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    Copic markers (11 April 2012)

    I am still learning how to use these, but so far, I love what I have been able to do. Blend alone and with pencils. still have a ways to go on learning, bt yes they should be in every crafters supplies.

  • scoring board, by Martha Stewart (17 March 2012)

    after I got the hang of it I understood what I was to do, after many mistakes. one thing instructions need to be clearer, and printed larger.

  • pencils (04 June 2010)

    am very impressed with how asy they color, they cover wonderfully, and blending is okay, all in all I really do like them...they really help me with card making..

  • Pens (04 June 2010)

    love how they glide across glitter paper, how evenly they flow..

  • long fastners (04 June 2010)

    haven't yet used these, but from what I did see of them I like them and will use them as an embellishment,or what ever..

  • brads (04 June 2010)

    I am impressed with the colors, and such, and will use them allot, and I recommend these to all...the quality is excellent, amount in package id good, and opening them was no problem...

  • queen bee (04 June 2010)

    I do like this because it is clear, and it is easy to use, and allot of ideas come to my mind on how to use it...recommend it to everyone

  • what is wrong (17 May 2010)

    the dvd/cd what ever it is does not work, and I am at a total loss with this one...

  • Verified Buyer

    Animal cracker collection (26 May 2008)

    love it, and easy to use, makes any page pop.

  • Verified Buyer

    colorboxfluis chalk inc (26 May 2008)

    I am a first time user of this product, and I really like it, and the tool makes it allot easier to put just the right amount down and change the angles when need be, being left handed I have trouble doing certain sides, and not so with this product handle. Together they make it pretty simple, I give this product 2 thumbs up.