Rtay's Reviews

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    Better than the regular Green! (14 June 2011)

    This is so much better than the standard green...it is perfect for foilage to add that needed sparkle...I love this green!!!

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    Fabulous!!! (14 June 2011)

    I think this may be my new favorite green!!!

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    Neon Pink (14 June 2011)

    It really is a very neon pink and perfect for so many projects!

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    AMAZING Red!!! (14 June 2011)

    Such a deep rich red color...it's the best of the reds in my opinion!

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    Love this green! (14 June 2011)

    Love this green...it's Neon! and perfect for so many different projects!

  • Keys!!! (21 October 2009)

    These are so wonderful..I use them to add interest to the outside cover of chipboard books and journals....Love 'em!!!

  • Love this paper! (21 October 2009)

    I bought this for a recipe book that my son requested for Christmas...this is so perfect for that!
    I was worried awbout making something that looked too femine, but this will give it that masquiline feel, with the vintage that will tie it back to me....Gotta Love that Graphic 45 paper line!

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    These ROCK!!! (07 August 2009)

    These little spinners make the perfect clock hands for all those wonderful clock stamps....you get several sizes in the package, so your sure to have the perfect size for your project...I love these!

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    Webster's Gorgeous! (07 August 2009)

    This is the highest quality patterened paper, nice and thick, and the colors and design are more than gorgeous! It's one of those papers that you don't want to use, for fear that you can't do it justice!

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    Get a Hook on your Pegboard! (02 May 2009)

    These are the cutest little hooks, and the perfect shade of pink...If your looking for hooks for your pegboard, and Pink is your theme color..then these hooks are for you!!!