

  • Love the Concept of these stamps! (25 April 2008)

    This is such a genius idea for those of us who have little time to craft! Instead of digging out the stamps and the ink pads you have it all in one neat little compact unit! I love this stamp so much that I am planning on buying a bunch of the interchangable journaling ones that are also sold here at the superstore for quick little notes on my layouts so that I don't have to worry about digging out a stamp set or printing journaling on the computer! I also think the stamped image from this is nice and crisp. Highly recommend this and the many other styles they sell here--must haves for the busy scrapper!

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    Great set of chipboard letters! (25 April 2008)

    I LOVE this set of letters! I think they are the perfect size for using on your pages! I bought a set of these minis and a set of the regular not knowing which I would prefer, and these were definitley my favorites. I like the regular ones and will find use for them, but these I can tell are the size I will reach for over and over again. These are also a better value because you get way more letters in the pack because more fit on a sheet. I also love the adhesive on Basic Grey chipboard--it really works good, and the backing stays on great until you are ready to peel it off and stick the letter on your page! Highly recommend buying several packs of these!!

  • Love this collection--Love all Crate Paper!! (18 April 2008)

    I love the colors of this collection--the black and cream are so pretty & yummy together!! I ordered this collection because I liked the colors and thought it was a good value. I could not believe how much I loved this paper when I got it! The quality is unbelievable--this is nice, thick, textured paper!!! I also love how they've given the pages a slight distressing that gives them a soft yet rustic feel. After I got this kit I started looking at other Crate Paper prints, and I've decided that I have to have them all--I love all of it! I can't wait to try out some of their other lines!

  • I am in LOVE with Basic Grey chipboard stickers!!! (16 April 2008)

    I bought a set of these stickers because they were on sale and I love pink! I LOVE them!! They are so cute, and I love how thick and sturdy they are. I love chipboard, but am kind of lazy about wanting to decorate it myself--I love that these are already decorated for you to coordinate with Basic Grey's fabulous lines! I also love that they already have adhesive on them because they are stickers, and it seems to be nice & sticky. I can't say enough good things about these chipboard stickers--love the size of them, love that Basic Grey sells their chipboard on smaller sheets and places them in plastic packaging that can be reopened & closed so that you don't have to find something else to store them in, also love the price. On one of the pages I used these on I embellished them with some of my Cotton Candy pink stickles and I loved the results. You could also use these to mix & match with other Basic Grey chipboard--I have some of their naked chipboard letters that you could mix in with these for variety.

  • A Must Have for Teeny Tiny Embelishments!!! (14 April 2008)

    After I received my Silhouette last year I had no idea how to attatch my intricate cut outs that I made to my scrapbook pages without making a huge mess. The lady that works at my lss recommended I get one of these pens to use and I am so thankful!!! It is so easy to use and you can add adhesive to the most thin and intricate areas without getting it everywhere! Even the little tiny dots of your letter "i" can be adhered using tweezers and one of these pens. I love how it goes on blue so you can tell where you have already applied the adhesive, but then dries clear. You also have a little bit of time to move something if you get it in the wrong place because until the adhesive is dry it is removable. I would recommend this over and over again, especially to anyone who has a die cutting machine--you won't be sorry!

  • Such a beautiful collection, and well worth the money! (19 March 2008)

    I don't purchase kits, or tablets very often because I usually only like part of the stuff, and then I feel wasteful for not using more of it. When I saw this tablet at my lss I fell in love with the colors and for once loved every single page in the tablet. I ended up deciding to buy it, and I am so glad I did! I have already done a few layouts with this set and have not hardly used anything on the pages that didn't come in this kit. The best part is that even though the stuff all mixes and matches together, the pages I have done all look really different because some of the pages are more red, some are more pink, etc. I love that even though it's a kit for girl pages there are also blue and green papers and accents that change it up a little from the traditional pink and purple. This kit is even cuter in person than in the picture! I especially love that it comes with it's own coordinating textured cardstock! I think it is a great price for how many layouts I will be able to make with it!

  • Yummy inks! (15 March 2008)

    I just got this set of VersaMagic chalk ink, and I think it's fabulous! It goes on so smooth and nice, and the stamped image has such a soft great look to it. They would be great to use to stamp a background, or for highlighting. I think the colors and texture are just smooth and yummy! I am now planning to stock up on a bunch of the other colors! They are such an affordable way to get a collection of inks in a bunch of colors, and their small size makes them compact and easy to store! I also love the little feet on the bottom of the pad that makes them stand on their own! I highly recommend this ink!

