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  • Great Organizer! (26 March 2008)

    I bought my first PSB about a year ago, using it to store stickers for the most part until I bought my Cuttlebug machine and started my Cuttlebug die "Collection" LOL! Now I have one PSB full of Cuttlebug dies, sorted by size, type, and theme. The dividers (sold separately) are GREAT so that you can get to the right section quickly. I now have a second PSB to organize all my stencils (I've got quite a collection of those as well!). You can get just about ANY size pocket you like with all the different refills available. Also LOVE that it zips shut, so nothing falls out, ever.

    Just an awesome organizer!

  • Verified Buyer

    Just LOVE this tool!! (26 March 2008)

    I bought the Crop-A-Dile Big Bite during it's debut on a TV shopping program ~ from the very day it arrived, I have LOVED it! It punches through cardstock, thin metal, and chipboard very easily! VERY rarely will I complete a LO without using this tool, and more often than not, use it multiple times for different embellishments on one LO. I recently used it to punch holes in THICK alpha chipboard, then set eyelets into them without a single hitch (the eyelets were for ribbon ~ was testing to see if this handy-dandy item could set an eyelet well in thick cardboard ~ it did!). I even use it to punch holes for larger brads (no more bent posts!).

    I LOVE the reach of this tool!! I never bought the original crop-a-dile specifically because the reach was so short. I like to put everything on a page, THEN add my eyelets, brads, grommets, etc.. so a short reach would not do me any good at all. The Big Bite will go ALL THE WAY into a 12" x 12" LO, and allows you to space your embellishments any way you like, consistently, every time.

    For those of you with hand-strength problems (I've got somewhat weak wrists), no need to worry about Big Bite! Very little pressure is needed to punch holes or set embellishments, and it sits on the table top, so you don't have to try to balance the weight of the tool (it's no feather weight tool!) while punching or setting. Also, the handle is nicely padded, so no parts are gouging you while pressure is being applied.

    I agree with earlier reviews in that the blocks are numbered/lettered very small, so if you have close-up vision problems, keep your glasses handy. That isn't a problem for me so ~ the ONLY negative thing I can say about this product is that the grommet feature can be a pain. You must set the grommets upside-down, which means you can't get perfect grommet placement 100% of the time. However, it WILL punch a grommet through multiple layers ~ I did a LO where the Big Bite set a grommet through ric-rac, fibers, & 2 layers of cardstock!! Nothing else on the market can do THAT!

    so, to make my very long story short.... I LOVE THIS TOOL!! Will recommend it to anyone who asks 100% of the time!