Gr8babegurl's Reviews

  • Versatile Collection of Papers (18 August 2009)

    What a wonderful set of papers - I can use these for almost any time of project - boy, girl, family. I just luv it!!

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    Owl Stickers (31 July 2009)

    I'm not normally a fan of stickers, but these little guys are just too cute! Gotta have them!

  • Awesome edge - notebook (24 July 2009)

    I luv this little easy to use punch. It locks up so that it takes less space and it is so easy to line up and use. I had tried other notebook edge punches, but they were hard to line up and very hard to use. These new EK success punches are the best - I have about six now, and plan to get more!

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    BIG BITE - IS THE BEST (22 June 2008)

    I had first bought the smaller crop a dile and used it quite often. But there were so many things that were just out of reach.... so.... I finally broke down and bought the Big Bite & boy am I happy!!! The holes are so much easier to line up with this and I can finally punch holes anywhere on the page that I want. I love using this to make my mini albums - which I am now addicted to making!

    The best dern whole puncher out there!!!

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    ZIG Writers (21 June 2008)

    I wasn't sure I wanted to spend so much money on "markers". But am I so glad I did. These are absolutely the best pens without a doubt. My favorite color is brown - I find myself using it or another color on just about every layout. They are super for journaling & doodling. I can not say enough about how great these are & yes the are worth the money!!

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    Gllitter - NOT (29 April 2008)

    I'm not pleased with this product - sounded like a great idea. The pen does not roll smoothly and even ripped my paper a few times. If it rolled on a little smoother it would have been great for outlining and coloring things in. I would not buy this again!

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    Best combo cutter (29 April 2008)

    I am so glad I spent the money & bought this. I was skeptical at first, but this works great. If you have a get together you can break it apart, so you have 2 cutting boards. I wasn't sure how well it would cuts photo's, especially since you can touch the blade and it feels dull. But it works like a champ. You don't have to worry about your kids getting injured on the blade. I didn't know when I bough this, the the sliding trimmer also has changeable blades, so that you can make wavy cuts too. This is a must have tool! And how I love my scrapping tools!

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    Glaze Pens (03 April 2008)

    These make drawing so much fun! They roll on so smooth and write beautifully on all my paper. I'm not a great artist, but these make pretending to be one easy! They have a variety of great colors and puff up for easier viewing on your layout! I use these over and over and would buy them again!!

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    Clip It Up (14 March 2008)

    This is amazing & so great for finding stuff. I started hanging all my little goodies last night. Now I don't have to dig through piles of stickers/chipboard. All I have to do is spin it and around and everything is right at my fingertips. I love this!!

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    Arrows (07 March 2008)

    I love arrows and Scenic Route has such a great variety to choose from. You can use these in any layout for a fun way to point something out! So many different shapes and colors to choose from - I have all that are available!

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    Puffy Pens (07 March 2008)

    These work so well - great for doodling. The ink flow's really well and they add wonderful color to any layout! I use these on just about everything. Such fun to use!

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    Chalk pencils (07 March 2008)

    These are amazing - I wasn't sure how much I would use them, but they are great for shading and outlining faint lines that are already on the paper. You can also smooth and blend them together. I bought the brighter colors too and can't wait to use them!