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    Perfect for Pocket Scrapbooking (20 September 2016)

    I store my prints in 12x12 pocket pages with six 4x6 pockets (6" across, 4" long). I wanted to insert some journaling in and among the prints and the 4x6 cards in this set were just right. Most of them had room for journaling, as opposed to being only a "pretty card" like so many of the Project Life brand cards. I do Project Life in a 6x8 Snap album and use mostly the 3x4 pockets (3"across, 4" long). Most of the cards in this set are oriented this way and, again, most have room for journaling. I'm so happy this one set fulfilled both of my scrapping purposes. I'll definitely be looking at more of the SNAP cards.

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    Love the 6x8 size and this is a gorgeous color (30 August 2015)

    Full 12x12 pocket pages were just too big. I wanted a manageable little album to put everyday memories like the stuff I share on FB: inside jokes, cute photos of my family, pets, stuff that makes me smile. This is perfect. This is my 3rd 6x8 pocket page album, all like this one in different colors. This is a well made album. The variety of page protectors from Simple Stories are also good quality.

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    Storing all my 6x8 page protectors in this (30 August 2015)

    I love this 6x8 size and have quite a stash of various styles of page protectors for them now. I was tired of opening separate packages when I needed to choose one, and out of the package they got crumpled. This simple binder now keeps them sorted and like new. I'll use the classic dividers and blank pages in my decorated albums. Love the label on the spine, too.

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    red, green, brown & TEAL (22 October 2014)

    The designs in this paper pack are super cute, but one limitation of ordering online is that colors are not quite accurate on the computer screen. I purchased this to use in my December Daily project, for which I planned to use bright red, brown and light blue. Anyone considering this should know that the blue in this is more a teal, with a lot of green in it. The red & green is bright and fresh, and the brown is deep, almost black. I can use the solid red and the musical paper for Dec. Daily, and will set the others papers aside for other projects.

    There is a full sheet of 3x4" cards, and a sheet of 2.5 x 4" tags and I'll use many of them in my Dec. Daily project.

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    Great, subtle background when you rub an inkpad across it (05 September 2012)

    I got a sheet of this in a kit and loved using it. The photo does not do it any justice. It is great white Bazzill cardstock with an embossed swirl in it. I rubbed a pale blue ink pad across it to pick up the swirls and it made a great subtle background for some butterfly punches. Glad to see has it so I can order more sheets for the future!

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    Best vertical stoage product on the market (02 March 2011)

    I use these very sturdy files to store my monthly SB kits and my projects in progress. When I gather supplies for an album, I keep all the papers & scraps, embellishments and notes in one of these. Label them with a round metal edge tag (punch a small hole through the top edge) & stand them up on a bookshelf. They are great to take to crops - gather all the supplies for a layout and take them in one of these folders.

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    great trimmer (02 March 2011)

    The Tonic trimmer I bought about 2 years ago does not suffer from the same problem as the Fisker's portable (12") trimmer I had used for years: the plastic track the blade slides in does not bow & bend, so it consistently makes a straight line. These blades last me about 3 months of typical scrapping use, less at Christmas or other intensive "project" time.

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    serious adhesive for scrappers (28 February 2011)

    scrapping since 2000, I have tried all the adhesives out there. Even the ones that rolled out smoothly did not stick in the long run - old layouts are falling apart. I have used the Scotch ATG for 4+ years and can highly recommend it. Yes, it's big and initially expensive, but it works, it sticks, and it lasts. The rolls last for weeks without needing replacement, and it is maneuverable even in small places. I recommend the 1/4" size for scrapbooking.

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    Have used this the past 5 years (06 December 2010)

    I make my own wall calendar every year and love this one. It is great quality, holds up all year long, and is easy to decorate. I put 2" strips of patterned paper top & bottom (a different one each month), cut names of the months out with a die cut machine or Coluzzle and stamp (or write) the numbers. I add a narrow strip of cardstock with the days of the week stamped or written on it. At the end of the year, I cut them to 12x12 size and make a companion layout using the same PP and photos highlighting that month. Of course you could add ribbon, flowers, etc. but it looks great just with the PP.

  • Bazzill Cardstock - Leapfrog a (spring green) (19 August 2010)

    I have ordered single sheets of Bazzill cardstock for years and this color is always on my list. It is a very versatile spring green that goes well with pinks, yellows and even for Christmas.

  • Make this yourself (24 September 2008)

    The photo of this product inspired me to make a "passport" photo album for my kids by scanning the cover of their passport. I made a 4x6 print of it and put it in the front of one of those $.99 photo albumswith a little larger piece of gold vellum (you could use cardstock) behind it. I put one photo of them in all the places they have been on the right, and journaling on the left.

  • Disappointed (24 September 2008)

    I received this yesterday and was very disappointed. It's mostly buttons. If you love buttons, there are 100 in here, but I wanted tags and flowers. There were only 30 tiny flowers, and 25 die cuts, some of which are tiny postage stamps. The quality of the products is good enough, but this suitcase is mostly empty space. It is certainly not worth $11.99! Get the well worn tags and journaling tags (4.99 each). You could use the cardboard suitcase for something, but I still don't think that makes it worth the whopping price tag.