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  • Perfect Project Tote! (28 February 2013)

    I wish the Karen Foster Design - Carry-Alls Tote was still being sold.

    I am a scrapbooker and coordinate several scrapbooking groups - so I travel to crops constantly. I need well organized, lightweight organizer bags. This is a well designed and sturdy bag. I bought one and loved it so much that I bought 2 more.

    I prefer the version of this bag with the slip strap on back to hang on wheeled bags.

    Please bring these bags back!

  • Color Shine Spritz sparkles the most of any sprays! (16 September 2012)

    I just bought Gold Lame and Tinsel and tested them on white paper when I got home. The spray works great - no droplets. Best of all the color is instense and the sparkle is excessive. This product is WAY better than Glimmer Mist - which I always found too subtle and just, plain, bland.

    Heidi Swapp did an excellent job on this glitter spray formula! Can't wait to buy more colors.

  • Great pre-printed tissue paper (30 January 2012)

    This tissue paper is thin, translucent and also seems to have wax in it. Very sheer. I'm using it in two ways:

    1) at my workstation to protect my worksurface instead of newspaper, tablecloth of my Ranger craft mat.

    2) as a second layer in my art journals - over my 1st layer of printed or handwritten journaling done in crayon, colored pencil or #2 pencil.

    I like this wrap paper better than the TH tissue tape. I prefer the 7 Gypsies tapes - they stick better. TH tissue tape is more like removable tape - which soes not work over my painted acrylic pagfes or pages with medium on them. the TH tissue tappe seems to work best on plain, bank dry paper...


  • Zutter's BIA is a NIFTY tool! (30 September 2011)

    I bought my blue BIA v.1 second-hand - and it sat gathering dust for 2 years before I jumped in to try binding with it. Now I use it a lot! Do'nt know why I waited so long...

    Great for making Art Journals out of junk mail flyers, postcards and chipboard.

    Before getting started, be sure to have these on hand too:
    wire cutters or Tim Hultz scissors
    o-wire (I use 3/4" and 1" by Zutter or Cinch).

    Practice in advance on 2-3 journals to get the hang of it before using your 'good' paper


  • KFD Carry-Alls tote is super organized! (18 September 2010)

    I bought 2 of these several years ago. They are perfect for organizing projects. Now I wish I had bought more!

    Why are these discontinued - they are great for the scrapbooker on the go!

    Please bring these back.

    Kudos to KFD for desinging such a well thought out product for scrappers!