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    Rave review (09 March 2009)

    I love my mini glue dots. They are very durable, and come in many different styles... glue dots, mini glue dots, memory glue dots, 3-D glue dots etc... This and the vario are my number one adheasives. This is perfect for ribbon and buttons, and any other metal embellishment, and even safe for pictures if you wanted. I just stick to using them for my embellishments though and use my vario for my pictures and other paper products. After using them, I would never leave home without them. They do have other brands but this one is by far my favorite one!

  • GOODBYE LOOSE GLITTER!! (14 February 2009)

    Hello stickles, goodbye loose glitter! This product is heaven sent. It adds a nice accent to any page. Make embellishments pop, or just draw something on your page. My favorite is adding sparkles to my snowflakes. Stickles comes in many different colors. I have 10 myself and I believe my local scrapbook store has near around 50. They are a must for anyone wanting to just jazz it up a little.

  • xyron sticker maker (11 February 2009)

    This xyron model is perfect for die cut letters that are small. You dont have to waste your time glueing all the letters seperately, just drop them in and pull. It leaves some residue on the outside of the letters (or whatever you've choosen to stick in there) but you can easily remove it just by rubbing your finger aross it. Just make sure that you have an extra refill on hand at all times, wouldnt want to be stuck with an empty roll :)

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    Pool Fun!! (20 January 2009)

    I adore this pattern paper. I love the blues and yellows. I have used this paper on a lot of pictures of my little one playing in the backyard, in his baby pool, and in a large pool. The colors go with just about everything! I didnt use the whole sheets of this paper I just used bits and pieces with soild background paper. It gave it a nice clean look. I will use anything with stripes, I love how it draws the eye outward.

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    Y-E-S (29 October 2008)

    These Pebbles Inc. Pom Poms are so awesome. I have the three prong applicator and painting is a sinch. Just push, grab, paint, and toss. No need for water and soap. These are also great for chalks and blending. I just used paints the first time on my scrapbook pages and having this tool for painting was very convenient and mess free. I would never use a brush again, too much. Call me lazy if you will, but if you do you havent taken my advise and tried these, so try em!

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    The best in my stash! (27 October 2008)

    This line of Basic Grey is beautiful. I have used many lines of Basic Grey and two scoops is by far my favorite. I have used it for many different types of pages such as wedding, love, little girl, girly, manly, and even little boy. Its so pleasing to the eye, soft and fluffy. Im addicted to it and will probably use every LAST scrap of it. I cant wait till there comes another line that I love just as much!! If you have not tried this line you better try it fast before you dont have a chance to, you wont be disapointed!

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    Boy-O-Boy (13 May 2008)

    This line of BasicGrey is one of my favorites! Any scrapbook store that I go to I look for Boy things. This line has boy written all over it, and yet has an earthy feel that you could put girls on too. The geometric shapes are wonderful and I love the distressed look. A+

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    loopy lou :) (01 May 2008)

    This font is too cute for words! I have 2 different colors of these cardstock sticker letters and they are wonderful. I used them on my first page today and 100% loved them! They are removable but stay in place after they have been moved. Perfect for an unsure scrapper as myself. I recommend getting one in every color!

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    Best embelishment ever (05 April 2008)

    Ok this is the best embelishment ever. I love how they look when they are put on a page. There is one down side to them but the downside really doesnt even compare to how great they look when they are on your project. Downside: Hard to peel off, and sometimes when you peel them off the backing, the rhinestones come off the sticky part, but they stick right back on! This is one restock product that is always in my bag, I will buy over and over again.

  • Love em (04 April 2008)

    I love these art bins. I have 2 right now, I need some more. I like them because it keeps your 12 x 12 paper neat, with out worry if you're going to bend the pages. You can seperate / organize your projects too. If I use them, you should too :)

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    precious (01 April 2008)

    I love these stickers. I used them on two layouts. One was just a boy page and one was a bath page. You can never have enough bath product, for some reason the cameras always in the bathroom. The letters were excellent, they did not break when taking them off the package. Once they were on the paper they were removable for a perfect line, which is nice because I always have to re-do things 20 times.

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    Loved the vinyl texture (31 March 2008)

    I was very nervous about using this product wondering how well it would hold up. I had no problem at all with it. I ended up using glue dots, which holds anything. The vinyl didnt smell horriable either which is a plus in my book. The product looked nice and real which was what I was going for, too bad it didnt squeek too, that would have been awesome. But all in all I would buy the product a million times over.