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    Fantastic Company! (25 July 2009)

    I recently bought the revolution at my local scrapbooking store... I got a great deal on it... plus they gave me free stuff!

    I think I paied 100 bucks (canadian)... and I got a 12" platform (50 buck touch) and a full alphabet (nother 50 buck touch)

    also it's completely 100% backed up by warrenty which I found out as After I got it home the case was a bit cracked most likely from something heavy placed on top during shipping and they gave me a complete new case no questions asked! Great company!

  • Verified Buyer

    Love It! (23 November 2008)

    Great for making cards with! Nice thickness with great patterns on front and back, double sided, cute pop outs!

    thumbs up!

  • so/so (05 May 2008)

    some are cute but some are really ugly...
    give us a set that are all cute!!

  • Totally Teen! (20 February 2008)

    What a fantastic book... there are times when I feel overwhelmed with images of babies... yes I love babies but they aren't my subject at this point in my life it's my edgy teens!

    I found there were lots of layout featuring both boys and girls!

    Loaded with pictures, no step by step how to build them though.

    4 out of 5 stars