ChrissyTina's Reviews

  • Shiny Dirt!!! (15 July 2009)

    This line of Stickles is perfect for the sparkly effect, especially on a masculine layout! I think the best way to describe how they look is "shiny dirt". They work really well on vintage artwork as well. Extremely versatile and simply a must-have.

  • Great Vintage (15 July 2009)

    Graphic 45 has wowed me again with another GREAT vintage line! I love the diva-esque feel of this line and it was perfect for the vintage book I made for my mother. The colors in the entire line are pretty versatile and work with just about every color out there (within reason of course!).

  • Stickles! Stickles! Stickles! (15 July 2009)

    LOVE any kind of Stickles! They are PERFECT for the quick dress-up of any layout! It just adds the perfect amount of shine and glitz. I have just about every color and I use them CONSTANTLY on just about every layout or project I create! I think these are a necessity, at least in your basic colors. They aren't over-girly and the Distress line is PERFECT for a masculine layout!

  • A Level Up! (15 July 2009)

    A MUST HAVE!!! I ordered the upper tier and it was one of the best storage ideas yet! I love how easy I can access my embellies (one both tiers for that matter!). I used to store everything in plastic shoe boxes and finally got tired of all of the rummaging and not remembering where I put what! This was the perfect solution! I have everything separated by theme. Now, instead of it taking 15 minutes to find something, it takes me about 15 seconds! A must have for any serious scrapbooker (especially if you are CRAZY about organization!)!

  • Verified Buyer

    3D? (28 July 2008)

    I do like how smoothly the ink flows from these pens, however, I was disappointed at the lack of 3D effect. It's actually quite non-existent. If you run your fingers over the journaling, you'll feel a slight raise, but that's about it. Otherwise, as a journaling or doodling pen, it's fantastic.

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    LOVE THESE!! (28 July 2008)

    I love these adhesives! I use the pen on everything from super thin and delicate to writing. The tape-like dispenser is super handy and the fact that it is repositionable is a definite plus!

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    They're ok (28 July 2008)

    These brads look absolutely adorable on the website. However, in the "flesh", not so impressive. They are cute, but they are extremely small. On some them, the designs are chipping off because they are painted on. I would definitely touch them up before using them.

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    Flowers (28 July 2008)

    These brads are so cute! I love them. They look good on just about any type of layout and can work with anyone's particular style or technique.

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    A must! (28 July 2008)

    I have searched far and wide for the perfect white pen for journaling and doodling. I have finally found it! This pen writes so smooth without any dry spots or blots. I definitely need to order a couple more of these pens! A must for any paper crafter!

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    The BEST deal! (28 July 2008)

    I absolutely love this package! It comes with such a variety of papers for such a GREAT price. The color schemes range in color and the possibilities are endless!

  • Verified Buyer these too! (19 June 2008)

    love these jars! I use them to hold my flowers. They are so simple that they'll go with any decor. They aren't so large as to be overbearing. These jars are just simply practical.

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    Love the Jars! :) (19 June 2008)

    I love these jars! I use them to hold my flowers. They are so simple that they'll go with any decor. They aren't so large as to be overbearing. These jars are just simply practical.

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    LOVE IT!!!! (02 May 2008)

    I absolutely love this!! My stickers used to be just thrown into a drawer without any sign of organization. Now I have them hung up and divided. It's soooo incredibly easy for my to find exactly what I'm looking for. Not to mention, it saves me time.

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    Ugh... (02 May 2008)

    That downside to this is that the sleeves are NOT wide enough to store the sheets that the stamps are stuck too. I had to rearrange the stamps on their sheets then trim the sheets down.