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    Love It! (05 March 2009)

    I got to sample this product at a scrapbook retreat a few years ago - a lady I called the "stamping guru" had it and she spent a lot of time with me teaching me all the tricks to stamping. This is definately a must have for any stamper and it is the only reason I got so into stamping myself. I was very discouraged with the messy clean up with out this tool. I'm so glad I found it on here!!!

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    Aaawesome (05 March 2009)

    I have used the standard hand held eyelet tool, I have used my best friends big mama-jama tool that sits on the table... this one, to me, totally beats the other types. You can punch holes & set eyelets anywhere on your paper that you want! It's ultra portable & compact and the mat it comes with seems to hold up great. The metal box it comes in is certainly a plus for those o.c.d. neat freaks like me! Grab a scratch sheet of paper and start working on learning the settings.