Mom4Grand1's Reviews

  • Awesome circle cutter (26 September 2008)

    I love this cutter! I bought it a year ago and it is the best circle cutter I've ever used. You have to make sure to use the GLASS cutting mat with it or you will be disappointed. The instructions say it will only cut 7 or 8 inch max but actually if you turn the cutter around to face outside the rings using the smaller of the two rings you can cut a circle that will practically be the full size of a 12 x 12 piece of paper. The edges of the circles are crisp and the blade cuts well and you can also make rings by cutting the next size down of your original circle. Enjoy!

  • Great addition to Cricut machine (26 September 2008)

    The Cricut Design Studio is a great addition to any Cricut Machine. Using this program allows you to size any font or shape from the Cricut cartridges to whatever proportion you wish. You can do an entire layout on the program and see the exact proportions before you even start cutting which saves on the whole trial and error approach. Melding letters together in your words makes them easier to handle and position which is great. Finally the little added bonus to the program is that you get the opportunity to preview any cartridges and see all the capabilities before you buy it. This way there is no guessing you see every option the cartridge has for every shape or letter! I love it!

  • Love my Cricut! (26 September 2008)

    I have had my Cricut Expression for about 5 months and I absolutely love it. It took me a litle bit to master things but with the addition of the Design Studio the machine is well worth the money. If I was starting over again as a new scrapbooker I would only buy the Cricut Expression, beautiful paper and great adhesive. You can do so much with this machine and they are adding more capabilities all the time so that other items can be cut besides paper and cardstock. This is the best money I ever spent on my hobby.