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    What it needs is... (27 May 2008)

    This is the first E-cuts I've ever used. Once I figured out how to download it I was impressed. What it needs though is the ability to manipulate the templates and add words. I would have loved to print my words directly on before printing.
    These are great printed on Avery's Create large labels paper. It was wonderful to be able to print, cut and stick.
    I'll be ordering E-cuts again!

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    Need tuscany garden (27 May 2008)

    I love this striped paper. I'm only sad that Tuscany garden was discontinued as it was the perfect match for this. I love the two sides on this paper. The cards I made needed the goreous one color side so that the embellishments didn't overwhelm them. The striped side adds the perfect punch to any project.

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    Teen boy not impressed (27 May 2008)

    I really liked this paper and thought my teen boy would go for it if it was added to the grunge black and the barbed wire papers from Bo-bunny. But he was not impressed. My nine year old liked it though. So we'll use it for his album.

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    Every inch is useable! (27 May 2008)

    I love this paper! Every inch was useable. I ended up cutting long strips and using them on the handles of my recital centerpieces. Even in these thing strips this paper made an impact on my project.

  • I like these (26 May 2008)

    I also love these little flowers. They are so easy to use and I was satisfied with how many came in the nice glass jar. They were all used up quickly on the 20 cards I made.

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    Bravo! easy to use even on wood! (03 May 2008)

    I just used these on a vintage window pane and couldn't believe how easily they went onto the frame of the pane. They even wrapped around the edges nicely. Bravo! I love these!

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    Lovely (13 April 2008)

    I love that these little flowers have pre-cut slits for brads. They were so pretty and easy to use. They are sturdy and of good quality. They did not tear or shred like paper ones are prone to do. I also love the little jar they came in. It can easily be re-used or decorated for another purpose!

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    gorgeous paper (13 April 2008)

    In addition to being beautiful this paper is so easy to work with. I made some beautiful cards with it. It goes best with the tuscany stripe paper also from bo-bunny press. I will certainly order more soon!