  • A Must Have Set of Stamps! (11 March 2008)

    In my opinion this is one of those rare must have items for the scrapbooker! These stamps are the perfect way to add a journaling spot of your own handwriting to a layout, without it looking messy or out of place. These stamps are fun and give your layout character while serving a purpose as a journaling spot. I have trouble keeping my journaling straight and tidy so I find myself typing it out alot. This is a fast solution for a layout where you want to add your own personal touch, or where you don't want to take the time to type something out. If you get this set you should also consider the matching Hand Drawn alphabet stamps--they look so great together!

  • Very Nice Size Alphabet! (11 March 2008)

    I just got these stamps and used them for the first time this weekend. I thought they were great! I loved the size of them--they are not too big (you can easily use them for titles, or would still work on 8x8 albums), and they are not so small that they would get lost on a 12x12 layout like some. They are a fun playful set! They would work great on just about any layout because they are fairly basic, but their playful touch makes them great for layouts with kids! They are the same design as the Autumn Leaves Hand Drawn journaling stamps and I would highly recommend getting both sets because they look great together on a layout! I also love that you get the upper case, lower case, and numbers all in one set--gives nice variety and is much more affordable than when you have to purchase each set individually!

  • A Nice Tool to Own (07 March 2008)

    I love the fact that this has a long reach and can staple anywhere even on a 12" layout! The staple bars come in such a large variety that you can find them to match almost any design, color, or theme making this tool useful for pretty much any layout! They work alone as just an embellishment for a page, or are a useful way to attach things to your layout. I like the idea of using the staple bars as an alternative to photo corners, regular staples, and plain adhesives. Works great to attach vellum or transparancies to pages when other adhesive methods look tacky and show through. I also really like to use it to attach ribbon and other borders. I don't think you will regret purchasing this--it will add variety to your pages!

  • Love paint on layouts! (29 February 2008)

    I love to use Making Memories paint! They have so many colors to choose from that you can almost always find one to match your lo! They are an affordable way to customize things to match your paper or pictures. My favorite ways to use these paints on my layouts are--1. Use them with foam stamps--I love the look of foam stamps and they are a great cheap way to fill in empty space on your pages! They are also cheaper than rubber stamps generally. 2. And the other way I love to use paint is to print a title or journaling onto a transparancy, then paint on the back of the transparency so that you can see it behind your writing. I think it adds alot of interest to the page. No matter how you use it you will not be disappointed with these paints!

  • I love my Cutter Bees, and I love EK Success! (21 February 2008)

    I wasn't sure if I would like using these scissors, or not, because they are so small and I was used to using bigger scissors. I finally decided to give them a try due to their rave reviews from so many other users, and I am so glad I did! They are so sharp and smooth to cut with. They get into the most tedious tight places to cut, and are amazing! I love that they come with their own protective cover to save little curious hands from getting cut. I can't say enough about how much I love these! I highly recommended them!!

  • Fun to Use (21 February 2008)

    I really have fun playing with this set. I like how the letters are alot smaller than other stamp sets so they fit in places on your layouts where other stamped words maybe wouldn't. I have to be honest, I don't use this as much as I originally thought I would. It does take some patience working with the tiny letters, and it is easier to me alot of times to grab the bigger stamps, but I do think the tinier letters have a place and are very useful sometimes. I also have alot of trouble getting my words straight with this, which I actually end up loving because it has a fun playful look, but for someone that is a perfectionist this might be something to consider. This set is super easy to store and take-along in it's own self-contained container, and I am really glad I have it as an option. Overall, I am very happy with it!

  • Handy little tool that I can't scrap without! (19 February 2008)

    This tool is so handy and just the right size! I have the Making Memories paper piercer, but it is so long bulky. This piercer is tiny so it is easier to use. My favorite thing to use it for is brads. I love doing layouts with lots of tiny brads and I hate getting out the hole punch if I don't have to. This is so much faster and easier to use for a quick little hole to slip your brad into. I also like to use it for holes to do hand stitching on my layouts! I was so happy to see that carried this, because I had been trying to find it locally for awhile and couldn't find it in a store. I have one, but am thinking about buying a couple more, one to keep in my tote bag, and another one for my tool drawer--can't beat the price!

