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  • Perfect for my baby girl (01 May 2010)

    I always had thought this line was cute but didnt really think I would use the pieces and colors... then I had my baby girl. Everything coordinates so easily, and when trying to squeeze some scrapping time in while baby is napping that is a great asset!

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    even the box is super cute! (05 June 2008)

    Another pack of flowers that I decided to get in my quest to add some black flowers to my collection. I was hesitant at first cause the description says Mickey Mouse and I am not doing any of that kind of layout. But, the colors are great and will work well with anything! My favorite part is the centers. They are micro beads on the discs that add a great touch to the center of the flowers. If you werent hooked to polka dots beofre you will be after trying these!

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    Great all together kit (05 June 2008)

    I dont usually buy kits because I tend to find that I dont use everything in them. But I really loved all the papers in here and thought "oh well" if I didnt use the other things. But the die cut tags are super cute. And the letters are really big and fun. A definite must for anyone with a girly girl to scrap!

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    sooo fun! (05 June 2008)

    I just love Rusty Pickle as it is and this line is just too fun. These papers are great for my teenage girls. I was having a hard time finding things that were not geared more towards little kids. It's kind of hard to see in this picture but the back side of the paper that is more pink, the flowers are made out of skull heads too. Who would have ever thought skulls could be feminine!

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    great assortment of trims (05 June 2008)

    There is one yard of each of the 6 styles. Its such fun stuff.. the stung sequins are so fun. The laces are awesome. It works so well with the Pirate Princess papers as well as being able to work good with many other things.

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    just tooo cute! (05 June 2008)

    so, yea... I have a gazillion flowers but I realized I had no black. I was searching the superstore and came across these. Now, how could you resist!! They are the cutest colors and they have the bling already on them. The size and color assortment are wonderful. Very fun to work with.

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    soo much cuteness in a little box (30 May 2008)

    I couldnt wait to get into this box when my stuff came! I got it as a free gift for spending so much so I certainly was going to make sure to spend enough to get it! The colors are great and are so what Im into now, and it seems like alot of other people are too. The orange and turquoise go so well together. The buttons got all used up on the first layout I did and the brads are fitting themselves into alot of places. I have never used sequins beofre and cant wait to give these a try. It is a really great assortment for the price. :)

  • glue dots strong but wasteful (28 May 2008)

    I was sooo excited to find the glue dot dispenser at a local store and get to try it out. Yes, it is a convenient little package to have the glue dots in the roller. And there is a cool little knob on the side that allows you to advance them one at a time to use as you normally would a glue dot. But, they are not refillable. Such a waste to just have to throw the whole thing away. I don't think I will be buying anymore unless they come out with a refillable version, one that is a bit friendlier on our environment.

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    WOW.. what a bargain! (15 May 2008)

    Okay.. so I saw this and saw what a deal it was and grabbed it up real quick.... it arrived the other day and I was in AWE at how much was actually in it... like the picture didnt do it justice as to when you start pulling these things out of the box... and then theres another one.. and another one! Heidi Swapp is a great product as it is. And with this collection you cant go wrong there is something for every ocassion. I am currently loving doing mix and match titles and this works great for that. I was also thrilled with the mask letters... had never tried that technique before and absolutely loved the way it turned out! I was seriously thinking about buying another set.

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    best craft knife I've used (07 May 2008)

    got this about 2 weeks ago and I am using it for everything! It wasnt even awkward to get used to holding it on your fingertip. It cuts great and with having the pressure being on the point it hasnt wondered around and made a miscut as other knifes have done to me. I use it alot with a metal ruler to cut straight lines and with my perfect layers ruler templates.

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    step aside chipboard! (03 May 2008)

    Got my first pack of grungeboard about 2 weeks ago and I want to grab it for everything now! It is so much easier to work with than chipboard. It is very flexible, it takes paint and ink very well, and it is easy to cut.