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    Just What I Wanted (27 August 2011)

    Bazzill plastic paper is thick enough to build a scrapbook page off of but also thin enough you can die-cut it! (I used the Tim Holtz Vagabond) It has a protective film on EACH side so that you don't have to worry about scratching and marring the plastic before you've even started your project.

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    VERY Versatile Color (01 May 2010)

    I just used this on a couple projects and was amazed at how it picks up different colors. It looked amazing paired with browns, purples, pinks and red. My new favorite color!

  • So Many Uses!!! (21 December 2009)

    I was really skeptical about these when my mom gave them to me, but I just love them!!! I use them on cards, tags, and if you have the Bazzill in-stitches needles/templates you can use this for your thread. Very cool for Christmas cards!!! I will also say I've used them to tie pheasant legs together and roast, so they really can be used as bakers twine as well!!!

  • Perfect Crackle Paint! (02 May 2009)

    I love this crackle paint and am so happy to see it's offered in white! It doesn't take long to dry and you can make the consistency to your own liking. Plus, you can use any kind of distress ink over the top to give it a little bit of color!!! LOVE IT!!!

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    Drab colors (08 December 2008)

    Again, the colors of the paper in this kit are not correctly represented in the photos. They are more dull and if anything, "vintage" looking. The poinsettias and epoxy stickers, however are very bright and cheery. Even though I was a bit disappointed with the colors, I still really like this page kit and thing it is a great deal!

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    Kind of Disappointed... (08 December 2008)

    The colors of the cards are not nearly as bright as they seem in the picture, or even on the front of the MM box, for that matter. I was also disappointed to see that the envelopes were all white. Quite a few of the buttons were broken, as well, but they are really nice buttons!!!

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    Amazing Machine (31 October 2008)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Silhouette. You can cut any True Type font (including ding bats!), make your own shapes in photoshop and so MUCH MORE! I've hand drawn my own doodles, scanned it into my computer and then into the Silhouette software, and VOILA! your own, personalized and unique, precision-cut embellishments! The software is SUPER easy to use and make sure you check the web site for updates. There is NO need to buy ANY cartridges for this machine!!! The only draw back is it does not cut 12x12 and the replacement mats and blades are pretty expensive. Still, you can have a ton of fun with this machine!

  • SO COOL!!! (24 October 2008)

    These are TOO cool! I got to play with them at Creative Escape and they are WAY fun! Lot's of differently designed and sized pages to keep you happy!

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    Lots of Fun! (14 October 2008)

    This is really fun to make embellishments with or use an extra page in a mini book. Use a crop-o-dile to hole-punch and the new Zutter Heavy Duty Corner Rounder; works like a charm!

  • Love Them! (17 September 2008)

    These stamps are AWESOME! They work well with ANY kind of ink or paint, I've found. And, if you own the Tim Holtz leather acrylic stamp binder, these are made to fit perfectly inside with the 3ring holes already punched for you! They just think of everything!

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    Wonderful! (17 September 2008)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new little sanding block by Tim Holtz. I was hesitant at buying it, but so glad that I have; distressing chipboard and paper edges is so much easier now! A must have if you like to distress!

  • AMAZING! (11 September 2008)

    I had an amazing weekend at Creative Escape 2008; the ideas put together in this book are by big hitters in the business like Tim Holtz, Heidi Swapp, Kelly Goree, Kolette Hall (studio g stamps) and Jenny Bowlin!!! These are AMAZING crafts, I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone!

  • My Favorite "tool"! (18 June 2008)

    OK, so I CANNOT scrapbook without a Diet Pepsi, and this thing helps me do that! Plus having the garbage up high and not at my feet makes it great! I was so glad when I found this! It is one my favorite purchases of all time! Worth Every Penny!

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    I Would Purchase More of the Line... (15 June 2008)

    These are great little chipboad shapes in the always amazing Basic Grey quality. They are self-adhesive which makes them even more awesome! Do note, these are very Birthday-Intensive shapes, with the majority of them being clown parts. I would also suggest purchasing some other elements of the "cupcake" line, especially some of the patterned paper. Even though I didn't use these for birthday or clown layouts, I liked the swirls, balloons, a great rainbow, and little dots it had to offer. And even if you didn't want to do a birthday lo and still use a clown, I can totally see a "Clowning Around" Layout with a silly face of an adorable kid!!!!

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    Great Color Palette! (15 June 2008)

    I love this pad because it has such a great color palette, and allows you to take a more creative approach to primary colors. It's great for Birthdays, Summer Layouts and just plain CUTE ones! This smaller paper pad is great for accents, photo matting, or using with your personal die cut machine/tool. I also like it because it can be a bit pricey to purchase the whole line of coordinating papers in 12x12 or the paper pack, so this gives you a great selection of the whole line at a great price.

  • THE BEST! (12 June 2008)

    Theses are THE BEST for EVERYTHING!!! To explain more, if I have a page in progress, but need to stop and clean up, I can simply put everything in the neat organized pouches of this. Also, if I'm going to a crop or scrapbooking convention, these make for great, preorganized pages, so that you don't feel like you're starting from scratch when you get there. They're easy to organize, and now matter how much "stuff" I "stuff" in them, they never get bulky.

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    LOVE THIS STUFF! (09 June 2008)

    OK, I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I first saw this on the website! I had to quickly snatch some up! It's great because you can move the lines of bling into swirls, scallops, etc... The colors one this green weren't as bright as I would have hoped, but the other colors are! Happy Glitzing!

  • Zots ROCK! (08 June 2008)

    Zots are BY FAR my favorite choice of adhesive. They're great for when you have small embellishments such as buttons, flowers or if the sticky on the back of your bling has gone bad. Also, if you have a piece of intricately cut paper, or chipboard flourish, zots can squish into the smallest of spaces. They're thin and they're stick lasts FOREVER. They can be difficult to remove, but if you DO NEED to, I reccoment using an adhesive eraser, or just trying to easily rub it off by using the pad of your finger (no nails!).

    This is a great product; I've used it since I started scrapping and don't imagine myself without having three-four different rolls/styles/sizes of zots on my desk until I'm done scrapping. (Which will be never!!!)

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    LOVE IT!!! (08 June 2008)

    This stuff is GREAT!!! I love the colors, and the product really does glimmer and shimmer. This shade is really great because you can do multiple layers to create an even darker shade. The only reason why I didn't give this product five stars, is because it tends to bend and curl the paper and even chipboard you're spraying. You have to be gentle with it to bend it back. Also, before you spray your actual product, I suggest giving a couple pre-sprays on a piece of scrap paper; other wise you may get some drippy, spattered spots. All in all, this is a great product. I do love it because it makes it easy to alter any product that I already have and give it some extra oomph. I only bought two bottles to start with, but I can imagine I will be purchasing a lot more and very soon!

  • Great Glitter! (06 June 2008)

    The Art Institute Glitter has been around forever and I have been using it just as long. The colors and quality of the glitter make it great for stamping or hand-drawn doodles. This is my favorite and only loose glitter I use.!

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    Awesome Deal!!! (01 June 2008)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE these alphas! Did I mention I love them??? They coordinate with just about every Layout and you can even "snip" some of the letters to make others easily... (example, "Q" is an easy, more used "O"). This is such a screamin' deal, and especially colors that are USED!!!