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    Doesn't work well! (01 March 2012)

    I've been very disappointed with this corner rounder. It consistantly jams. It doesn't make clean edges. Cardstock and photos always get stuck in it. It could be a great product but they either need better quality control or it needs to go back to the drawing board and be revamped!

  • OMG, WOW!!!!! (01 February 2011)

    Ok, I just used this product and created my own negative and rubber stamp!!! It worked exactly as advertised and I now have a gorgeous custom stamp of my daughters name!!!

    If you like/love to stamp - YOU NEED THIS KIT!!!!!!!!!

  • Useless! (02 October 2010)

    These were a big waste of money. Luckily they didn't cost very much!!!

  • Ok, but not sparkly enough! (02 October 2010)

    The clear gems are probably fine for cards and layouts but I don't recommend them for apparel or for anything that you want to "sparkle" like a crystal. I used the "crystal" gems on a shirt for my daughter and was disappointed by how dull they look. I will be looking for higher end hotfix crystals to use.

  • Love the i-rock! (02 October 2010)

    I gotta say I love the i-rock. It works great, gets hot really fast and was easy to use. The only part that is strange is having to hold the button down constantly for it to get hot and stay hot.