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    My new love (19 June 2009)

    I used the crystal stickles as soon as I got them to finish a card I was working on. I am hooked. I love the control and the way that it looked once they dried. I want to put these stickles all over everything in my house...including DH!

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    Love it!! (02 May 2009)

    I love these templates because I use them for more then just stitching. I can use a pencil to mark lines so I know what design to add some bling to a layout. They can also be used for simple doodling too! These are great!

  • Nice idea...but dosen't work (03 April 2009)

    This made my stamp took too long to dry and the glitter doesn't dry completly to the stamped image. I thought it was a great idea...until I used it.

  • Never knew I needed it until I didn't have it. (31 March 2009)

    I bought the circle cutter and the realized later that I needed a glass surface to use the circle cutter to the best of its ability. The only negative thing is that I wish they made a package deal. For example: Circle cutter templet, glass mat, and curvy cutter blade. I would have bought the whole package.

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    Ful swirly!! (04 February 2009)

    This template is super fun. It's hard not to want to put swilrs on everything I make!

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    Fave new tool (04 February 2009)

    I never knew that hand stitching on paper could be so easy! I love how smoothly it pierces the paper and dosen't tear!