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    Wonderful product (03 February 2011)

    These elements are wonderful. I didn't expect the pliable texture to these which makes it easy to cut if wanted. Paints and mists so nicely! Unique and great invention!

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    GREAT! (21 November 2009)

    LOVE the numbers twill - very unique and eyecatching. The twine is a great thickness and smoothness - i tried finding the same kind of twine elsewhere, but couldn't. The stuff you get at regular stores is so 'hairy' - LOL!

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    Easy way to add something special (21 November 2009)

    All of the American Crafts jeweled brads are beautiful. They come in wonderful colors and are such a great way to add sparkle to a layout and make it special.

    Even on a boy page, it add something - a little punch to the page.

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    love this (21 November 2009)

    great quality - love the sheen - so versatile

    not just for sports, but it's great on a sport page like basketball.

  • great quality (12 November 2009)

    these stickers are well made - thick cardstock - so they make such a nice title. love these!

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    so versatile (01 September 2009)

    I LOVE this Thicker set - I think this is the 3rd I've gotten. The frames can be used for journaling, small pics, or embellies. Just love this product!

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    Not just for Halloween ! (15 August 2009)

    I LOVE the new American Crafts Halloween paper. I bought a bunch of it for a Halloween book, but quickly used it on 2 general layouts. These papers have great colors and patterns and they aren't just for Halloween!!

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    Colorful and cute (12 July 2009)

    Love these - they can be used on a layout or used for a birthday mini book. The colors are classic, too.

    The only thing - I wish one of the cards didn't say "first", so it could be more generic, but hey, I still love them!

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    Necessary for the inks (12 July 2009)

    I LOVE distress inks and using the blending foams is really necessary if you want to get the full use out of your inks. The great thing is, you can use them over and over. I wrote the ink color on the top of the foam pad in a sharpie and use the same one for that color over and over again.

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    Beautiful (12 July 2009)

    I'm not usually into yellow, but this I needed some yellow paper for a particular layout. This paper is gorgeous. I ended up using the entire sheet on the layout because it complimented my photo instead of taking anything away from it. I just love looking at my layout with this paper on it!

    My only wish is that JBS patterned paper was thicker (like her die cut paper). But then it would cost a lot more I guess!

  • Having trouble getting good results (12 July 2009)

    I've been playing with this Crackle Paint and have to say that I'm not quite getting the results I'd like. I find that you really have to put on a thick, thick layer to get any crackles and the crackles you get are thin and don't really expose to the bottom layer. I have better results using a crackle medium. If I notice any improvement or can give any different advise, I'll edit my review.

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    Love all JBS die cut paper (12 July 2009)

    I love all the JBS die cut paper. It's a great start to a page and adds so much interest. You can mount the die cut onto a 12x12 sheet of paper if you want a finished square size, or leave it as is. I like the thickness of this paper, too.

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    unique! (12 July 2009)

    Love these because there really isn't anything else out there like it! So adorable and made of good heavy duty material. I distressed one of the white ones to match a brown one - very easy to do.

  • Gotta love notebook paper (07 July 2009)

    This paper is great - love that it is 2 sided, so you have your choice of colors - love the thickness of the paper. You just can't go wrong with notebook paper. I have a ton of it!

  • Great Basic Stamp (07 July 2009)

    I keep this stamp right in the organizer on my desk. It's so basic and can be used for so many things that I like to keep it close at hand.

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    Great line of paper (07 July 2009)

    I love this line of paper. GREAT for summer pages and the stripes and strips on this page make it easy to add interest and embellishments. I love that the paper is double sided. Great thickness, too.

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    gorgeous (06 July 2009)

    Absolutely gorgeous papers that can be used for a multitude of themes. love it. i love the thickness of basic grey also - stands up to a lot of abuse!

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    Fave chipboard letters right now (06 July 2009)

    LOVE these. The color - off white with brown script - works with so many themes and pages. The font is 'universal' , too. My letters, unlike the poster above, are completely sticky. I like dimension though, too - so even if these didn't stick, I'd get them and use glue dots.

  • A favorite chipboard set (21 June 2009)

    I love this number set. You get a ton of numbers in different sizes and circles and symbols to go along with them. They are 'raw', so you can paint them, but I actually like the raw look - they are a nice krafty color.

  • Can use for a lot of different pages (21 June 2009)

    These are great and very versatile. The clock theme works for so many different pages. since these are clear, you can paint them, back them with paper, or just leave as is.

    If you like using half a clock in your design, you can get more for your money by cutting the clock in half before attaching.

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    Great colors (21 June 2009)

    I love the dabber colors. The only problem i have is that I can't get the dabber to work so well. I end up taking off the cap and just using the bottle with a brush.

    I would recommend the paints because of the colors however. It's funny, but a lot of the colors match some of the popular patterned papers out there already.

  • Great stamp (21 June 2009)

    I love this stamp - I use it a LOT on the edges of my pages so part of the stamp is on and part off. Adds just enough interest. Very beautiful swirls.

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    Awesome tool (21 June 2009)

    This is a great tool for use with distress inks. When you use it, you can get a nice soft distressed look. I've got the refill pack also and save on pad for each color.

    I haven't tried washing the pads yet, but if someone has done that, I'd love to know how it turned out.

  • Great ink pads (21 June 2009)

    I love these distress ink pads in ALL colors. This one (worn lipstick) is such a pretty color. I used to just swipe my page edges with these, but have since found other ways to use them including regular alpha stamping, blending, and watercolor stamping.

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    Great - very useful (21 June 2009)

    Hambly rubons are very easy to use - rub off quite nicely. The stars sheet is one of my faves because they can be used for many different themes.

    I found it best to cut out the rub on item I needed before rubbing on.