  • So Much Bigger & Roomier than I thought--& Adorable! (13 February 2008)

    I love anything that is pink & brown so I knew I wanted this as soon as I saw it! When I finally got it I was so pleasantly surprised by it's size. Even though the dimensions are listed in it's description, it didn't look that big to me in the picture. It is so much neater than I thought it was going to be! It holds so many tools, and with the little dividers and pockets it makes everything easy to find! Love that it has the underneath section to hold your personal trimmer, rulers, and other longer objects that are normally hard to find a spot for! Also, love that it has a strap and a small handle for convenience when taking it to your crops! This is a great product!

  • One of My All Time Favorite Tools!!! (12 February 2008)

    These are one of my top 5 gotta have essential scrapping tools! They are so small & easy to store and carry so much impact! They are super easy to use, and they make everything look better! I find myself inking the edges of something on just about every layout now that I have these. For background paper I like to just take a piece of solid cardstock and ink around the edges of it, and you instantly add way more interest and make the plain piece of paper stand out! I cut out some flourish embellishments awhile back on plain white cardstock, then took and inked all over them with a pink Cat's Eye, and they looked so much better! You can use them on so many different things--including your photos. You will love these!

  • Adorable & Functional--What More Could You Want?! (04 February 2008)

    I LOVE this bag!! I have been eyeing this bag for so long because I love the fabric, and I'm obsessed with the color pink. I tried to resist buying it on impulse just because I thought it was cute, but then I started reading all of the rave reviews and I knew I had to have it! It is so easy to organize because of the divided sections, and it holds a ton! I also think it is a great multi purpose tote that can be used for many different things, not just scrapbooking! It is a great airplane carry-on, diaper bag, sewing tote, book bag, the possibilities are endless! Trust me, you really do need this bag!

  • Verified Buyer

    Love, Love, LOVE THIS!!!! (02 February 2008)

    This is by far the best thing to happen to anyone that has a ribbon hoarding problem like myself!! I love ribbon, but have never had a good place to store it. I don't have a scrapbook room so my storage space is very limited--this purse can hold a very large amount of ribbon in a very managable amount of space! You can see what you have easily and group together colors and sizes so that they are fast and easy to match to your project. I also know now what colors of ribbon that I want to buy more variety of, and what ones I need to lay off of! I also love how portable this is to take along to crops (I've never been able to tote all my ribbon along with me before). And with all the cute colors to choose from there is one for every preference(I personally am in love with the pink!!!!)

  • My All-Time Favorite Pen!!! (17 January 2008)

    I am in love with these Slick Writer pens!!! They are so great for scrapbooking because they will write on pretty much any surface, and the best part is-- within a couple of seconds it drys and does not smear, not even on vellum or other smooth surfaces! I have found so many uses for this pen that I have several of them stashed throughout my house. I keep one in the kitchen to label baggies and things I wrap in foil for the freezer. I used it to label all of my daughter's school supplies this year. My favorite thing to use them for is to write things right on my photos themselves. I have bought one of these pens for every member of my family that scrapbooks!

  • Works Great with ANY Digital Cutter!! (15 January 2008)

    I received the Silhouette craft cutter as a birthday gift last year, and after playing with it a couple of times I went to my local scrapbook store and asked them how I was supposed to remove the delicate shapes and letters from the sticky matte that the machine cuts them on. Every time I would try to get them up I would tear them. The lady that works there told me that she bought this Cricuit tool kit to use with her own Silhouette, because Quick Kutz didn't have anything available to use with it. I bought one on her recomendation and it made all the difference in getting my cut-outs, especially the letters, successfully transferred from the matte to my scrapbook layout without tearing them. Also, the scissors work great for when the cutter doesn't quite get something cut all the way through, their precision tip can make tiny cuts. I would recommend that if you buy a digital craft cutter of any brand you also purchase this handy kit!

  • I love this product! (12 January 2008)

    I got this awhile back and love it! I had never used chalk on my pages before, and was amazed at what a difference it makes. You can take something that is dull and boring and rub chalk over it and it instantly adds interest. With chalk you can add subtle color, or dark color depending on how much you rub. I love this set because of the huge selection of colors, there is a color to match every layout! I also love the way they stack on top of each other for easy and convenient storage! I love to print things off of my computer in black ink onto white paper and then rub chalk over key words to highlight them and make them stand out. It's also great to use chalk to color in parts of decorative fonts and doodles that are black and white. If you've never used chalk on a layout I would recommend that you get this product and try it!