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    What a Gem! (07 March 2009)

    This is an affordable must-have for any scrapper! I originally purchased it to use with smaller letters, embellies, etc. cut from my cricut. After dealing with the nightmare of liquid glue and glue pens getting EVERYWHERE, I decided there had to be a better way - and there was! I absolutely love this little gem of a machine. It's incredibly easy to use and for under $10 you can't beat what it can do. You just drop it in the top and pull it out the other side. I've found that using any of the tools that come with your rub-on packs around the edges takes care of any extra adhesive.

    Before I purchased this little guy, I thought about getting one of the larger ones, but I figured I'd only be using it when I used my Cricut so I didn't want to spend the extra money. But it turns out that this is the perfect size, anything too big to put in the X is big enough to use with a different adhesive. It turns out I use this for all kinds of things, not just for the Cricut. If you put chipboard letters through, face down, it'll apply adhesive to the top and then you can sprinkle it with glitter, flocking, or whatever you like. You can also do this to get adhesive on both sides by running it through once, peeling off the top, turning it right-side-down, and running it through again. I also run my ribbons through it and, voila, self-adhesive ribbon. It really opens up a lot of creative possibilities. Thanks Xyron, for creating such a great product at an affordable price!

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    One of My Staples! (21 October 2008)

    Zig markers are a staple in my scrapbook supplies (black being used the most)! I love the rich color of these markers and that they don't bleed through the paper like some others I've tried. I also love that they have two different sized tips in one marker. The smaller one is great for detail work like stiching while the larger is great for titling. Great product!

  • Beautiful! (21 October 2008)

    I absolutely love this album! When I was looking for a wedding album in the store this is the only one that would do. It has a beautiful feeling of elegance. My only complaint is that my cat likes to chew on the tulle bow so I have to keep it sandwiched between other albums lol. Despite all the cat attacks, the tulle has held up wonderfully. Other than that all I can say is it's perfect.

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    Must have! (21 October 2008)

    I have had my Fiskars paper trimmer since I started scrapbooking 10 years ago and I couldn't do without it! While I don't have this exact model (obviously since it was purchased 10 years ago), the one I have has the same features. The pull out ruler makes it great for cutting 12x12 paper into strips or getting it that perfect length for a mat and it's flat enough that it doesn't take up much space in storage. All you have to do is replace the blade once in awhile (with as much cutting as I do I'm suprised it lasts so long!). Fiskars is the same brand I use for sewing (something I learned from grandma!) and once again they've delivered a great product!

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    Flowers and Buttons (21 October 2008)

    First, I just want to start by letting you know that this set is not quite the colors you see in the photo above. The colors are beautiful, but they're a little darker and little bit of a different shade. While these flowers look great on lo's, the buttons are so varied in shade from one another that it's hard to find more than a couple that really match each other. I also bought these because I like to mix and match layers of flowers. Also a problem with these since some of the colors don't really coordinate well (the pinks clash as one is pink and one is white with salmon polka dots). That's a mistake on my part for not looking closer, but they are worth the money if you want to use them as single flowers or pair them with black or white flowers. They are still a good quality product!

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    So versatile! (21 October 2008)

    While the set I have isn't quite the same as this one, (it's made by the same company and is also called swirls, it's just an older version) I have to say that it's one of the best stamp investments I've made. It can be used for so many different kinds of layouts and cards. I've used it underneath title blocks to give it an earthy look, to fill blank spaces that looked awkward on my cards, to add pattern to my chipboard, all kinds of things. If you're short on money, but want something that you can use often, go for a set of these! They stay on the acrylic blocks very well and I don't have any complaints yet!

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! (16 August 2008)

    This is my first product from the BasicGrey line and I absolutely love it! All of the pages cordinate together, no matter which combination you're using which makes it a breeze when doing a layout. I can't wait to try another collection, I'm hooked!

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    Great paper! (28 May 2008)

    This has been my favorite set of military papers. It can be hard to match the desert tan colors, but this stack has great patterns (masculine patterns that is) that really compliment my husband's photos from his deployment. Most of the pages have varying shades of colors so that you can catch just the right shade in the uniform or background. Plus it comes with a sheet of block words that can be cut up to use for titles, embellishments, or borders. I would reccommend it to anyone looking to spice up a military album without having to use the same drab plain colored paper.

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    The One and Only (18 April 2008)

    I have been using this glue for years and this is the one and only liquid glue that I will let anywhere near my scrapbooking. It doesn't warp or wrinkle paper, it dries quickly, and it can be used as a temporary adhesive (by applying it and letting it dry before sticking the item to anything) or as a permanent adhesive. I also like that it doesn't have an unpleasant smell like some of the other liquid glues I've tried. This one is a staple in my supplies!