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    Must have for covering chipboard (21 June 2009)

    This is a GREAT glue and a must have if you want to cover chipboard. I sometimes use the applicator and sometimes use a brush. One trick - you should store the bottle with the white CAP on it and remove the applicator top. If the applicator top gets gunked up, it is easy to clean out with a toothpick. The gunked up glue with pull right out.

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    Great product (21 June 2009)

    These heavy cardstock stickers are great. I used them on a layout NOT as a journaling spot, but as embellishments to frame a photo. They are versatile and can be used in many different ways.

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    Type paper is so great and versatile (21 June 2009)

    I love using type patterned paper because it is versatile and goes with many pages and themes. This paper has wording from a children's book (it seems) and there are some references to water on the page. So although it can really be used for anything, using it for beach and water layouts would be cute, too.

    It has a distressed look, but can be used on any type of page.

  • Love these embellies! (21 June 2009)

    Doodlebug embellishments are so colorful and cute. I LOVE them. The variety of colors is great and each embellishment can be used in a variety of ways. Doodlebug sequins are my FAVORITE sequins anywhere - LOVE them - love to sew them on pages. The packaging is adorable, too!

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    LOVE Heidi Swapp fonts in chipboard (21 June 2009)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fonts HS uses for her chipboard letters. They make the best titles. I've got a collection of her chipboard in a lot of colors and in all her fonts.

    Sometimes the adhesive on the back of the letter peels off and you have to add your own adhesive to get these to stick. This doesn't bother me, since I like placing the letters down on the page without adhesive first anyway, to make sure of placement.

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    something different (24 May 2009)

    I love that these are different and unique. Not the same old stuff you see everywhere. It fun to punch shapes out of them also.

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    One incredible punch (22 May 2009)

    Love this punch. Easy to use. Easy to line up. I like that this is a border punch that's beautiful and can be used on girly layouts, but is also AWESOME for boy layouts. I've used it on 2 baseball layouts so far.

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    Another great punch (21 May 2009)

    I love this butterfly punch also. Not only is it just a great butterfly shape, but the smaller size of the butterflies is great for making confetti! Have fun!

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    Classic and gorgeous (21 May 2009)

    Yes, I've even used this on my boys' pages. This is a classic butterfly and adds just that bit of sophistication or whimsy to any layout. The punch is made so it's quite easy on the hands.

    If you are looking for a punch - add this one to your collection!

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    Must have product! (21 May 2009)

    Of all my Cricut cartridges, I use this one the most. You can do so much with it - my favorite cut? Using the scallop circle and plain circle to make gorgeous journaling spots.

    If I had to recommend ONE cartridge to have, it would be this one!

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    Love these pens! (02 May 2009)

    These pens write so smooth and I love that they come packaged in various sizes so you have all your writing needs in one purchase. They write on photos also, but I suggest you hold off on touching the writing for just a minute.

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    Yahoooo! (08 March 2008)

    I started to panic . . . my usual trusty adhesive had gotten stuck again and I was all out. I found this product in my drawer and gave it a go . . .

    I'm in love! This adhesive goes on so smoothly and it IS repositionable just as stated. I'll definitely be sticking with this adhesive (woops - no pun intented).

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    Has changed the way I scrap! (06 January 2008)

    I love this organizational tool! (see me blog 12.05.08). It has changed the way I scrap by making everything I use so convenient and easy to get to. I compared this product to the Pottery Barn carousel and there is much more room in this one.

    They only *small* complaint: the drawers have magnets that should keep the drawers shut. Most of my drawers came with the magnets attached to each other and NOT attached to the back of the drawer wall. It didn't seem to make any difference in how the drawer worked - so I wasn't concerned about it, and I can reattached the magnets myself if I want to. The drawers stay closed even without the magnets, so I'm not even sure why they are there!

  • A Must Have! (09 December 2007)

    I swore off all idea books. I'm letting my magazine subscription run itself out. I wasn't getting inspired and felt I was wasting my money on these products. Then, a friend showed me Ali's new book. I bought it the next day. Full of GREAT ideas and so much inspiration. I highly recommend this book to seasoned and NEW scrappers alike. This book will get you started in the right direction before you waste a lot of money on supplies you don't need or want. I sooo wish a book like this was available when I first started scrapbooking!

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    So many uses (02 December 2007)

    I love the look of this bag! I've used it for crops - it holds my large American Crafts album just fine. I've now started using it as an all around craft tote - it holds my inspiration notebooks and current magazines so I can grab and run with it on short notice.

    I'd love to take it to work also, but I work with so many chemicals, I'm afraid of ruining it!

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    I use this exclusively! (21 July 2007)

    I LOVE this adhesive. I frequently change my mind on the placement of things and love the freedome of being able to do so with this adhesive. I've used this adhesive on all my pages and to date NOTHING has fallen off. I don't know how to explain - it's temporary, but sticks forever! LOL!

    Of course, I don't even attempt to stick heavy embellishments on with this adhesive - that's not what this was intended for. It's wonderful for paper, photos, and lightweight embellishments.

    I recommend this to everyone who starts scrapping.

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    This product has made my scrapbooking even more fun! (14 July 2007)

    I've just started using these D-ring albums and I love the freedom it has given me. If you do not scrap chronologically, this is the album for you. It's so easy to pop your layouts in and out and move them around. You can mix page protector sizes, which gives a whole other dimension to your scrapbooking. You are no longer bound by the one size of your album!

    I was a little concerned that the space in between the pages would make viewing double page layouts awkward, but it does not. The page protectors are made so that you just need to pull the pages up together slightly and view a seamless double page layout.

    I recommend giving this album a try, especially if you scrap out-of-order, like me!